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24th October

Dog Judge - Larry Lunn (Millgarth)

Bitch Judge - Ken Meneer (Reneem)

Dog CC: Tennick & Ridley’s - Jagsstaff The Fisherking

Res Dog CC: Lawrenson’s - Ch Crossguns Tom Jones

Bitch CC: Trow’s - Ch Hubbulls The Promise

Res Bitch CC: Hirst & Bibby’s - Taraiel Trinity ShCM

Best Puppy: Simpson’s Briganah Breaking Dawn

Best Of Breed: Trow’s - Ch Hubbulls The Promise


Today, apart from enjoying myself immensely, I have achieved another ambition in judging my own Club’s Ch. Show and I should like to take this opportunity to thank those people who have helped me, in the past, to get to this position.

May I offer my congratulations to Paul Grimwood, Nancie Booth along with all the Committee for what, I thought, was an excellent show and especially to my stewards (Alice Levy, Linda Peyton and Jordan Morris) for a well run ring.

I know that it has been said many times by many others that they wished they had had more awards to give out and I can only concur with that, as there were many dogs that I do admire that went home cardless.

I thought that, all round, movement was improving, but I was somewhat bemused by some exhibits having the tips of their canines cropped for no apparent reason that I could see. One of my winners had a small dental fault, but I would rather that than a structural fault!

Finally I would like to thank all those exhibitors who paid me the honour of entering under me and who afforded me the privilege of judging their dogs.

Veteran 4 (0)

1st Waters’ - Ch Ashstock By Jupiter JW. What can be said about this well renowned, predominately, red dog that hasn’t already been said? He is upstanding with a strong skull, small ears of correct settlement and dark well positioned eyes. His front is good with straight boned legs. Being nicely bodied and short coupled, he has good hindquarters and good movement. A worthy winner.

2nd Barren & Guiver’s - Dazzling White Lad by Gularrens ShCM. An all time favourite of mine (as is the 3rd in this class). Pied dog who was unlucky today in coming up against 1. He has very good head qualities and a pleasing expression. He possesses a broad chest with a well ribbed body and is nicely coupled. With a good front and rear he moves with definite drive. I am of the opinion that had his owner enjoyed better health this dog would have been a top winner, for he is hard to fault and has always had that strength for size attribute.

3rd Hopkins’ - Pride Of Time

Res Fairhurst’s - Yorks One Time for Fairlenium

Minor Puppy 3 (0)

1st Williams’ - Jodel’s Excalibur. A strong, upstanding, red with a wide white flash to his front that extends around his neck. He has a very pleasing head shape with rose ears and

nicely placed eyes. With a strong, clean and dark masked muzzle he is cleanly lipped. He has a nice wide front enhanced by the white bib. Strongly bodied with developing rib, his hindquarters propel him with power. Could do well.

2nd Hopgood & Kerry’s - Bellajazz Leonardo. A bl/br dog lacking the power of 1 at this stage, but he possesses a nicely shaped head with small rose ears and well placed dark eyes. Held his topline on the move. He is bodying up OK, but is not as mature as 1. He needs time.

3rd Desmond’s - Noblestaff Firecracker at Elitebull

Puppy 8 (0)

An excellent class which augers well for the future. Certainly the first 3 could easily change places.

1st Davidson’s - Waystaff Dutch Minister. A strongly headed brindle with white blaze extending from his chest to his foreface. His skull is deep through and his muzzle is broad and strong. His is clean lipped with a good bite. Well placed ears and dark round eyes enhance his expression. A nicely proportioned body is developing well. For his age his hindquarters are good, which propel him with drive. A little more developed than 2 and his flashiness, probably, helped as well. BPD.

2nd Leyland & Simpson’s - Briganah Black Knight. Another good un. And apart from his white front I could, almost, repeat myself. I really liked this bl/br chap as he has all the attributes. He has a good well shaped head with good dentition, dark nicely rounded eyes and small rose ears. His body is nicely ribbed for his age and short coupled and he, too, moves very well. Most certainly a close decision, but in the end I just preferred the winner’s depth of brisket.

