Southern Counties SBT Society

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CHAMP SHOW 27th OCT 2013

The Southern Counties committee would like to say 'Thank You' to all those who kindly sponsored classes/rosettes at the show.

Judges - Dogs: Mary Coble, Bitches: Steve Dickenson

Satip Sorboss at Vrabarbull
Rubericla Black Starscream
Bellarouge Blythe Spirit
Trufflestaff Masud Tumaini
Jonajane Sussudio
Multi Ch Stormbull Solo
Ch Valglo Anastasia

Satip Sorboss at Vrabarbull
Rubericla Black Starscream
Jonajane Sussudio
Bellarouge Blythe Spirit
Cursus Summer Storm
Trufflestaff Masud Tumaini


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Committee for their hospitality and hard work in putting on this show and making my day a very enjoyable one.  It is no secret the Club has not been without its problems this past year and has not been running at full strength, however, I would like to say that in my opinion the show was well organised and there seemed to be a good atmosphere among exhibitors and attendees.  Albeit the entry was not the greatest numerically I certainly had no difficulty in finding my class winners and was more than happy with my final line-up.    My two very efficient ring stewards were much appreciated and helped  make my job a very pleasant one. Quality of dogs was better than I had anticipated but, in some cases, presentation could have been improved – a good rub down with a clean chamois leather does wonders for cleaning coats – no dirty hands for the judge then! 

Veteran 6(2) 

1.Davies & Mace’s MULTI CH STORMBULL SOLO, JW, bl/br of definite quality, 9 years old and still looking in such great condition, not noticeably carrying any excess weight anywhere,  a worthy champion indeed.  He has retained his excellent head, broad skull, dark round eye, neat ears.  True in front, well ribbed with a short back and good hindquarters.Sound mover. Delighted to have had the opportunity to go over him at last and thank you for allowing me that priviledge. BVIS. 

2.McFadyen’s ARAIDH JACQUES AU BOITE, bl/br, 7 years old and not the build or style of 1, nevertheless very well put together and in fine condition.  Pleasing head shape, good front, short enough in back with  decent rear end and well bent stifles.  A good mover who worked well with his handler.  


Minor Puppy 2 

1.Johnson’s JONAJANE SUSSUDIO, bl/br with white blaze on chest.  A very promising youngster of 8 months with a most attractive head, good stop, strong muzzle, correct mouth, dark round eye, finished off by neat well placed ears. Body development is about right for age, he has well boned front legs, nice feet and excellent pigmentation.  Pleased to see he possesses a neat pump handle tail.  Moved reasonably, still a bit on the loose side but I would hope this will improve with maturity. BPD. 

2.Simonek’s DUMPLING TOP BANANA, nicely marked white & bl puppy of just 6 months but still an absolute baby and, as such, has a long way to go.  Head of decent proportions but needs to develop, however, he has a good mouth (when I finally managed to get to see in it), a round dark eye and a cheeky expression.  A happy little fella, he just needs more time to grow on a bit. 



1.Fitzharris’s DIAMONDS OF BLANCH DAYS OF GLORY, neat bl/br who appears to be coming along nicely for age, he has a good head with a lovely dark eye, thin rose ears which enhanced his expression, correct bite and tight lips.  Reasonable width of chest, well off for rib and possessing strong hindquarters with obvious bend of stifle.  Kept a level topline  when moving.  Would have liked a bit finer coat but feel this could improve with age. 

2.Membury’s MITZSTAFF UNION JACK, bl/br with tiny white tips on feet which rather detract the eye when he is moving.  Another puppy showing potential, possessing a head of good proportions, with scissor bite, correct ear placement and dark eye. Body developing nicely, on this occasion just preferred the leg length of winner. 



Junior 9(1) 

1.Ryan’s RUBERICIA BLACK STARSCREAM, bl/br that defied you to look away and I found myself continually being drawn to his undeniable qualities.  For sure he is of good size, well balanced and has an excellent deep through head with a strong muzzle, those penetrating dark eyes and well placed ears giving such an alert expression.  His front is first class, has a decent width of chest, nicely boned legs and is well up on his pasterns with feet turning out just a tad, as they should.  His body complements the rest of the package, short back and strong hindquarters which he used to move very positively. Gave it his all and stood out in the challenge, just needs to mature a little more to attain the higher award.  RCC and, in complete agreement with my co-judge, RBIS. 


