Southern Counties SBT Society

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Minutes of the Meeting to be held on Saturday 4th November 2017


The Fieldhead Hotel, Markfield Lane, Markfield LE67 9PS

The following were in attendance

Helen Reaney – Secretary

Dave Lee – acting Chairman in place of John Farley for the day

Clubs in attendance making the meeting quorate

Downlands – John Joyce

East Anglia – Lesley McFayden and Gem Rowe

East Midlands – Maureen Ward and Janet Higgins

North East – Archie Bryden acting for the Club as well as Lead Health Co-Ordinator

North West – Elaine Norton

Notts & Derby – Mick Smith and Kirsty Summerfield

SBTC – Alan Hedges and Paddy Enfield

Before the meeting commenced the Secretary informed the meeting that John Farley was unable to attend and therefore was the room in agreement for Dave Lee to chair the meeting. It was unanimously agreed

1. Apologies for absence. Karon Jackson, John Farley, Alice Levy, Potteries, Southern Counties, South Wales. No apologies from Scottish or Merseyside

2. Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 8th April 2017 & matters arising.

Proposed as a true Record – EM/2nd Notts & Derby

3. Correspondence & matters arising.

Various correspondence was read out however there were two main items which were voted up

  1. E-mail from Bianca Janssen regarding the Dutch Club becoming Associate Members of the Council. Proposed SBTC/2ndd EM - For Unan


  1. The second was a proposed letter which Alan read out which was along the same vein as the Border Terrier letter which was sent into the KC and printed in the Our Dogs, voicing concerns over the Judges Competency Framework. Much discussion took place, those in attendance at the meeting all agreed that Level One for all new judges was a good step forward. However, delegate was less supportive of other areas of the scheme. It was proposed that the BC would send in the letter to the KC and post to the Our Dogs but first it would be circulated to all the constituent clubs for their input and approval. Proposed N&D/2ndd SBTC. For 6 Abstain 1 – Carried

4. Reports

4.1. Chairman’s Report. – None

4.2. Secretary’s Report. – See attached

4.3. Public Relation Officer’s Report. - None

4.4. Kennel Club Breed Liaison Officer’s Report. – None

5. Health Issues & Lead Health Coordinators Report. Archie handed out his report. This was quite a lengthy debate regarding Blue to Blue matings and the DNA Control Scheme and DNA testing. It was agreed that we would host a seminar and invite Bill Lambert Health & Breeder Services Manager and a couple of other speakers. It was agreed that Archie and the same team as last time would organise the event, they being N&D delegate, EM delegates and EA delegates. This has now been booked as Saturday 27th January 2018 at the KC Building Stoneleigh.

6. Propositions

6.1 Proposed by Notts & Derby – That the Judges Competency Framework is a regular Agenda item to enable the Breed Clubs to discuss the Kennel Clubs proposals during the transition period. This proposal was 2ndd SBTC – For Unan

6.2 Proposed by the SBTC – To discuss and agree a way forward from the Breed Clubs/Breed Council regarding the new Kennel Club Judging Competency Framework and how as a Breed we should address this. This proposal was 2ndd Downlands For Unan

7. Matters brought forward by delegates for discussion.

The two main matters brought forward had already been discussed earlier in the meeting. The new Judges Competency Framework and Blue to Blue matings and DNA profiling, Health Testing and Control Scheme.

8. Free discussion period on the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. None

9. A.O.B. Topics had been discussed in Matters brought forward

10. Date of next meeting Saturday April 14th, 2018

Meeting closed at 14.25pm

Helen E Reaney (Hon Secretary) - Circulated to all Member Clubs 2nd Dec 2017