Southern Counties SBT Society

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Minutes of the Meeting held on Saturday 30th March 2019


The Fieldhead Hotel, Markfield Lane, Markfield LE67 9PS

The Following were in attendance

Dave Lee – Chairman

Helen Reaney – Secretary

Karon Jackson – KCBLO

Kirsty Summerfield – represented Archie as LHC

Clubs in attendance

Downlands – Alice Levy.

East Anglia – represented by Karon Jackson

East Midlands – Janet Higgins and Maureen Ward

North West – Vickie Butler and Elaine Norton

Northern Counties – Martin Johnson

Notts & Derby – Mick Smith and Kirsty Summerfield

Southern Counties – Kevin Papworth

South Wales – represented by Keith Price

SBTC – Alan Hedges and Wayne Jackson

1. Apologies for absence. Merseyside, Scottish

2. Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 4th November 2018 and Matters Arising Proposed as a true record. Prop NC/2ndd EM - 

For 7 Abstain 2 - Carried

3 Reports.

3.1. Chairman’s Report. See attached

3.2. Secretary’s Report. – see attached

3.3. Public Relation Officer’s Report. – none

3.4. Kennel Club Breed Liaison Officer’s Report. – Copy to follow

4. Correspondence & matters arising.

Matters arising from the last Meeting – As directed by the previous meeting the Secretary contacted the KC regarding the approval of judges who were not supported by the Breed Clubs. The response back from George Martin in the judge’s department was that although the Breed Clubs did not support the KC take into consideration all factors and make the final decision.

As directed at the last meeting Karon Jackson in her capacity as KCBLO was asked to write to the KC regarding the Banding for the breed. At the last meeting Karon advised that the Breed Club shows are bringing in higher entries and the Generals are much lower which is having the knock-on effect for the breed. Karon read out her letter to the KC which the meeting said was excellent. Karon also report that no response yet had been received. Vote of thanks given by Dave Lee supported by those in attendance.

Correspondence - Secretary ran through all the correspondence of which much had been submitted to the clubs prior to the meeting, but up for discussion today see below.

  • Email from Christiano Yamasaki – Vice President of CBR SBTC – applying for associate membership
  • Email from Cvetka Bogovic Slovenian Terrier Club – applying for associate membership
  • E-mail from Archie and Kirsty – SBT Breed Health Survey – discuss under agenda item
  • E-mail to all the club regarding hosting an International Forum discussion at Matter Brought Forward
  • E-mail to all the KC from the BC Secretary – Mentors – discussed under JCF

5. Propositions


The appointment of an individual whose sole responsibility will be the compilation and maintenance of the BC Judges List". 

By way of explanation: Looking at the latest BC Judges List there appear to be a significant number of errors. Whilst it is fully appreciated that the BC Secretary can only compile BC lists based on the information provided by Breed Clubs, we feel that this role now needs a dedicated person who can invest sufficient time and knowledge to making sure all details are correct and up to date at any given time and that this would be too onerous a duty to add to the BC Secretary's workload.  The responsible person would not be an Officer of the BC, nor an Assistant Secretary but a BC Judges List Co-ordinator.

This was discussed, the Secretary said that she was happy to continue with the compilation of the Judges list as it would only be part of the role until the end of 2021.

For 3 Against 6 – therefore the proposal failed. See Voting Sheet

5.2 Propose NWSBTC/2ndd SBTC

That the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland follow KC guide lines in respect of judging criteria for their A1/2/3 judging lists and future judging appointments.

A3 List (Breed Specialists) Requirements:

a. Minimum of seven years judging experience in the breed  (by the date of any nominated Championship  show if applicable)  and have the support of the Breed Council/Club or Society. (KC Policy)

b. To have judged both sexes at 1 Breed Club Show(s) and/or 3 Breed Club Supported Entry Shows.

c. To have judged a minimum of 60  classes. (with dog’s present )

d. To have judged a minimum of 160 dogs.  (KC Policy)

e. To have attended a seminar given by a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer and passed the relevant examination on Kennel Club Regulations and Judging Procedures. (KC Policy as of 1.7.2001)

f. To have attended a seminar given by a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer on Conformation and Movement. (KC Policy as of 1.7.2001)

g. To have attended a Points of the Dog Assessment conducted by a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer and passed the assessment. (KC Policy as of 1.7.2005)

h. To have attended at least one Breed Specific Seminar run in accordance with the relevant Kennel Club Code of Best Practice and passed an examination and/or assessment where applicable. (KC Policy as of 1.7.2001)

i. To have bred and/or owned a minimum of three dogs when they obtained their first entry in the Kennel Club Stud Book (save in exceptional circumstances). (KC Policy)

j. To have stewarded at 12 Shows/days (Open or Championship). (KC Policy)

This was discussed at great length and two minor amendments were added to the proposal before voting upon highlighted in red.

