Southern Counties SBT Society

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Minutes of the Meeting held on Saturday 2nd November 2019 at

The Fieldhead Hotel, Markfield Lane, Markfield LE67 9PS The Following were in attendance

Dave Lee – Chairman Helen Reaney – Secretary Karon Jackson – KCBLO

Kirsty Summerfield – represented Archie Bryden as Lead Health Co-ordinator

Clubs in attendance

Downlands – represented by Jose Martinez acted for the voting of Proposals

East Anglia – Lesley McFadyen

East Midlands – Janet Higgins and Maureen Ward North West – Elaine Norton

Northern Counties – represented by Kirsty Summerfield for some voting

Notts & Derby – Mick Smith

Potteries – Dave McKimm

Southern Counties – Gem Rowe

South Wales – Helen Reaney acted for the voting of Proposals

SBTC – Alan Hedges and Karon Jackson

Western – Martin Grimwood

11 Clubs being represented out of 14 members

Before the meeting starting the Chairman asked for all to be upstanding for a Minutes silence for Julie Kemp Hale who had recently died.

  1. Apologies for absence. Merseyside, North of Scotland, Scottish
  2. Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 30th March 2019 & matters arising. Any matters arsing would be discussed under agenda items. Proposed as a true record East Midlands/2ndd N&D See voting sheet
  3. Correspondence & matters arising. All relevant items of correspondence would be dealt within the Secretary report
  4. Reports
    • Chairman’s Report. Verbal report welcoming back to the Council, Western, North of Scotland and Potteries it is hoped the remaining 3 clubs would consider re-joining in 2020
    • Secretary’s Report. – See attached report
    • Public Relation Officer’s Report. – none
    • Kennel Club Breed Liaison Officer’s Report.- See attached report
  5. Health Issues & Lead Health Coordinators Report. In the absence of Archie, Kirsty read out the report and confirmed that neither she nor Archie would be standing for election in 2020. At this point EA representative Gem Rowe expressed an interest in being consider with the assistance of Lesley McFadyen. The Secretary confirmed as in her report all nominations need to be with the Secretary by 31st December 2019
  6. Judges Competency Framework Alan Hedges gave a brief update on this as he was part of the panel overseeing the Review. The panel findings were going to the SGM on the 12th November 2019 with a further meeting with the Board thereafter, but he felt that it was going in a better direction than previously.
  7. Proposals

East Anglia have put two proposals forward in the hope that one will be supported in relation to the Breed Specific Film

7.1 EA/2ndd East Midlands (See voting sheet)

That the Breed Specific film for SBTs that the Kennel Club are intending to make should have input from ALL the Breed Clubs whether they are constituent members of the Breed Council or not. Each Breed Club should be offered the opportunity by Breed Council to put forward a representative to take part in the venture. Or

7.2) EA/2ndd Southern Counties (See voting sheet)

That the Breed Specific film for SBTs that the Kennel Club are intending to make should have input from Breed Council constituent Clubs. Each constituent Club should be offered the opportunity by Breed Council to put forward a representative to take part in the venture

7.3 EA Proposed/2ndd Potteries (See voting sheet)

Following the replies from the Kennel Club in 2018 about highlighting breed health issues on the Kennel Club website and literature, it would appear none of this has been implemented to date. It is proposed that the Breed Council Secretary.ascertain assurances from the Kennel Club that this will be rectified as soon as possible (note correspondence had been received prior to the meeting from Bill Lambert to the BC Secretary which was forwarded to all the member clubs, a follow up letter would be forwarded in the New Year for an update on any outstanding items)

7.4 NWSBTC propose /2ndd SBTC on the amended wording (See voting sheet)

Reference the A3 List (Breed Specialists) Requirements - item b. Proposed to replace the existing clause -

"b. To have judged both sexes at 1 Breed Club Show(s) and 3 Breed Club Supported Entry Shows (Or additional Breed Club Shows)"

Replace with - “To have judged both sexes, at a minimum of either two Breed Club shows or one Breed Club show and three Breed Club Supported Entry shows”.

