Southern Counties SBT Society

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18th October 2015
Championship Show
Dogs - Eric Galvin (Scouscious)
Bitches - Mark Davies (Sebsonic)
Referee - Laurie Ford (Blitstaff)

BEST IN SHOW: Virzula Irrisistable
RES BEST IN SHOW: Int Ch NL VDH Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman
BEST OPP SEX IN SHOW: Int Ch NL VDH Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Nerotoro Dark Element
RES BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Helena of Tror Great 'n' Glory
BEST OPP SEX PUPPY IN SHOW: Helena of Troy Great 'n' Glory
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW: Ch Trufflestaff Monifa Kanika JW
RES BEST VETERAN IN SHOW: Berrystock Devil's Advocate

DCC: Int Ch NL VDH Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman
DRCC: Goldstaff's Crack the Code
BEST PUPPY DOG: Nerotoro Dark Element
RES BEST PUPPY DOG: Diamonds of Blanche Invictus Hunter (imp)
BEST VETERAN DOG: Berrystock Devil's Advocate

BCC: Virzula Irrisistable
BRCC: Ch Dare to Dream
BEST PUPPY BITCH: Helena of Troy Great 'n' Glory
BEST VETERAN BITCH:  Ch Trufflestaff Monifa Kanika JW
RES BEST VETERAN BITCH: Ebony Breezy of Rowelstaff JW


Firstly I would like to thank the committee of the S C S B T C for the invitation to judge their club CH show and to my Stewards on the day who helped the days judging flow nice and steady

As ever my principle winners had all the virtues that entitled them to their placing and some good dogs went without top honours which made my task difficult today but raises my hopes for the breed

All card winners had Good head,neat ears,correct bite,straight front with good bone,good rib,good back end, moved well

Vet dog

1st Berrys Berrystock Advocate  Black brindle dog of 8 and a half years of age but still in great condition looked like he wanted to be in the ring today and I hope he has many more days like this

2nd  Thomsons Kiamirose Bossin Motion at Siriustaff Sh.CM Black brindle 7and a half years of age of similar style to 1st with the same attitude to showing as him

credit to the owners who must still put the work into these old fellas

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Winwood &Tunnahs Nerotoro Dark Element 8 month old black brindle pup of great quality for age this is how I like to see a pup growing evenly with all of his parts coming on at the same time pleased to award this fella best puppy dog and then for him to go best pup in show

2nd Mayrens Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaff classy flashy Red pied pup who is right up my street pity he met 1st today liked him a lot and will watch his progress in the future which I think will be a big one

3rd Askers Dazmarnic Cetewayos Kraal

Puppy Dog

1st Kerry's Diamonds of Blanch Invictus Hunter (Imp) Top sized Black Brindle who has developed  well since I first saw him in Holland the owner/handler has put a lot of work into this young dog who looked every inch the winner today

2nd Aceti Staffmate Fast Valintino  mahogany brindle dog with a nice type about him nicely presented dog with the handler giving his charge everything he could to get the best out of him

3rd Turners Tidestaff Dark Wizard

Junior Dog

1st Gareffas Seastaff Riveria Lad at Shirestaff Brindle with white chest a dog of great quality couldn't keep my eye of him when he was in the class stood like a statue for his handler he has a huge future in front of him loved the way this young dog was put together all the bits flowed to make him a great prospect

2nd Schneuings Hulk Hogan Great n Glory Black brindle dog who met more than his match today although I found a lot to like about this fella he had everything that would make him a first prize winner on another day

3rd Bryan's Felkirkstaff Glamdring

Yearling dog

1st Hedges & McBrides Brohhez Rubin Hurricane (ai) (imp) black brindle dog who won this class narrowly to the 2nd nice type of dog who has ring presence which his handler brings out of him he moves freely and enjoys his time on the mat the he has an attitude when not on duty with looks that says "don't" to other dogs in the class

2nd Carfury Bal Dhu  Brindle dog who has quality about him punishing head with eyes that look straight through you he has a powerful frames which is not overdone he drives along the mat I think these 2 will battle in every class for the red card and will change places constantly

3rd Cobles Surestaff Wellington

Maiden Dog

1st Kerry's Diamonds of Blanch Invictus Hunter

2nd Hirsts Tariel Darth Vader  Still a baby who today as beaten by a much mature dog but still had enough to secure 2nd will like to see him next year when he is a junior

3rd Smiths Ramblestaff Racketeer

Novice Dog

1st Kerry's Diamonds of Blanch Invictus Hunter

2nd Hirsts Tatiel Darth Vader

3rd Turners Tidestaff Dark Wizard

Graduate Dog

1st  Gabels Staff Edition Anuk Black brindle dog who put in front of me in tip top condition stood out in this class fit as a flea could see his muscle which added to his overall appeal lively dog who was full of himself today handled really well

