Southern Counties SBT Society

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Southern Counties SBTS 75th Anniversary Championship Show

21 October 2012

Dog Judge: Paul Stanway (Waystaff)

I would just like to say what a fantastic day I had. Firstly meeting the committee who had obviously put loads of work into running a show of this quality, everything was set out correctly and ran throughout the day with pure ease. Thanks go to my stewards who assisted me throughout the day and made it a lot easier for me to carry out what I had been chosen for.

The venue was excellent, nothing blocking viewing for both rings and plenty of access for the exhibitors and the lighting was fantastic. I also noted how many people where still at the show even after the challenges.

Finally to the exhibitors and their dogs. I must admit honestly that I was not looking forward to judging males, but I was surprised when going through the classes where some quality dogs were entered, some even unplaced in a number of classes. I would like to thank all exhibitors for their entries and the very best of luck in the future and to the committee of SCSBTS who made my day a memory that I will save.

Dog CC - Charmonics Regal Lad

RCC - Mitzstaff Fun To Flex

BPD - Geordiestaff Dynamo Dexter

VD (9)

This was some class.

1. Waters’ Ch Ashstock By Jupiter JW. 11 years of age and still so sound throughout. Red dog with excellent head shape, correct forequarters and still possesses neat feet. Excellent topline and rear angulation, which still enables him to be one of the best movers on the day. Always been a favourite of mine.

2. Mace’s World Int Multi Ch Stormbull Solo JW. Another lad who I have always rated due to his many virtues. Bl/br with a very good head shape and an excellent expression to give him a further a plus. Another lad who also maintains his topline and movement.

3. Harkin’s Ch Harkline Robbie The Bruce JW

Res Ch Fordson Major

MPD (8)

Promising class.

1. Barnett’s Dracostaff Baldurs Blade. Bl/br with an excellent head shape for one so young, the expression of this youngster is very appealing, dark eyes, correct ear carriage and a correct bite. Well boned forequarters and a good topline which reached to excellent hindquarters enabling him to move ok for one so young. Handled perfectly. Promising future.

2. Lister & Callaghan’s Listcall Town Cryer. Dark brindle. Another promising youngster, got his placing on his overall soundness. Very good head shape for one so young with an excellent expression and clean muzzle. Forequarters and hindquarters are correct and his topline is ok for his age. His future is looking promising, which will be given further pluses by his handler.

3. Hammond’s Hammystaff Fire Starter

Res Trufflestaff Golden Gloves

VHC Quatros Red Archibald

PD (6)

Another good class with 4th winning a later class!

1. Beeby & Watson’s Geordiestaff Dynamo Dexter. Bl/br who constantly showed himself off. Very good head shape for his age which holds correct ear carriage, dark eye placement and correct bite, which with maturity will add more pluses. Correct well boned forequarters and neat feet for one so young and also held a good topline stood and on the move, he also possesses well angulated hindquarters. I viewed him at all angles and at this moment wouldn’t change a thing. A bright future a certainty. Well done BPD.

2. Chaine’s Good One Cyril Des Terres D’armor (thank God he wasn’t as long as his name ha ha). Another promising youngster with a bright future, which is only good for the breed. Dark brindle with a cracking head shape and expression, correct bite and ear placement and in excellent condition. He carries correct forequarters and hindquarters and his topline is ok for one so young. He also moved ok and showed like he’d been doing it for the last 5 years, perfectly handled where the handler was constantly showing off his virtues. Well done and good luck in the future.

3. MacGowan & Owen’s Tagstane Analyze This

Res Geordiestaff Canny Laddie

VHC Quatros Red Archibald

JD (15,3)

Once again quality dogs in the picture.

1. Lewis’ Charmonics Regal Lad. I must admit after judging this dog I can’t get him out of my head. Brindle dog with evenly marked white frontage who fits the Standard perfectly. To start with he possesses an excellent head shape with perfect ear carriage, perfectly correct eye position and colour, well pronounced cheek muscles and correct strength and shape of muzzle, he also possesses the correct underjaw and perfect teeth position, all this ties in with his excellent expression that demands attention. Shoulder placement correct, also well boned forequarters and neat feet and nails which are another plus. Topline is good and a correctly sprung ribcage which blends in very well, rear angulation is also correct which then leads on to his correct tail carriage. Another plus is that he is in perfect fit condition, he also moves well when not over exited and his handler blends in with him very well. The biggest plus was whatever angle you view this dog from, and believe me I view from every angle possible when judging, this chap is so correct in so many areas and this makes him stand out for me. Thank you very much for entering him and making my day. A sure fire Champion in the making 100%. CC & BIS with my co-judge’s total agreement.

2. Monestina’s Itcheboren Night Fury Dust Blaze. Bl/br of standard size and shape, who also carries a lot of qualities. Very good head shape, neatest of ears with a terrific expression, he also has a correct bite. He tends to watch everything you do right through the class. Well boned correct forequarters and hindquarters, always stood foursquare even when relaxed. Another dog with a bright future. Handler shows him off to perfection. Well done.

3. Matviakova & Choma’s Satip Sorboss at Vrabarbull 

Res Ramblestaff Dirty Cash

VHC Antoboss in the Red with Jakataffs

YD (11,1)

1. Monestina’s Itcheboren Night Fury Dust Blaze

2. Bruton’s Zakstaff Dark Knight. Bl/br who possesses a very good make and shape throughout. Very good head shape and well boned correct forequarters, his topline is also good. Strong well angulated hindquarters. A good picture when viewed from all angles. Should always be placed on his overall soundness. Close call between 1 and 2.