7.5 SBTC propose/2ndd Western (See voting sheet)

The criteria for inclusion on the Breed Council A3 NON-SPECIALIST list to be amended to:

A3 (Non-Specialist)

1. To have a minimum of 7 years judging experience in any one breed (to include 5 years in this breed) and have the support of the Breed Council/Club. (KC Policy)

  • To have judged a minimum of one Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed club show and with each sex having been judged at breed club show level.
  • To have judged SBT’s with evidence of an adequate geographical spread of appointments
  • To have judged a minimum of 60 classes of Staffordshire Bull Terriers with exhibits actually present in each of those classes.
  • To have judged a minimum of 160 Staffordshire Bull Terriers actual. 6 To have awarded C.C’s in at least one other breed. (KC Policy)
  • To have attended at least one breed specific judging seminar run in accordance with the relevant KC Code of Best Practice and passed an exam and/or assessment where applicable.
  • To have bred or owned a minimum of three dogs of any breed when they obtained their first entry in the Kennel Club Stud Book. (KC Policy).

7.6  SBTC Propose/2ndd N&D on amended wording in red (See voting sheet)

The criteria for inclusion on the Breed Council B LIST SPECIALIST AND NON- SPECIALIST:

B LIST (Breed Specialist AND Non-Specialist)

  • To have a minimum of 4 years judging experience of the Breed and have the support of the Breed Council/Club.
  • To have judged a minimum of fifteen (15) classes of Staffordshire Bull Terriers with dogs actually present and at a minimum of four (4) recognised KC Shows.
  • To have judged a minimum of 40 dogs in this breed actual.
  • To have attended at least one Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed specific judging seminar and passed an assessment where applicable, .
  • All future named inclusions to have attended a Conformation and Movement Seminar conducted by a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer and passed the assessment.
  • To have attended a Confirmation and Movement, “ Hands on Assessment”, 50 points of the Dog Seminar and passed the assessment where applicable
  • To have attended and passed a Requirements of a Dog Show Judge conducted by a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer. 
  • 8. CC Allocation. Rotation of CC's between the SBT clubs past 2022, the final year of the current Rotation, taking note of the latest KC pronouncement that current CC arrangements are to be reviewed for 2024 onward meaning that we have 14 sets of CCs’ 2023 only.

N&D handed out a revised CC rotation to cover 2023 and 2024 and this was discussed and agreed that the Club take it back to their committees for discussion with a view to bringing their own rotation forward as a proposal at the next meeting. N&D would propose the rotation put forward on the next agenda. The rotation would be circulated to all the Club including the non-members for their deliberation. A vote of thanks to Jenny Smith by SBTC and EA.

9. Matters brought forward by delegates for discussion. A general discussion took place following on from the KBLO report. Lower entries in 2019 so far, at the moment the Generals are holding their own and Club are lower, and the Council members have their concerns on what will happen after 2023 when rotation will end. How can we increase entries as all clubs work hard to draw in exhibitors? It was agreed to take back to the clubs and ask for ideas and bring forward. The Western delegate stated their club had moved away from Bath as they felt it didn’t work for them. The SBTC delegates said that the Open show worked well at the City of Birmingham gave the Open show judge an excellent entry. They would be doing the same in 2020 for both Open Shows again with City of Birmingham and Birmingham National. Although registrations are down, we still have new people showing but they are not staying. Why is this and how can the clubs address. The Veterans played a big part in holding up the breed in Band E but they were mainly absent as the Absentee report sent in by the Club Secretaries showed a high percentage, the idea was to get the Veterans at the show not just as a paper entry. EA have added a Champion Stakes class at their next Open Show to try and encourage more entries and for the judge to have hands on experience. No doubt further discussion along with ideas would be brought to the next meeting.

10.Free discussion period on the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. None as all had been discussed under Matters Brought forward.

11. AOB

Opinion letters – the Kennel Club seem to take no notice of what the Breed Council says even if the proposed CC judge has failed to meet the KC requirements. The Breed Council Secretary stated that when she receives the response back from the club with a NO very few answer the relevant question – Would the Club support the proposed judge if they didn’t meet criteria - Clubs need to ensure that they answer this question when responding to the BC Secretary.

The Breed Council Secretary – reminded the member clubs that their Club criteria should be the same as the Council or above but not below. This makes it difficult for B list judges to be included on the Council List

The judges resume – Judges need to ensure they complete this correctly in relation to Classes judged with dogs in attendance in those classes . Example its unlikely that a show with 5 classes and only 1 dog judged was entered in all 5 classes. Judges need to be reminded when completing these forms.

12. Date of Meetings in 2020 to be discussed to be confirmed

Helen E Reaney (Hon Secretary) - Circulated to all members on 3rd December 2019