2nd  McDermotts Macadermus Midnight Caller Black Brindle dog who met his match in this class today standard dog who parts all fitted together well but lost out to first dogs overall fitness

3rd Adlams Faileniums Top Gear

Post Graduate Dog

1st Downes Waystaff Double Trouble  Red dog with white markings I should have known who bred this fella as soon as I put my hands on him quality Stafford from nose to tail typical of what the breeders do best every thing fits together so well handled to perfection and moved like a dream if this is what they call trouble I will have a bucket full

2nd Davies Ginstean Man of God Black Brindle dog who has a lot of quality which I would expect from this dogs sire another dog who today was unlucky to be in the same class as although he does share a lot of the same attributes as the first I am sure he will have his day over him handled well and moved with drive

3rd Hennebois Baby Capone Elishas Legacy

Limit Dog

1st Janssens Goldstaff Crack The Code  Brindle and white pied one of the stars of the show he came I saw he almost conquered I fell for him as soon as I saw him and hoped my hands confirmed what my eyes had seen he didn't disappoint this young dog has for me a very big future here I think if brought over he could easily take top honours on a regular basis he is what I call a nose to tail dog with every part of him flowing into the next part he moved up and down the mat with confidence  watching every other dog in the class I would have taken this one home in a heart beat without an argument from my pied loving wife RCC

2nd Stanways Waystaff what a Cracker  mahogany brindle with white markings another from this breeders who have rewritten the rules of how to breed constantly producing Staffords to a type that takes a lot to beat, this one is a cracker who has everything that a quality dog should have great ring presence with his strong front makes you look twice pure Stafford with not a bit of him overdone

3rd Groves Manark Murphy's Law I am breaking my own rule of not writing for 3rd place but I feel I must write something about this dog unlucky to be in the same class as 1st & 2nd nice dog who will make it to the top on maturity and I hope his young handler enjoys the every day with him

Open Dog

1st Branten & Branten Simons  Int Ch NL Ch VDC Frisian Enter Sandman saw this dog as a 10 month old pup win a big puppy class then go into a very strong Junior and won that today I got my chance to go over him and again I was not disappointed classy dog who has a ring presence every inch of him was tight and hard he was put down top form loved this dogs attitude while moving down the mat another who watched his opposition with eager eyes but never getting out of his stride he uses his powerful backend to drive himself across the ground and then stands at the end with an expression across his sculptured head with his ears setting off an picture of Staffordshire Bull Terrier    CC & Res BIS

2nd Dickenson & Asbergs Ch Kronsaters Lycktraff (imp)  White dog with red patches who raised the temperature of many other dogs in his class lively on his toes all the time which I like great front with a evil look in his eyes which set off his week proportioned head moved with a spring in his step while trying to stretch his lead to get to the other entrants in the class great attitude on a really nice dog

3rd Butlers Ramblestaff Cos I Can


I would like to thank the committee officers of the SCSBTS for inviting me to

judge bitches at your Champ show. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my day, with great hospitality and a well organised show. 

There was great atmosphere and lots of cheering going on.

I would also like to thank all the exhibitors for bringing along their bitches for my assessment and taking my decision in a sporting manner, and to my two expert stewards, Jamie Mace and Gina Jones, who did a great job in looking after me in the ring, 

It was good to see quality bitches, but some went with no placings as I only had five prize cards, 

I can only recall one level bite on the day so we are going in the right direction with the mouths, high tail carriage seems to be getting better than in 2011 when I judge bitches last, but overall, I was very happy with all my decisions on the day.

VB 12,(8a)

1st HOPKINS, Ch Trufflestaff Monica Kanika JW, 8 year old well balanced b/b bitch with stunning head and expression with neat ear carriage, correct bite and good strength to underjaw. Perfect front and good bone, tight feet which are well padded, lovely spring of rib, well developed quarters, hocks well let down. Moved with drive and purpose holding a great top line, BVIS on agreement with my co judge..

2nd Folwell & Morris, Ebony Breeze Of Rowellstaff JW, 10 ½  year old brindle bitch with white chest. Another nice quality bitch. Very typical throughout, of standard size in very good condition. Lovely head with pleasing expression, perfect scissors bite, good width and strength to muzzle, short strong neck leading into well laid back shoulders, good top line and moved freely. Preferred the overall balance of the winner.

3rd Cartwright’s Borgstaff Hatchepsut JW.

Res Turner Tidestaff FirecrackerJW.

MPB 9,(1a)

1st :- Winwoods Nerotoro Stella, 8 month old b/b with white on her chest. Lovely shaped head with well-placed ears and very alert, dark round eye. Perfect bite. Stood fore square. Excellent front with good bone, ample spring of rib with good tuck up in loin, lovely bend of stifle with strong back end. Moved with purpose covering the ground with ease. This team works well together. Very bright future.

