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At the end of 2017 we saw the final figures for the show entries and total average figure for our breed; this was calculated at 39 shows with an average entry across the board of 137 which was slightly down on the year before at 148 and we must endeavour to increase the entries this year so that we maintain our Band E status, even though the Bands may be changing, we still need to be in that ball park to enable all clubs to have C's and retain the status quo - i.e. 14 sets of CCs on rotation, or perhaps all clubs having CCs and NO rotation - now that would be a step forward! It’s worth mentioning here that the Breed Clubs had an average of 178 for the year yet the generals only generated an average of 114 which is the lowest for the previous 4 years... yet it's the breed clubs who could well be penalised for the overall figure 1 We definitely need to push to get back to that all-inclusive figure of 148 at least and so far this year the entries have been encouraging.

As a strongly represented numerically high breed we are a resilient well supported clan of Staffordshire Bull Terrier enthusiasts and must all work together with one strong voice to get what we feel the breed needs as regards health testing etc and we have had individuals championing our breed fighting for this and pushing through everything and anything to focus the cause - hats off to them of course but we all need to take responsibility for our breeds future and as Clubs we should disseminate this through to our Members and the public and we should all be signing from the same hymn sheet - for the future of our breed!

The final figures of last gave some Interesting facts - the breed registered 790 litters producing 4264 puppies of which a massive 73% were Blue. 574 litters contained blue and 518 of those litters were from Blue x Blue parents. It seems the popularity and overbreeding of the Blue is still highly evident. I personally get a weekly or even twice weekly contact from people asking for a Blue I’m not sure what can be done to address this that we haven't already tried, but we must continue to educate anyone and everyone we can.

For everyone’s information, the SBTC are hosting an evening on Thursday this coming week the 19th on the JCF which will be presented by Jeff Horswell.... A good time for any questions and valid points to be raised for him to hopefully feed back to the Kennel Club so please let everyone know - it's a 7.30p.m. prompt start, open to anyone and everyone interested from any breed, if anyone wants to know venue details just it’s on the SBTC facebook page.

Whilst on the subject of the JCF - a Press release from the KC this last week has given us some encouraging news - that the £26 fee will now be reduced to £10 for those CC Judges who only look to Judge a single breed at all levels do we think this is a step in the right direction? Time will tell....

• Also, regarding the JCF there does seem to be quite a lot of feedback and discontent regarding the "Eye for a dog" assessment The overwhelming consensus appears to be that it should be pertinent to just the breed you are aspiring to Judge not multiple breeds ... yes it is fully appreciated by all that we need to continue to educate, assess and mentor upcoming Judges as we always have so why do these upcoming judges need to be assessed on their eye for a dog on multiple breeds - the balance just isn't fair it seems. I get an awful lot of communication from upcoming Judges who are very concerned as to their future and indeed they are asking if they should actually carry on...which is a terrible state of affairs to be in when the current methods have served us all well and should continue to do the same for them. As KCBLO this will be something which I will be putting to the Liaison Council Committee for discussion as it affects all

breed specialist upcoming judges, not just ours. I will feed back on this at the next BC meeting.

• We are still awaiting the announcement of the CC allocations from 2022 and until then we don't really know where we stand do we, which is a little concerning as we all need to select and invite Judges well in advance.

• Lastly just to reiterate, I am here to help and promote the breed however I can, and I offer my support and assistance to all Breed Clubs, I am another vehicle for us to use to put things from another angle to the KC... so please use me, I want to be used!

Karon Jackson



• As a sub note - my current term as KCBLO will be coming to an end in December this year, and the KC will ask for nominations - I would very much like to continue as I have done over the last 6 years and would hope 1 will have your support once again.

Thank you.

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