2.Stone & Bruton’s ZAKSTAFF RUMOUR HAS IT, bl/br with many of the same desirable features as winner.  Lovely head with muzzle of good length, short but not overdone, distinct stop, correct bite and large white teeth, dark eyes & rose ears enhance his lively expression.  Not long out of puppy he is developing nicely bodily and would only expect him to get better.  Handler has his work cut out keeping him under control as he is quite highspirited but hopefully he will settle down on the move as he matures. Unlucky to meet 1 in such sparkling form. 




Yearling 3 

1.Beeby & Watson’s GEORDIESTAFF DYNAMO DEXTER, JW, bl/br with long white stripe down chest.  Liked the overall balance of this young dog, standard size, pleasing head shape, ear & eye placement good, strong underjaw and correct mouth. True front, enough brisket, short back and ample tuck up, hindquarters reasonably muscled, has a level topline standing and maintained when moving. At times, tends to carry tail a bit high but not enough to spoil the whole outline. 

2.Payton’s TONPAY BARMY ARMY JW, bl/br of stronger type and build than above, good headed dog with strong blunt muzzle, dark well placed eyes and neat ears, good dentition, lovely large teeth.  Well laid back shoulders, good spring of rib and tuck up. Although he moved OK when he finally settled down, made handler work very hard to try and get the best out of him, shame he simply wasn’t interested.   

3.Plummer’s SATIP PLUMM BOY. 

Maiden 1 

1.MITZSTAFF UNION JACK (2nd in Puppy) 

Novice 1 

1.Plummer’s SATIP PLUMM BOY, top size bl/br, attractive head of decent proportions not yet fully developed, distinct stop, dark round eye and neat well placed ears.  Front a little tight but ample boned and deep brisket.  Would have preferred a better topline and pigmentation.   


Graduate 5 

1.Hall’s GEORDIESTAFF CANNY LADDIE, JW, bl/br, litter brother to the winner of Yearling and carries many of the same characteristics.  Standard size with a good front, nicely off for bone, well ribbed andalthough I would have preferred him to be a little shorter in back, his  quarters are well developed and he has a good bend of stifle.  He has a strong head, pronounced cheek muscles and correct bite.  Front movement was superior to the rear.  Handled well. 

2.Morris’s RAMBLESTAFF DON’T STOP ME NOW, bl/br, head of good shape, distinct stop, neat ears and lovely dark eyes, clean lip with correct mouth displaying very large teeth.  Nicely bodied up with good rib development, but slightly soft to the touch, needs to harden up a little. 



Post Graduate 10(2) 

1.Booth & Grimwood’s RAMBLESTAFF DIRTY CASH, bl/br, strongly built dog with a head to match, pronounced cheek muscle, nice ratio of foreface to skull, neat ear carriage and dark eyes, keen expression & powerful neck leading to well laid shoulders and level topline.  Carries his tail low and moved purposefully, hind action not quite as good as front. 

2.Muir & Quinn’s DIAMONDS OF BLANCH RIUM BLACK STEEL, bl/br, more leg length than winner but soundly constructed, with a well defined head, strong clean muzzle, good mouth, dark round eyes and pleasing ear carriage.  A trifle longer in back than winner and not shown in as fit condition but nevertheless, a lot to like about him. 




Limit 13(2) 

1.Matviakova & Choma’s SATIP SORBOSS AT VRABARBULL, bl/br, who really made my day.  He caught my eye when taking a look around the ring and certainly ticked all the boxes for me when I went over him.  A dog that totally fits the standard for me, strongly built but not overdone or exaggerated in any way, presenting such a clean outline.  His head is of good proportions, deep through with a distinct stop, muzzle is without wrinkle & his dark round penetrating eyes, together with his small neat ears when he chooses to use them, really give a super expression.  He has a compact body, tight padded feet and excellent pigmentation, well sprung ribs, short back, level topline and powerful rear quarters with well bent stifles, although he doesn’t altogether use them to propel himself as he could, preferring to move adequately at a more leisurely pace.  

He is totally responsive to his handler and this is definitely an advantage. 

