Southern Counties SBT Society

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Southern Counties Champ show 2014

26th October 2014

Judges Dogs - Mr. Joe Samby

Bitches - Mr. Paul Grimwood

Best in Show - Cursus Summer Storm
Res Best in Show - Briganah Black Chieftan
Best Opp Sex In Show - Briganah Limited Edition
Dog CC - Briganah Black Chieftan
DRCC - Jewelstaff Rocker Billy Boy
Bitch CC - Cursus Summer Storm
BRCC - Briganah Limited Edition
Best Puppy in Show - Ruadonis Delilahs Delight
Best puppy Dog -Nettleworth No Way Ho Zay
Best Puppy Bitch - Ruadonis Delila's Delight
Best Veteran - Int Ch. Stormbull Solo
Res best Veteran - Ch Taraiel Trinity Sh.CM


Judge :- Mr. Joe Samby (Gamestaff

I would like to thank the members of SCBTS for selecting me to judge this championship show. I would also like to thank the committee for all of their hard work. 

I know what goes into the preparation of a show and how important team work is on the day in order to make the whole experience enjoyable for all. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my day. 


Class 1 Veteran Dog 

1st  Davies and Mace Ch. & Int. Ch. Stormbull Solo J.W. 

Black brindle. Still in great condition for a 10 year old. He deserves all of the good things that had been said about him over the years. He’s a great ambassador for the breed. B.V.


2nd Robert’s New Holland at Jamorob 

Brindle 9 years old. Moved ok. Nice head, round eye and short coupled. Very well put together. 


Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog 

1st Hirst and Bibby’s Taraiel Busta Rhymes 

Black brindle. A promising youngster. Strong muzzle, round eye and good ears. Moved reasonably well. Will improve with experience.


2nd Coble’s Surestaff Wellington 

Black brindle. Very playful young dog with head of a good proportion. Is still developing and will have enhanced appearance with the loss of a little weight. 

3rd Gold’s Darramlor Double Expresso

Res - McDermott's Macadermus Midnight Caller 


Class 3 Puppy Dog 

1st Hines Nettleworth No Way Ho Zay 

Black brindle presented in great shape. Another good puppy shown well. Good movement, rose ear, round eye and good bend of stifle. Will go far. B.P.D. 

2nd Beaufoy’s Wyrefare Mr Jim 

Black brindle white chest. Reasonable width of chest. Neat ears, correct bite. Moved well. Is developing into something nice!


3rd Wilkinson’s Slatjack Minted Manger 


Class 4 Junior Dog 

1st Karlsson and Beaufoy Jewellstaff Rocker Billy Boy 

Black brindle white chest. Of a good size and undeniable qualities. Well balanced, strong muzzle, well placed ears and short coupled. Moved very well. One to watch very closely. R.D.C.C.


2nd Peter’s Kimstaff Vitani 

Black brindle with many of the same features as the winner of this class. Nice head with muzzle of good length. Good stop and  correct bite. Would expect him to continue to improve. 

3rd Butler’s Ramblestaff Cos I Could

Res - Bergundthal & Rana's Buts Charming Ruffians l Dont Care 


Class 5 Yearling Dog 

1st  Gardner’s Labrastaf Curious George 

Black brindle white markings on chest. Liked the overall balance of this dog. Nice head shape with good ear and eye placement. Strong under jaw, short coupled and level topline on the move maintaining his good attributes.


2nd Thomas Biggleswick Funky Devil 

White dog of strong type with good head, well placed eyes and ears. Laid back shoulders and good dentition. Movement let him down on the day.


3rd Barke’s Rubicanov Wot A Cracker

Res - Membury's Mitzstaff Union Jack 


Class 6 Maiden Dog 

1st Hines Nettleworth No Way Ho Zay 

2nd Cooper’s Tessy Blazing Star 

White with small brindle markings. Good head of decent proportions. Distinct stop. Nice front, short coupled with tight toes. 

Moved well. 

3rd Hawken’s Carfury Bal Dhu

Res - Barke's Rubicanov What A Cracker


Class 7 Novice Dog 

1st Hines Nettleworth No Way Ho Zay 

2nd Hopkins and Cabel Golden Boy Trufflestaff Of Spirit Staff (Imp) 

Black brindle with attractive head of decent size. Fully developed with good stop, dark round eye, neat ears, ample bone and deep brisket. Moved very well. 