3. Emmanuel Luc’s Small Comics Joseph

Res Marstaff Smokin Joe

VHC Antoboss in the Red with Jakataffs

MD (5,3)

1. Hall’s Geordiestaff Canny Laddie. 4th in Puppy. Bl/br, very nice looking lad. His head is correct and he also has a very nice expression and will improve with maturity. Front and hindquarters are also correct and he actually carries a very good topline and moved quite well. Will be up there shortly, good luck.

2. Parfoot’s Trufflestaff Golden Gloves. 4th in Minor Puppy. Another youngster who has many virtues. One big plus is he is quite a good mover, with time on his side he has the chance to do quite well. Good luck.

ND (11,3)

1. Hart’s Albermarbull Red Riot. I was amazed that he still qualified for Novice. Red dog who falls bang in the Standard with all the correct virtues requested. Very good head shape with a clean bite and an excellent expression. Straight well boned forequarters with a good topline adjoining well angulated hindquarters. Another who looked well from any angle, also when he was moved. He was handled very well and I must admit he could have won a few other classes today with a bit to spare. Well done.

2. Hall’s Geordiestaff Canny Laddie

3. Hopkins’ Trufflestaff Kichro Yuzuki

Res Ramblestaff Dont Stop Me Now

VHC Dardanians Simply Da Best

GD (8,1)

1. Monestina’s Engladian Cool Cruisin. Bl/br, very athletic looking. Excellent head shape, dark eyes, excellent expression, correct bite. Correct forequarters, hindquarters and topline ok, tends to stretch out behind when stood which gives a totally wrong impression of the overall picture, which could lose him placings in the future. Good luck.

2. Robbins’ Antroboss In The Red with Jakataffs. Topsized red dog of very good make and shape. Very nice head shape with an excellent expression. His forequarters are correct but did not stand at his best to give him the full picture, hindquarters are correct. A little practice could give him a plus in his show career.

3. Hopkins’ Trufflestaff Kichro Yuzuki

Res Ramblestaff Dont Stop Me Now

VHC Ramblestaff Dirty Cash

PGD (14,1)

1. Moore & Cullum’s Eclypstaff Rude Boy. Bl/br who did progress when he was stood three-quarters on. Nice head shape with a very alert expression. Standard sized but slightly overweight, if this was treated accordingly could be a plus. Well boned throughout and topline in good order. Handled very well which worked out well today.

2. Rastall & Durham’s Merimna Ahead Inline. Bl/br, more athletic type than 1. Good head shape. Topline ok, good forequarters and hindquarters. Very good condition throughout. Shown very well.

3. Emmanuel Luc’s Small Comics Joseph. Also 3rd in Yearling.

Res Pasgal Aint too Proud to Beg

VHC Staffstyle Eskimo Pied

LD (25,1)

1. Davies’ Eclypstaff Cuz I Can. Bl/br/white with a cracking head shape and expression which stands him out. Stood like a trooper right through the class, constantly demanding attention from me which obviously worked! Very clean throughout and in excellent condition. Neat ears, correct eye placement and shape, correct bite. Well boned forequarters and perfect feet. Topline ok stood and on the move. Rear angulation correct and he moved with drive and demanded attention throughout (which he got). Handled very well.

2. Hart’s Albermarbull Ice White. White dog, always a lad I have noticed and wondered if he was bl/br would he be winning a lot more? Excellent head shape with neat ear carriage, correct eye shape and correct bite. Correct well boned forequarters, well angulated hindquarters. A lad on his overall stance should be in the cards like he usually is. Very well handled which really pushed forward all his pluses. Well done and good luck in the future.

3. McGowan & Owen’s Crashkon No Stoppin Me Now at Tagstane

Res Alchemist of Spirit-staffs

VHC Mafia Don at Listcall

OD (22,1)

1. Membury’s Mitzstaff Fun To Flex. Bl/br with white who took my eye has soon as he entered the ring and hoping that nothing poor would be inspected. Fits the Standard like a glove. A cracking head shape with skull and muzzle ratios tying in and also neat ear carriage and eye placement, correct mouth and strength in underjaw. Overall excellent make and shape from any angle. Straight well boned forequarters, well sprung ribcage which is a plus when viewed from behind, well angulated hindquarters, also owns a good topline and moved ok. Would like to have seen him a little sharper on the day, which I am sure will only enhance further virtues. No hesitation in awarding him the RCC, should not be long before your title is gained and well deserved. Good luck.

2. Scarlett’s Ch Ramblestaff Ebenezer Good JW. More than good, ha ha. B/br who has an excellent head shape with all the virtues required which are highlighted highly, ear placement, eye position and shape with a correct bite and shown clearly with his excellent expression. Forequarters are well boned and his feet highlighting correct pigmentation. Very good topline and excellent rear quarters. Would have liked to have seen him a little more alert to highlight him even further. Well worthy Champion and I don’t say that on a daily basis. Well done.

3. Bech & Albretsen’s DK CH/N CH Angelic Staff Bang Bang Boogie. Awarded this cracking red dog BOB in a massive entry this year in France.