3rd Rollin’s - Seenworstaff Strutistuff

Res Weiss’ - Keep The Faith Great ‘Glory

Vhc Membury’s - Mitzstaff Mean Machine

Junior 7 (0)

1st Lewis, Smart & Lowe’s - Blazinstaff Blazin Justice JW. A red and white pied of real top quality and one I very seriously considered for a higher final placing. He possesses a classic head with a clean lipped mouth and good teeth, well shaped and placed eyes and nicely carried rose ears. His skull is deep through with a good strong neck that runs down to into very good shoulders. Nicely bodied up, he has a very powerful back end with muscular inner thighs which propel him with drive. A certainty for the future!

2nd Williams’ - Hubbulls Nebraska. A nicely put together red of quality, with all the head and mouth attributes that are required and a lovely soft expression. Strongly bodied, he too owns good rear quarters, but is slightly heavier in the shoulder. His handler had to persevere and work hard with him, as he was somewhat unruly.

3rd Weiss’s - It’s Prince Naseem Great ‘N Glory

Res Williams’ - Gazannlou The Pretender at Bellajazz

Vhc Weiss’ - Keep The Faith Great ‘Glory

Yearling 5 (1)

1st Folwell & Morris’ - Rowellstaff Mr Ferguson. A mainly deep red dog that is nicely headed with small raised ears, dark eyes and mask. His bite is scissor with canines well placed. A well balanced dog with a straight front and long muscled shoulders, which flow from a good neck. With a pleasing body, he is short coupled and has good musculation in the hindquarters and decent action.

2nd Weiss’ - It’s Prince Naseem Great ‘N Glory. A short coupled bl/br of good quality that pushed hard for 1st place and has been unlucky today as he was 3rd in the previous class.

However, he has good shape to his head with the darkest of eyes, well placed small ears and a neck that when pressed gives resistance. His shoulders are well set and his quarters are well developed, but I would have liked to have seen a little more width and depth in the brisket. His movement was a lot better in this class.

3rd Dearman’s - Blazinstaff Sacrifice

Res Hyde’s - Sedgbred Black Diamond

Maiden 3 (0)

1st McComiskie & Dick’s - Bourtie Ay Ay Fit Like, and fit like he is, with a sculpted and well muscled body and is as fit as the proverbial. He has a cracking head, with pronounced cheek muscles, a good bite and depth and width to his skull. He has that wicked expression. He is wide chested and well ribbed with a straight, long muscled, front and a powerful rear end. His movement is wide, parallel and oozes power His feet, unfortunately, were not helped on this surface.

2nd Pitas’ - Angranian Saiorse Warrior. A different type this bl/br, white bibbed fronted, dog. I liked his head shape with his well positioned dark eyes and rose ears. His dentition is good with a terrier bite. His chest is deep enough, but could do with a bit more width. Propelled by strong, adequately muscled rear legs, he moves well.

3rd Membury’s - Mitzstaff Mean Machine

Novice 3 (1)

1st McComiskie & Dick’s - Ay Ay Fit Like

2nd Brown’s - Kiamirose Timeout. A decent enough bl/br dog with good head qualities in ears, eyes and mouth. His body emits strength, with powerful hindquarters and broad, deep chest and his rib is developing. He’ll be OK given time, but he was out of his depth in this company.

Graduate 6 (1)

1st McComiskie & Dick’s - Ay Ay Fit Like

2nd Meara & Millgate’s - Ramblestaff Solo Eclipse at Millamear. A bl/br of good make and shape. Nicely headed with a clean scissor bite and well placed eyes dark in colour and good ear carriage. Straight fronted and nicely put together with decent movement. Another very close decision between him and 3, but for me, today, he was just that bit cleaner in outline, but it took some deciding though.