3rd Caffary’s Kannechor Reem To Da Extreme 

Res - Cooper's Tessy Blazing Star


Class 8  Graduate Dog 

1st Hopkins and Cabel Golden Boy Trufflestaff of Spirit Staff (Imp) 


Class 9 Post Graduate Dog 

1st Hopgood and Turner’s Mysticbull Storm Trooper of Antroboss J.W. 

Black brindle with white markings. Strong well built dog with nice head, dark round eye and neat ears. Powerful neck to well laid shoulders. Level topline which held on the move. 

2nd Cockings and Lopez Welshstaff Abracadabra 

Black brindle. Soundly constructed with defined head, clean muzzle and correct bite. Dark eye and neat ears. Moved well. 

3rd Cooper’s Tessy Blazing Star 


Class 10 Limit Dog 

1st Clarke and Travers Briganah Black Chieftain 

Black brindle who made my day! Caught my eye when he came into the ring. What a joy to go over him! Fitted the standard all the way, not overdone anywhere. Good proportions, great expression, distinct stop and penetrating eyes with nice ears. Compact body with a topline to die for which held on the move. Well sprung ribs and propelled with drive. DCC RBIS 

2nd Bruton’s Zakstaff Dark Knight 

Black brindle. A powerful dog with strong muzzle and good stop. Nice cheek muscles, dark round eye, neat ears and well ribbed. Level topline which help on the move. 

3rd Barnett’s Dracostaff Baldurs Blade 

Res - Higgin's Acrestaff O'Grady 


Class 11 Open Dog 

1st Plant’s Ch. Kyraloebis Italian Gigalo J.W. Sh.CM 

Black brindle with good expression, nice length of muzzle, dark eye and nice ears. Has compact body, tight padded feet and well sprung ribs. Powerful and level topline. Moved well. 

2nd Blacker’s Bullrichs Bismark At Crossguns 

Red dog.  Powerful head, strong muzzle and good stop. Round dark eye with nice mask. Straight front, good shoulder placement, nice ribs and level topline which held on the move.


3rd Jones Blazinstaff Light My Fire J.W.

Res - Kimber's Kimstaff Harry Potter   



Judge:- Mr. Paul Grimwood (Ramblestaff)

What a privilege it was to judge my first Championship Show at this Society, I would like to thank the membership for this opportunity. Also many thanks to my ring stewards who kept the ring running smoothly I judged to near the standard as possible and most importantly to breed type .

Veteran Bitch 5 (0 Abs)

1st Hirst & Bibby's Ch Tariel Trinity Sh.Cm, 8 and a half years old shows many attributes as to why she reached the top, this black brindle and white girl oozes quality she possesses a lovely feminine head good ears dark eyes and strong under jaw, her front is spot on excellent throughout her body. Moved well holding her top line. Best Opposite Sex Veteran in Show.

2nd Hopkins Toffee Truffle, Br/w very striking looked good nice head shape uses ears well which creates a lovely expression, clean lips correct dentition scores very well in her front, good rear angulation stood for square with level top line moved well.

3rd Thomas's Sunny Stone Steel Magnolia, B/br broader than one and two strong headed girl. Good width in muzzle, good dentition and under jaw, wide front, feet good, holds top line both standing and on the move. Moved well.

Res. Dewar’s Euphemia Black Cherry

VHC Robert’s Denbright My Precious at Jamborob

Minor Puppy Bitch 12 (1 Abs)

1st Plant's Kyraloebis Kat Von Dee. Bl/br, nice girl this one looked great in profile. She has a good head shape well placed eyes correct bite, lovely shoulder placement, neat feet with good pads. What impressed me was her topline and her excellent back end with good stifles. Moved and handled well.

2nd Hirst & Bibby's Tariel Lorde Bl/br/wh beautiful looking girl of nice type, she has a

good stop correct bite nice skull to muzzle ratio, uses ears to advantage slightly narrower in front than winner good turn of pasterns, feet well padded, another with level top line and well angulated rear end. Moves well.