However, I do have one real criticism – he doesn’t belong to me! Pleased to award him CC, and on Referee’s decision, BIS. 

2.Brooksby & Pycroft’s VALGLO NOTORIOUS AT SARIANTERRA, another quality bl/br who was shown in great condition, has a good head, full of expression, but not as clean or refined as winner, however, he has a lot to offer, is of good balance, nicely put together and will, I’m sure, do well in the future. 

3.Winwood & Tunnah’s ANTROBOSS TEMPESTA NERA. 



Open 17(1) 

1.Cartwright’s CH ZAKSTAFF GAME ON, powerful,standard bl/br, with immense appeal.  Classy head, strong muzzle, good stop and well developed cheek muscle, round dark eyes of decent size, beautiful rose ears and a wicked expression.  Straight front, good shoulder placement, well ribbed, powerful hindquarters and good bend of stifle, also has a level topline which he held on the move.  One of the better movers. 

Pushed hard for RCC. 

2.Hedges & Bogovcic’s CH SUURISUUN BOPPINGHAMS BIRULAI, very smart red & white pied who I have admired from ringside.  Not a big dog by any means but well within standard, very neat and balanced when viewed from all angles.  Great head shape, no exaggeration, good expression created by a dark round eye and well placed ears.  Stands foursquare, displaying ample rib and well developed rear quarters.  Moved OK but didn’t show himself off to advantage today and handler had a hard time in getting him to respond.  A very close call. 





I would like to thank the committee of The Southern Counties SBT Society for inviting me to judge the show, and to all the members for putting on a memorable day.

I would also like to thank my stewards for keeping a tight reign on proceedings. As far as the entry went, I think the bitches are generally in pretty good nick, one or two could do with more miles and less biscuits, but it was always like that! I think we are perhaps losing a bit of fill under the eyes, and the eyes do not always seem to be set to look straight ahead which is how I think the standard asks for it to be. Although I am no ace handler, the top of the muzzle should be parralel with the ground as when looking over the top of them, I can see all of their face. Not a big deal, but every little helps.


VB (5)

1 .  Williams’ CH Valglo Annastasia. Black brindle.  Good headshape with typical expression, correct eye placement, good bite, good front, short coupled still with a good backend, moved well, still looking good.

2. Smart’s CH Arnhem Nice N Feisty, red and white.  Another good quality bitch, with all the attributes of 1, although not in quite as good shape.

3. Hirst & Bibbys, Ch Taraiel Trinity.

R. Hopkins’ Trufflestaff Toffee Truffle.


MPB (14,1)

1. Hopkins’ TRufflestaff Masud Tumaini, black/brindle and white.  Super young bitch, fitting the standard nicely, promising head development, with good bite, neatly set ears giving a lovely expression. Good, straight front with correct turn at pastern, short coupled, good backend with  good bend of stifle. This young bitch should have a bright future.

2. Partlett’s Starolestaff Mystic Mimi, black/brindle.  Again, very similar to 1, just lacking in head slightly for me, nevertheless, a nice young bitch,, put down in good order, keep up the good work.

3. Tibby’s Eclypstaff Lady Amoureuse of Nofeargear.

R. Partlett’s Starolestaff Fiftee Shades.


PB (5)

1. Stanways, Mosstrooper Making Mischief At Waystaff, red and white pied. Tidy all round bitch, good head style, straight front,  ample rib, good tuck up, with strong hind quarters. Another nicely balanced bitch that went well.

2. Tibby’s Smokemonts High Profile of Nofeargear, black/brindle and white.  Top size bitch with powerful head, correct bite, good front with plenty of width, good spring of rib, strong backend, a good stood, thickset bitch.

3. Williams’ Diamonds of Blanch Esme at BellAjazz.

R. Raynsford’s  Raynstaff Didja Ever.


JB (12,1)

1. Ryan’s Rubercia Little Bumblebee, black/brindle.  Beautiful head and expression, correct eye placement, very neat ears, distinct stop, good bite. Strong neck and shoulders, leading onto straight front, turning nicely at pastern. Good width of rib and depth of brisket, short coupled, good backend and held her topline on the move.

2. Asker’s Dazmarnic Kiss ‘n’ Tell, red and white.  Yet again another smart balanced bitch. Good head and expression, correct bite, beautiful body properties, just lacked slightly in personality.