3rd Pickston’s - Marmaduke My Lord

Res Essex’s - Javawolf Mighty Mouse JW

Vhc Hyde’s - Sedgbred Black Diamond

Post Graduate 10 (1)

1st Tennick & Ridley’s - Jagsstaff The Fisherking. An excellent red dog of undoubted quality, with a slash of white to the chest. He has a lovely head with strength to his underjaw and depth to his skull. Strongly muzzled with a dark mask, he has a good bite, nice sized teeth and tight lips. Small rose ears, which he uses well, and the darkest of eyes for a red, give him a very expressive look. His powerful, shortish, neck melds into very good shoulders and a straight boned front with nice feet. Well boned, he possesses a deep and wide fore chest and a barrelled rib. He is nicely coupled and tucked in at the waist with excellent rear quarters, which propel him very powerfully with good, parallel, movement. Suggests great strength for size. DCC, RBIS & BOS.

2nd Clarke’s - Jucrocs Sandras Red Sizzler. Another very good red dog, with white socks to his forelegs and a wide white blaze to his impressive forefront. He carries a punishing headpiece with a good mouth, eye and ear positioning. Strongly bodied and little to choose

in length of coupling, he too has power in his hindquarters, but I had a preference for 1’s movement. He will hold his own in any company.

3rd Thompson’s - Kiamirose Bossin Motion at Siriustaff

Res Gillard & Wiggins’ - Kewaunee John Smith

Vhc Jones’ - Blazinstaff Light My Fire JW

Limit 18 (1)

What competition between 1 and 2 for the first place, in what was a strong class and on another day???

1st Scarlett & Reid’s - Ramblestaff Ebenezer Good JW. A nicely assembled bl/br with lots of class. Compact with good quarters fore and aft and his head and body are excellent in outline. His ears are rose in shape and nicely set, as are his round eyes. Dentition is good with nicely sized teeth. He is nicely coupled and ribbed and has good movement. Well shown.

2nd Dowse’s - Rotherstaff Black Tie. What can I say about this bl/br that would be other than repeating myself! He is equal in class with all the qualities attributed to 1 and is a lovely specimen and a dog I’ve admired from the ringside. Being a difficult dog to show, which belies his quality, he lost out today to a better behaved dog who I considered had the, slightly, better movement.

3rd Samby & Frost’s - Sunnystone Wizard Of Oz

Res Powell’s - Cwmcalon Son Of The Lord JW

Vhc Stanway’s - Deestaff Vidar Of Waystaff

Open 16 (2)

A class out of the top drawer!

1st Lawrenson’s - Ch Crossguns Tom Jones. What a joy to go over. Everything about him oozes quality. A super head with all the features that exemplify a top Stafford. Eyes well spaced and placed, lovely ear carriage, defined stop and deep through skull. Beautifully bodied with good bone and a very pleasing front, that has depth, width and well placed shoulders. Short coupled with nice hindquarters he moves well and he excels in ring presence. A beautiful brindle dog. RCC.

2nd Marachowska & Marachowski’s - Kalhols Black Magic at Passernomen. Exactly the sort of dog I was talking about when wishing I had more awards. A bl/br that was unlucky to come up against the previous dog, for he is of such good quality. Excelling in head and with the darkest of eyes, his mouth is good with well set strong teeth. Neck length is short without being stuffy and his body suggests power, as do his well muscled hindquarters. A dog I have seen and liked on a number of occasions and he doesn’t disappoint in any department.