3rd Manito's Dynastaff Pure Science. Black, very much a baby here but shows promise, good head looks interested extremely alert, dark eye correct mouth straight front topline good. Moved ok

Res. Lewis’ Macadermus Myrna Queen at Inkastaff

VHC Hopkin’s Izanstaff Is Me at Trufflestaff

Puppy Bitch 10 (1 Abs)

1st Elricks Ruadonis Delilah's Delight. Red and white, stunning lovely ears enhance her expression, excellent head shape with coal black eyes completing the picture, correct bite, this girl looked good from all angles and should have a promising future possibly a star in the making. She has short neck going into well placed shoulders, wide front showing good depth of brisket which comes down to her elbows, very good for bone good top line when moving, nice short body showing good rib, stifles well bent moved with drive thank you for bringing her today and with co judge she went BPIS.

2nd Woollett's Assilio Red Contessa. Red with dark mask strong in head, good skull to head and muzzle ratio she possesses a dark round eye, excels in pigment with jet black lips correct bite good front with tidy feet nails dark and short, good in body definitions nice bend of stifle. Moved well.

3rd Duncan's Nettleworth No Nonsense. Another good puppy here slightly longer in back than one and two, she has a lovely ears, and eye placement, good bite, correct in front.

Stands on good feet, showing nice neck lines that flow into the withers, she has good topline and looks good in shape and profile. Moved well . Three nice puppies that can go on to better things.

Res Stanway’s Waystaff Double Impact

VHC Bethaleese’s Black Bettina for Kyraloebis

Junior Bitch 9(1 Abs)

1st Roger’s Berry Stock Charlie's Angel. This Bl/br/wh was head and shoulders above the rest in this class winning it by a mile. Beautiful placed eyes that pierce through you good feminine expression excellent pigment pronounced stop, lovely rose ears, correct bite and under jaw nice front with width to fore chest well up her pasterns ,showing no weakness good padded feet level top line looked a picture when stacked hocks well let down shown in first class condition credit to her owners good future ahead moved with purpose .

2nd Burgundthal's But's Charming Ruffiaans Idony. Black, nice head shape to her, good ear carriage eyes that followed me around the ring wicked expression plenty of under jaw big white teeth scores well in her front, gleaming coat in excellent condition good back end. Moves well front and rear

3rd Yarham's Engladian's Sheza Teez. Good head shape enhanced by tidy ears, correct bite, good front, level topline moved well, strength to backend, shown in good condition handled well. Preffered movement of one and two .

Res Canavan’s Am I Bovered

VHC Kimber’s Kimstaff Kiara

Yearling Bitch 4 (0Abs)

1st Wilk’s Mishdars Special Order For Jevaces. Black bitch shown in great condition beautiful head well placed eyes, correct bite small thin ears creating an alert expression pronounced cheek muscles, tidy in front short in back strong back end she had well sprung ribs when viewed from above moved well holding top line .

2nd Raynsford and Steven’s Raynestaff Didya Bl/br/wh, really nice look to this girl, very striking good head proportions, lovely bite clean in lips, strength in under jaw, showing good depth wide in front with good lay of shoulder nice turn of pasterns holds topline well when moving, on the day just preferred the compactness and rib of winner nevertheless a nice girl .

3rd Norton’s Eclypstaff C’est La Vie Avec Tikkurilan. Bl/br, good head, neat ears, correct dentition. Slightly narrower in front than first and second, shoulders good, nice feet that turn out at pasterns,level topline, good stifles, fit condition. Moved ok.

RES Papworth’s Tiezelstaffs Moonshine Red

Maiden 5 (1 Abs)

1st Hirst and Bibby's Tariel Lorde as 2nd in Minor Puppy .

2nd Dyers Cadarnbull Sixth Sense. Bl/br/w, keen expression on this girl looks interested uses ears well nice round eye excellent bite good front assembly showing no weakness in shoulders good rear end, level top line moved well but preferred the type of the winner .

3 Hopkin’s Izanstaff Is Me of Trufflestaff. Black, nice bitch just needs time, weaker in the head than and muzzle at this time, ears are good correct bite, longer in body than first two but showing good depth, topline good. Moved well.

RES Papworth’s Tiezelstaffs Moonshine Red

Novice Bitch 3 (0 Abs)

1st Woollett's Assilio Red Contessa as 2nd in Puppy .

2nd Hopkin’s Izanstaff Is Me At Trufflestaff as 3rd in Maiden

3rd Ashburner’s Jordanzac Joyful Event. Tiger brindle and flashy with her white markings to brisket, big boned girl this one strong powerful head, round eye good bite strength to under jaw, wide in her front, feet good, level topline, strength to hams. Moved and handled well.