2nd :- Mckimm, Biggleswick Fifty Fifty, Lovely 7 month old red with white chest and toes. Showed in lovely condition. Lots to like about this girly too. Lovely head with good strength,  correct bite, dark eye and wicked expression. Good width to front, pleasing neck and shoulders with good depth to chest, level top line which she held on the move, handled well. Another one I will watch with interest.

3rd Smith Ramblestaff Maybe Baby.

Res :- Birbeck Bellarouge Athena.

PB 8,(2a)

1st :- Wiess, Helena Of Troya Great ‘n Glory, 11 month old b/b puppy in great condition for one so young. Just liked everything about this youngster. Strong head with round dark eye, good width to skull and length of muzzle, perfect scissors bite with large teeth, clean lipped with strong underjaw, with lovely front. Alert at all times, with lovely ear carriage, well up on her toes, tight feet, well laid back shoulders leading into a perfect front. Ample rib for her age, good rear tuck up in loin, with powerful rear quarters which helped her move across the floor with ease, holding excellent top line handled very well. BPB & RBPIS, Another with a great future

2nd :- Johnson, Ginstean My Girl Lollypop At Nikkylestaff, B/b bitch of nearly 12 months. Another top draw puppy. Was unlucky today to come up against the winner, but got all the right virtues to become a top winning bitch in the future. Lovely head with lovely expression, neat ears, dark eye very good bite and very clean lipped. Enough bone and good front, good depth of brisket with well sprung rib, nice bend of stifle and moved and handled well.

3rd :- Bradley, Ginstean Mia Rose.

Res :- Modrovicova, J’adore Magicblack Of Bully Botts.

This junior class was very an excellent class with quality throughout.

JB 15,(1a).

1st :- Pijloo, Virzula Irresistible, 15 month old white bitch with lovey pigmentation. This bitch has got it all. Oozing with quality from the tip of her black nose to the tip of her tail. Beautiful head shape with wicked expression, lovely ear carriage which she always used to get my attention, darkest of eye which seemed to follow me around the ring. Perfect scissors bite with good strength to underjaw, good strong bone, perfect front with good feet, strong short neck leading into well placed shoulders. Good width to front with lovey fore chest and good depth to brisket, excellent spring of rib with good tuck to loin. Powerful rear quarters with excellent 1st and 2nd thigh muscle, nice bend of stifle with good length of hock, excellent angulation. She covered the ground with ease, moving true, coming and going holding her top line very well with good tail set. This bitch has great ring presence and looked very impressive from all angles. Balanced throughout and bang on standard, with her handler getting the very best out of her today. I was pleased to award the Bitch CC to her and she also went on to get BIS on agreement with my co judge. Good luck with this beautiful bitch.

2nd :- Gabel, Hocus Pocus Of Sprit-Staffs, Beautiful colour brindle of 17 months. Another with a good future. Stunning head with broad skull, giving a kind expression. Good ears and darkest of eye, correct bite, tight lipped and good strength to underjaw. Lovely short and gleaming coat, alert at all times. Lovely neck and good shoulder placement, flowing into a straight front. Well off for bone. Very good feet which are well padded, good depth of chest, level top line, lovely tuck up in loin, well-muscled hindquarters which she used to full advantage to show effortless ground coverage. Handled well.

3rd :- Thisby, Samtan Black Pearl At Taurinstaff.

Res :- Thomson, Starolestaff Lady Beau With Siriustaff.

YB 10,(2a).

1st :- Ullerflaen & Sem, Celunas Know It All, Lovely b/b with super profile and lots to like about this bitch. Lovely head and expression, presented in good condition. Dark eye, lovely head proportion, correct bite, good angles to front and rear, clean outline. Moved out well, covering the ground with ease, holding a prefect top line with good tail carriage. Handled very well.

2nd :- Cavavan, Boldstock Am I Bovered, Brindle bitch with the darkest of eye. She has a lovely head with good expression. Correct dentation with clean outlines.Excellent front with plenty of bone & substance, nice spring of rib with well-proportioned body, correct rear angulations and well muscled. Moved freely, showing a good top line on the move.

3rd :- Harrison & Roper’s,Trawden Ice And Spice JW.

Res :- Lewis, Macadermus Myrna Queen At Inkastaff.

MB 2(1a).

1st :- Smith, Ramblestaff Maybe Baby, B/b bitch with white on the chest. Stood out alone in this class. Lovely clean head with round dark eyes, correct bite, neck flows lovely into shoulders giving a her a lovely front, enough bone and rib for age, tight feet, good waist line, good tuck up in loin, well angulated rear with a good bend of stifle. Moved well with her young handler who did a great job.