3rd Rollin’s - Jagsstaff St Elmos Fire

Res Jones & Whelan’s - Maxsta Hot Shot JW

Vhc Dickenson & Bird’s - Aymstaff Lookin For Trouble


Veteran 6 (0)

1st Brown’s - Ch Araidh Wot Lunch at Rotherstaff. At well over 8 years of age this bl/br looked fabulous. From nose to tail she still oozes class. Her head whilst strong retains the femininity required and is complimented by dark round eyes, small rose ears, deep stop, pronounced cheek muscles, nice underjaw and good lips. Her short neck flows into well laid

back shoulders with the correct length of back to compliment her height. She has good depth of brisket and barrel rib. She does not have to be exaggerated to show off her chest when stood, which is of good width. All this comes with good feet, bend of stifle and strength on the backend. Moved effortlessly across the ring both ways. Pushed hard for the RCC but in the end had to settle for (on the referee’s decision) BVIS. Well Done!

2nd Funnell’s - Knockon Minerva at Powerpack. Bl/br who at over 9 years of age still looks good. She was put down in excellent condition and shown to her full potential. Good feminine head with no sponginess of the skull, dark round eyes, neat ears and good lips. Stood foursquare on tight feet with her good backend propelling her across the ring. Good depth of brisket and adequate spring of rib.

3rd Russell’s - Brynmaustaff Jazzies Lady

Res Hornsby’s - Seastaff Malaki

Vhc Batten’s - Kernowstaff Lady Of The Lake

Minor Puppy 16 (0)

1st Hirst & Bibby’s - Taraiel Ciara. At 8 months this bl/br young lady shows real promise. She is very nicely balanced and maturing nicely. At this stage she has a strong but feminine head, comprising of nice round eyes and good lips, her rose ears, although a little high on the day, were of good size and should settle down as she matures. She has a good length of neck and correct shoulder placement. She stood on tight feet with good bend of stifle and has adequate strength in all departments at this stage. Tended to tense up a little when going over, but once settled showed herself well. Moved well enough at this stage. RBPB. Well done!

2nd Draper’s - Herodotus Well Lush. 8 month old r/w of good proportions that was of slightly heavier build than 1, although this did not detract from her quality. She has a good shape to her head, which is strong but feminine and consists of dark round eyes, good cheek muscles, neat ears and good underjaw. Good balance of height to length ratio with adequate body strength for her frame. Short neck leading into well laid back shoulders. Straight front with adequate depth of brisket and ribs springing nicely.

3rd Williams’ - Bellajazz Annalisa

Res Partlett’s - Janikastco Miss Hellfyre of Starolestaff

Vhc Riddell’s - Noblestaff Midnight Sky

Puppy 12 (2)

1st Simpson’s - Briganah Breaking Dawn. At 10 months this bl/br young lady would seem to have a very exciting future in front of her. Her overall balance at this stage is excellent throughout without any exaggerations. Her head which although strong, retains femininity and is of correct proportions, it is complimented by dark eyes, neat rose ears, strong underjaw, prominent cheek muscles and is deep through. She has a short strong neck which flows into good shoulders and the correct amount of length to her back. Width of chest and depth of brisket are more than adequate at this stage and will develop as she matures. She has adequate spring of rib, which compliments her well shaped body. She stands on tight feet and with power on the backend moved freely up and down the mat. A joy to go over, she showed herself well and was handled to her full potential. BPB & BPIS. Well Done!

2nd Parker’s - Nettleworth Nitty Gritty. Bl/br girl of 10 months who carried much the same attributes as 1. Good solid head with round eyes, neat ears and typical expression. Short neck and back and, with a nice straight front, she stands foursquare with no exaggerations. She has a level topline when standing or on the move and enough power at the backend for her to move freely.

3rd Hunt’s - Carnig Cheeky Rascal

Res Draper’s - Herodotus Well Lush

Vhc Austin’s - Crossguns Diamond Diva

Junior 14 (2)

1st Trow’s - Ch Hubbulls The Promise. Without doubt this solid red bitch was the star of the show for me. She oozes quality from any angle. Her head, which is spot on and has no coarseness, is complimented by a strong muzzle, dark mask, good depth of stop, dark round eyes, neat rose ears, solid crown, strong cheeks and is deep through. Her short neck flows into excellent shoulders and a good length of back. A straight front, depth of chest and brisket, barrel ribs and adequate tuck up all add to the picture. She stood foursquare on small tight feet and moved with grace and power across the ring. She has a good short smooth coat and has excellent smooth lines to her body. Whilst she is strong throughout she retains femininity and had excellent hindquarters. Showed very well and was a pleasure to go over. BCC & (on referee’s decision) BIS. Well Done!

