Southern Counties SBT Society

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The Society


The Southern Counties Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society was founded in 1937, and was the first Breed Club to award Challenge Certificates in the breed. 

Many other first's for the Society have followed, notably handling classes, eye testing sessions at shows, which are still being held on a regular basis and most recently being chosen by the Kennel Club to host DNA profiling to prove parentage.

The aims of the Society which are included in our rules, were and still are:

"To promote all things found to be desirable in the interests of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as a breed in the Southern Counties of England by encouraging owners and breeders to attain and maintain a high standard in the breed by organizing shows and other activities to be found desirable or necessary".

By joining the Society all Members receive regular newsletters, schedules for all Society Shows and details of all other events that the Society is holding. 

The Society was also the publisher of The Stafford Magazine  which was the foremost magazine for the Stafford enthusiast and had subscribers world wide. Unfortunately the magazine has now ceased being published but some back copies are still available. 

The Society is also an active Member of the The SBT Breed Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland which looks after the interests of all Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

The Society was one of the first clubs to adopt a Code of Ethics, a copy of which can be found on this web site, and we expect all Members to abide by this code thus promoting responsible ownership which is becoming increasingly important.

Should you want any further information relating to the Society and its activities, please contact the Honorary Secretary Mrs Sian Hammond on 07825 987873 who will be pleased to help.