NB 5,

1st :- Johnson, Ginstean My Girl Lollypop At Nikkylestaff,, 2nd puppy for report.

2nd :- Smith, Ramblestaff Maybe Baby. Mb for report.

3rd :- Mcdermott, Macadermus Dawn Run.

Res :- Batten, Hammystaff Happiness.

GB 8,(1a),

1st :- Bott, Jacja’s Seceret Obsession, B/ brindle bitch. Nice feminine head with correct length of muzzle and clean lipped, perfect scissors bite with good strength to underjaw. Lovely front, well up on her toes, good spring of rib with good tuck up, good angulations and was always alert. Moved and handled well.

2nd :- Wollett, Assillio Red Conntessa, Lovely red bitch with very nice feminine head piece wih a dark muzzle, correct scissors bite, good front. Adequate angulation, well spung rib, strong rear quarters. Looks very impressive standing and on the move. Lovely tail set and handled well.

3rd :- Dyer, Cadarnbull The Sixth Sence.

Res :- Folwell, Asbonstaff Just In Time At Rowellstaff.

PGB 19,(5a) biggest bitch class of the day.

1st :- VD Meer Metzlar, Sennyards Born To Be My Baby, B/b bitch of top size, but what a cracker. Full of ring presence, showing her potential. Her head qualities were very impressive. Dark eye, well placed ears which she used all the time, expressing type with defined stop, excellent dentation, well laid back shoulders, strong bone, beautiful constructed throughout. Short gleaming coat, well angulated and top line is level with good underline. She has powerful rear quarters which helped her move with drive and purpose. Handled to perfection. I would prefer a bit more width to her front but overall, a quality bitch and well deserved to win this class..

2nd :- Wilks, Mishdar’s Special Order for Jevaces, Another top class b/b bitch who was unfortunate to come up against a top class bitch today. Lovely feminine head, with perfect scissors bite, good front with good depth of brisket, lovely tuck up. Well balanced bitch with no exaggeration. Firm well developed body, well coupled, good strength to rear which gave her a powerful driving action on the move. Liked her size and type.

3rd :- Stanway, Watstaff Little Cracker.

Res :- Molineux, Jefmor Winter Solstice At Druidhawk JW.

LB 16,(2a)

1st :- Duncan, Nettleworth No Nonsense JW, B/b, Bang on standard. Lots to like about this bitch. Balanced throughout with superb attributes. Very well put together with nothing overdone about her. Pleasing to the eye from all angles, showed her socks off and in the fittest conditions. Coat gleaming, lovely feminine head with dark eye, with a wide muzzle giving a melting expression. Good width to chest, first class front with good bone, nice sprung rib with good tuck to loin, powerful back end with good angulation and bend of stifle, well let down hocks. Liked her movement from side profile, giving reach & elevation, holding perfect top line on the move. Pushed hard for RCC. Preferred the overall balance and cleanness of the RCC winner.

2nd :- VD Meer Metzlar, Sennyards Born To Be My Baby, winner of PGB.

3rd :- Bryan, Felkirkstaff Galadriel

Res :- Moorcroft, Ashbull Omee.

OB 18,(5a)

1st:- Mason, Ch Dare To Dream, B/b bitch of outstanding qualities. I first judged this bitch in 2011 and awarded her first RCC, she never disappoints. Full of breed type and a well worthy champion and top Staffordshire bull terrier bitch. Presented a picture of real beauty. Lovely head with nice expression and dark eye, well pronounced cheek muscle, correct dentation with good ear carriage. Best of fronts, well laid shoulders, great spring of rib and level top line leading to a strong rear assembly, good bend of stifle. Impressive on the move with power and drive never breaking her stride, handled to perfection as always. Pleased to award the RCC once again. Just loved everything about the junior bitch winner today. She was alert at all times and drew my attention.

2nd :- Desmazes, Int Ch Waywardstaff High Scary Cookie, B/b with white on chest. This bitch has a beautiful head, with an awesome expression that attracts your attention. Lovely dark round eye, good ear placement, good head proportion with correct scissors bite. Short strong neck flowing nicely into well placed shoulders, great front with good width, good spring of rib. She is beautifully balanced of great make and shape, excellent breed type, good underline and top line, first class hindquarters, coat gleaming. Presented and shown in great condition. Moved well in both directions with drive covering the ground with ease. Handled very well. Lost out to a first class bitch with great virtues who I awarded the RCC.

3rd :- Rogers, Ch Berrystocks Charlies Angel JW.

Res :- Wilson, Bullhawk Jessie Jay At North Staff.

Judge:- Mark Davies (Sebsonic).