2nd Frankland’s - Aldwych Tiger Lily. Without doubt this bl/br young lady will go all the way to the top. She has a lovely balanced feminine head that is not over done in any way and consists of dark round eyes, correct length of muzzle, neat ears, good lips and no sponginess on the crown. Her short neck flowed into well laid back shoulders. Her straight front, width of chest and depth of brisket complimented each other. Standing on good feet she has ample strength for her frame. Moved with drive both ways whilst holding a level topline. Another fine example from this kennel, which was handled to her full potential.

3rd Bond’s - Bourtie Divas Delight

Res Morgan & Morgan-Pistor’s - Biggleswick Whats On

Vhc Kemp & James’ - Bekanbar Shining Star JW

Yearling 14 (1)

1st Stanway’s - Waystaff Double Strike. Red/white pied shown in excellent condition. She has a good head shape that is deep through, strong muzzle, dark round eyes and neat ears. She has a short strong neck and short back. Her good balance throughout ensures she fills the imaginary square. A strong backend and good bend of stifle ensures drive when on the move. Good topline either standing or on the move, she also has a lovely coat. As usual, very well handled.

2nd Pritchard & Rhodes’ - Scratchline Tatanka. Bl/br/white that showed herself well. Slightly heavier build than 1 with a strong head that was deep through with a good expression. Dark round eyes, a deep stop and neat ears all added to the picture. Plenty of strength throughout without any exaggerations, giving the impression of power whilst still retaining her femininity. Moved well enough.

3rd Hopkins’ - Trufflestaff Hasina Bahiti

Res Vine’s - Advocates Stomp The Yard

Vhc Arnold & Page’s - Lumsjay Black Bolivian Star

Maiden 6 (0)

1st Draper’s - Herodotus Well Lush (See Minor Puppy)

2nd Stanway & McCulloch’s - Waystaff Sea The Stars. A bl/br bitch of substance that had a decent head and good expression, strong muzzle, round dark eyes and tidy ears. Good feet, hindquarters and bend of stifle. Moved with drive.

3rd Jones’ - Staffwize Shakira at Kobellie

Res Thomson’s - Siriustaff Hot Coco

Vhc Peachey’s - Heriotshiels Tiny Tilly with Vanayres

Novice 11 (0)

1st Bond’s - Bourtie Divas Delight. 3rd in Junior this brindle bitch has a lot to like. She has a strong head that is enhanced by round eyes, strong muzzle and tidy ears and which balances out with her body. Width of chest and depth of brisket are excellent. Stood foursquare on tight feet. Moved well.

2nd Parker’s - Nettleworth Nitty Gritty (See Puppy)

3rd Draper’s - Herodotus Well Lush (See Minor Puppy)

Res Stanway & McCulloch’s - Waystaff Sea The Stars (See Maiden)

Vhc Hyde’s - Sedgbred Beacon Baroness

Graduate 8 (1)

1st Bowdery’s - Zakstaff Miss O’Reilly at Southstar. Bl/br bitch that fits right into the Standard. Her head, which is in proportion to her body, has a good expression, strong muzzle and dark round eyes. She is short in the back and has adequate strength for her size. Tight feet and a good bend of stifle enhance the picture. She also possesses a good coat and correct tailset.

2nd Hopkins’ - Trufflestaff Hasina Bahiti. A bl/br/white bitch of good size with a feminine head of good proportions, which is enhanced by a nice expression, tight lips, dark round eyes and neat ears. Lighter in the body than 1 but still has adequate strength. Tight feet and a smooth short coat are also a plus.