3. Botts’ Jajca’s Secret Obsession.

4. Thomson’s Crosswords Once Upon A Time.


YB (8)

1. Birbeck’s Bellarouge Blithe Spirit JW, red and white.  What a cracker!! This is the best headed bitch I have seen for many a year, in my opinion.  This bitch epitimises our breed standard! Classic head piece with correct muzzle to skull ratio, nice dark colour really sets it off,  correct bite, distinct stop, pronounced cheek muscles,  beautiful round, dark eye looking straight ahead,  neatest of ears, finishing the perfect picture.  Strong neck, leading to well laid shoulders, good straight front with slight  turnout at pastern, good spring of rib, short coupled with strong backend. Level topline which held on the move. Alert at all times and connected to her handler. My only slight criticism is that she was just a fraction overweight but this could never detract from all her virtues. An absolute pleasure to award her her first CC, I know there will be more to follow, (my offer to buy her for £50 still stands!!)

2. Brigden’s Hammystaff Heaven Knows, red and white pied.  What a striking bitch, although not quite possessing the head qualities of 1. This animal was put down in beautiful condition, again possessing many virtues just unlucky to meet my winner.

3. Mignano-Fricker’s  Pantycelyn Just A Dream of Calavey.

4. Thomas’ Sunnystone Olympic Dream.


MB (4,2)

1. Wilks’ Mishdars Special Order For Jevaces, black/brindle. Actually a minor puppy with still a lot of  developing to do. In good nick with time on her side.

2 . Parfoot’s Trufflestaff Cher Bear, black/brindle and white, good head and body properties just a little out of condition.


NB (6,3)

1. Hopkins’ Trufflestaff Masud Tumaini.

2. Roberts’ Raynstaff Didja Ever, black/brindle and white.  Head of adequate proportions, good front, strong hind moved well.

3. Thomson’s Crosswords Once Upon A Time.



GB (2)

1. Thomas’ Sunnystone Olympic Dream, black/brindle.  Tidy bitch, with ample virtues, moved and handled well.

2. Rowe’s Oscellsies Tiger Lilly At Simazyanya, black/brindle, head of adequate proportions, this topsize bitch was put down in good condition.


PGB (13)

1. Bruton’s Zakstaff Black Duchess, black/brindle and white.  Another quality bitch from this stable, strong head and muzzle with balance, good bite, distinct stop, giving a pleasing expression. Good front, well boned, good spring of rib, level topline and strong hind quarters, moved well with handler.

2. John’s Welshstaff Princess Ruby, black/brindle and white. This bitch has all the qualities of 1 just slightly less of her, glad to have had the opportunity to go over her.

3. Membury’s Mitzstaff Scrummalicious.

R. Ryan’s Lovely Lady Ivy at Rubericla.


LB (17

1. Hawken’s Carfury Bal Maiden JW ShCM, black/brindle and white.  Another quality bitch, with good head, strong foreface, good bite, canines are worn but you can see they are at the correct angle. Distinct stop, nice dark eye, looking straight ahead.  A standard size with good front, short backed, powerful backend, and as hard as rock! Moved well and showed true Stafford spirit.

2. Gold’s Ashbul Ofee, black/brindle and white. Again, a lovely bitch, with all the virtues of 1, just down to me preferring the expression  and personality of 1.

3. Byrne, Gartland, Wall & Webb’s Manark Maggie May.

R. Page’s Karwillage The Face.


OB (13)

1. Winwood’s  Cursus Summer Storm JW, black/brindle. Balanced bitch out of the top drawer, beating all the Champions today, this bitch was on her toes at all times, fit as a butchers dog!! Smart headpiece, dark eye, good bite, lovely front, good width and depth of brisket, ample rib, short bodied with powerful backend. A credit to her owner. She pushed hard for CC but just pipped to the post, pleasure to award her RCC.

2. Hopkins’ Ch Trufflestaff Monifa Kanika JW, black/brindle,  a pleasure to go over this bitch again, one I have always enjoyed from the ringside. A true ‘blueprint’ bitch. Possessing an abundance of virtues, just lost out due to top condition of my winner.

3. Davis’ Ch Sebsonic Shinealight at Stormbull JW.

R. Mason’s Ch Dare To Dream.