Graduate Bitch 2 (0 Abs)

1st Buchan’s Araidh Cherish The Day. In good condition this black, perfect eye placement lovely ears, up on her toes and very alert, she has correct mouth with nice cheek muscles clean lipped, stands four square, good depth to front, moved really well.

2nd Joyce's Dynastaff She’s A Devil. Black, smaller all round but has a very exuberant mischief about her a good blend of bull and terrier with good bite longer in muzzle than one and much finer in body, excellent pigmentation in this solid black girl level top line and good bend of stifle. Moved well when settled.

Post Graduate 12(3 Abs)

1st Hopgood and Kerry’s Starolestaff Mystic Mini of Antroboss. Black bitch of 19 months and lots to like about her, lovely feminine expression nice head ears small and thin darkest of eyes correct scissor bite good in front short in neck, stands on tidy feet with black solid nails. Good rear angulation showing good spring of rib. Moved well with drive 


2nd Yarham's Engladian Simply Sinfull. Bl/br, holds her ears well good skull to muzzle ratio that enhances the qualities of this girl. She has a correct bite, with neck that flows into well placed shoulders good feet level topline looks good when viewed from side moved with purpose handled well in lovely condition preferred expression on first place .

3rd Jones’ Rougestaff Flaming Ice. R/w 2 years old beautifully marked with dark eyes, nice head shape with lovely feminine expression, ears are good and mouth, short neck, front is good but preferred the cleaness of 1&2. Wide brisket , tidy feet, holds topline well, excellent mover.

RES Crick’s Ashtock Spice Of Life at Crickelstaff

VHC Thomas’ Sunntstone Olympic Dream

Limit Bitch 16 (3 Abs)

1st Ryan’s Rubericla Little Bumblbee. Black, lovely head on this girl just over 2years, looked good in profile good ear carriage darkest of eyes, correct bite, depth to under jaw, muscled neck showing strength, excellent front with deep brisket, feet well padded good through body ribs well sprung, good backend convinced she can make it to the top. Moved well.

2nd Yarham's Engladian My Obsession. Black, a standard bitch who has plenty of under jaw, feminine expression, nice thin ears, well placed dark eyes, correct bite, good in front with brisket to elbows, stood four square with good rear angulation, stifles well bent, moved really well. This breeder has some nice stock thank you for bringing them. Just preferred the balance and quality of first.

3rd Bruton’s Zackstaff Black Duchess. Bl/br, lovely expression on this girl, who was very alert and up on her toes, she has a correct bite with big teeth, not strength in muzzle as 1 & 2, she has well placed shoulders and stands on good feet, level top line, with good hocks moved well covering ground with ease, shown in excellent condition. Liked balance of 1 & 2 a trio of nice bitches.

RES Stanway’s Mosstrooper Making Mischief at Waystaff JW Imp

VHC Moorcroft’s Ashbull O’Mee

Open bitch 11 11 (0 Abs)

1st Winwood and Tunnah's Cursers Summer Storm. what a star beautiful head of excellent quality, lovely rose ears thin in make up, very keen expression. I have seen this girl from many a ringside and pleased I finally got my hands on her and have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Correct dentition, good under jaw, short neck, excellent shoulders, good drop of brisket. Short in back, body showing well sprung ribs, well muscled hams hard to the touch couldn't pinch an inch on her. Moved with good drive a lot of work has gone into her and today it payed dividends I was pleased to award her the CC and later on with the referee's decision B.I.S.

2nd Bowin’s Briganah Limited Edition. Bl/br of three and a half years, she has piercing dark eyes that demand attention, strong in head but remains feminine, her expression just wicked she definitely has sharpness about her, excellent mouth, good pigmentation, width to chest, shoulders well placed, level topline, longer in back then first well bent stifles and another who moved well showing power on front and rear, no hesitation in awarding her the RCC Convinced she will take her tittle well done .

3rd Hirst and Bibby's Ch. Tariel Ciara JW. B/br, punishing head on this four and a half year old, holds her ears very well, coal black eyes, strength in muzzle, correct bite, well developed front, good padded feet, held topline when standing and on move, good in body, well angulated rear, moved well just preferred compactness, muscle tone and front movement of one, expression and front on two.

RES Wilson’s Eclystaff There You Go at Kalverin.

VHC Hopkin’s Int Ch Trufflestaff Monifa Kanika