3rd Bond’s - Bourtie Divas Delight

Res Hyde’s - Sedgbred Beacon Baroness

Vhc Yarham’s - Mishdar’s Sheza Sugarbabe at Engladian

Post Graduate 10 (2)

1st Burley’s - Zakstaff Midnight Mystic at Jaxtilbur. A bl/br bitch that has certainly come on since the last time I judged her when she won puppy. She has matured into a nice bitch, who has a good head that consists of correct length of muzzle, dark round eyes and neat ears. Her straight front is complimented by adequate depth of brisket and width of chest. She has a level topline whilst standing or on the move and she also has a good bend of stifle. Still being handled by the same young man as before, who did a very good job to get the best out of her.

2nd Waters’ - Ashstock Constallation. Very feminine red bitch who has typical head that is deep through with dark short foreface, dark round eyes, neat ears and strong underjaw. Deep chest, spring of rib, short neck and strong back compliment the picture. She has plenty of strength at the rear end and a good bend of stifle, which is topped off by an excellent coat. Moved well. Very close between 1 & 2 just preferred the slightly longer muzzle of 1.

3rd Badenhorst’s - Ramblestaff Fanny F’nakapan

Res Hopkins’ - Trufflestaff Toffee Crunch

Vhc Vine’s - Advocates Slayer

Limit 14 (2)

1st Crick’s - Jessie Rose of Crickelstaff. Bl/br with white on chest, bitch of quality who has a really good deep through head and excellent expression. Correct length of muzzle, dark round eyes, tidy ears, pronounced cheek muscles and solid crown all add up. Short strong neck and well muscled back with correct tail set enhance the picture. She has a good depth of chest and brisket, which is topped off with adequate spring of rib. Standing on small tight feet her strength on the rear end helped to drive her up and down the mat.

2nd Parker’s - Rumrourke Rubiwax of Nettleworth. Very much the same attributes as 1 even down to the white on her chest. Again a bitch with a decent head with dark eyes, good lips,

neat ears and decent underjaw. Height to length balance is good with no weaknesses front or rear. Stood foursquare and kept a level topline whilst standing and on the move.

3rd Booth & Grimwood’s - Ramblestaff Jorja On My Mind JW

Res Dallas’ - Rotherstaff Dark And Sharp

Vhc Farkas - Hun Jun Ch Maxsta Madonna

Open 10 (1)

1st Hirst & Bibby’s - Taraiel Trinity ShCM. A bitch I have always liked. The last time I judged her she gained 2nd in Limit losing out to the RCC winner, today she went one step further but was unfortunate to come up against the BIS. She is not one of those bitches that stand out in the crowd, but once you put your hands on her you appreciate how well she is put together. She is bang in the standard and is totally balanced throughout. Her very feminine deep through head with its strong muzzle, short foreface, dark round eyes and neat ears sit perfectly on a strong short neck which goes into well laid back shoulders, strong short back and good tail set. Her chest, brisket and ribs all compliment each other and she has adequate tuck up. She has ample strength on the rear end and a bend of stifle which is ok. Her movement, whilst holding a level topline, was good. A privilege to go over and a pleasure to award her the RCC. Well done!

2nd Ferguson’s - Ch Challimers Molly Malone at Fergustaff JW ShCM. What a cracker this br/white pied is. She has a solid head consisting of strong muzzle, deep stop, dark round eyes, neat rose ears and strong underjaw. Her height to length ratio is spot on, which gives her excellent balance throughout. Her short neck, strong level back and good tail set all enhance the profile. She has a good front that is in keeping with her depth of chest and brisket. Moved very well today on strong backend and tight feet. She was shown in excellent condition and at nearly 7 years old is a credit to her owners and to the breed. A very worthy champion.

3rd Simpson’s - Ch Briganah Black Orchid JW

Res Hopkins’ - Ch Trufflestaff Monifa Kanika JW

Vhc Manito’s - Rotherstaff Indian Ink at Dynastaff