5.2 item (b) For 6 Abstain 3 – therefore the proposal passed – see voting sheet

5.2 item (c ) For 8 Abstain 1 – therefore the proposal passed – see voting sheet

5.2 amended proposal For 6 Abstain 3 – therefore the proposal passed – see voting sheet

6. Health Issues and Lead Health Co-Ordinator Report Kirsty read out the Health Co Ordinator report and gave an over view of the SBT Health Survey. Kirsty informed the meeting that another survey is being compiled which relates to Breeding further information will be given in due course. Vote of thanks from the Clubs for Archie and Kirsty in running this Survey.

7. Judges Competency Framework. The KC has over the last few months tweaked the JCF and clubs have been advised on the amendments. The JCF Booklet has been updated and was available at Crufts in hard copy, the Breed Clubs were all sent a link for them to download their own copies.

Helen reported to the meeting that she had contacted all the breed club secretaries asking for their suggestions for mentors. As yet she had not had any response. There is a list of CC judges who have agreed to act as mentors, but more are needed. Discussion took place that many judges and non-judges are concerned about the whole process especially the feed back form which the mentee must complete following the mentoring session. The current system of 3 assessments for the A2 route works well however there is no feedback to the judge who has been assessed and some of the question on the form are irrelevant – i.e. did the judge dress in a respectable manner.

It was agreed that the Breed Council Secretary contact the Judges Dept/ JCF expressing our concerns about the Mentoring process and the current A2 Assessment process.

Proposed East Midlands/2ndd Southern Counties For 8 Abstain 1 - see voting sheet

8. Matters brought forward by delegates for discussion.

  • I have included the International Forum e-mail within this section rather than in correspondence. This was discussed at length and it was agreed that we should organise for 2022 on the Crufts weekend. Staffords would be shown on Friday and the Forum could be hosted on the Saturday. Possible venue would be Royal Court Hotel, hiring a conference room and also block booking rooms, Karon Jackson informed the meeting she had a point of contact and it was agreed that she would contact the Royal Court Hotel with the suggested weekend and get back to the Secretary to formally write on behalf of the Breed Council. Proposed East Midlands/2ndd Downlands For 8 Abstain 1 – See voting sheet
  • Following the Group Judging at Crufts it was discussed and agreed that the Breed Council should send a letter to the Best of Breed Winner thanking her for standing her ground in the Group when asked to place her dog on the table.
  • It was also agreed that the Breed Council should write to the KC and to the Group Judge expressing our dismay at upsetting the exhibitor and ruining what was a super day for her. The breed is not a table dog and is always judged on the floor. The Council feel that this should be conveyed to any judge who is invited to judge in the UK.
  • It was also agreed that a letter should go to the President of the FCI conveying the same that the breed is not a table dog, when inviting judges, it was also discussed that all FCI clubs should have a similar letter.
  • It was agreed that we write to the Judges department and request that when inviting judges to judge the Breed it is stated that this is NOT a table dog.
  • It was discussed that the Breed should look at the number of classes we host at our Limit and Open Shows. On a regular basis some classes have no dogs entered. This would be taken back to the clubs for further consideration.
  • East Midlands informed the meeting that they would be hosting a Breed Appreciation Day in November at their Open show. further details would follow.
  • SBTC would be moving their May open show to run along side City of Birmingham in August.
  • It was agreed that the Breed Council Secretary would contact the Judges Department at the KC – Steven Arnold to enquire about the CC allocation for Staffords from 2022.
  • It was also suggested that the Breed Council at Crufts have an area near the Stafford rings to provide information on the SBT agreed to take back to the clubs for further discussion.

9. Free discussion period on the Staffordshire Bull Terrier none

10. Adoption of the balance sheet & matters arising The Secretary quickly ran through the balance sheet as this had already been circulated to the Clubs. It was pointed out that the Donation of £2000 should specify what this was for. The donation was for the Heritage Centre and the Roof Replacement Fund.

Proposed by Downlands/2ndd SBTC that the accounts were acceptable For Unan – see voting sheet

11. Election of auditor. At present Mr Max King - The Secretary reported to the meeting that Max was happy to continue in the role and would still only charge £25.00 for auditing the accounts. Proposed by East Midlands/2ndd SBTC For Unan - see voting sheet.

12. A.O.B.

  • The Chairman would like to see all the Clubs return to the Breed Council more so now with the changes that are happening in the Dog World and would show a united front.
  • Considering the two overseas clubs joining the Breed Council as associate members should the Breed Council name be changed from SBT Breed Council of GB & NI to SBT Breed Council. Possible discussion at the next meeting.
  • It was also discussed that the Breed Standard be updated to include Staffords should be judged on the floor. This would mean that for this to be approved all 17 breed clubs would have to agree.

13. Date of the next meeting. Saturday 5th October 2019 Fieldhead Hotel Booked It was pointed out that this date coincides with the Holland Weekend, so it has been changed since the meeting to the Saturday 2nd November 2019.

Meeting closed at 2.30pm

Helen E Reaney (Hon Secretary)

Circulated to all Member Clubs 27th April 2019