Southern Counties SBT Society

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Southern Counties Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society 

Championship Show Sunday 21st October 2018

The Fred Clark Memorial Special Awards Classes

Dog Judge: Mrs Maria Asker - Dazmarnic

Special Award Puppy Dog: (4 Ent)

1st Miss Smart’s “Tnt Edition Renegade of Arnhem”. White and red dog, correct standard size for his age, defined colours which enhance his overall look. Lovely head deep pool eyes, into a lovely length of neck into well laid shoulders and nice neat feet. He has a good rib cage and lovely bend of stifle, his movement is very good. He has a nice length of time to develop into a strong well-constructed dog.

2nd Mrs Johnson’s “Ellchansha Hotshot”. A black dog very young what a handsome lad he is, needs more time to develop a complete baby. Looking through that, he has the loveliest straight forward looking eyes, neat ears and correct bite. A nice length off leg, through to a good chest area and loin. He has hindquarters that match his age, his overall appearance his one for the future. His walk up and down was very good, he marched well and loved his job. Well handled.

3rd Mr Gough’s “Manark Made To Measure”.

Res Miss Funnell’s & Ms Wiggins “Powerpack Kilgobnet”.

Special Award Graduate Dog: (10 Ent,1Abs)

1st Dr Hemstock, Mr Sanjesh & Miss Hemstock’s “Blazen Staff’s Over The Top Jolihem ( imp Deu)” Red and white dog, standard size. My first impression a dog that enjoyed and knew his job. He was a complete package for me, everything not overdone. Lovely head and expression with good markings. His neck lent into a good chest and a good spring of rib. Through into a nice width of lion into a well-muscled hind quarters. He moved very well up the mat with cadence and drive.

2nd Mr & Mrs Fairhurst’s “Fairlenium Iron Man”. White with a red eye patch enjoyed himself. A stunning head, stop with correct eye and teeth placement. Through to a powerful neck and shoulders. Lovely shoulders and level top line. Ample rib and very powerful hindquarters. A little immature than my first and I am sure he will develop into a stunning dog with a great future.

3rd Mrs Lahodova’s “Joy Mab Cyntaf Fransimo Bohemia”.

Res Miss Fox’s “Jolihem Stand By Me”.

VHC Miss Corti’s “Biggleswick Billy No mates”.

Special Award Open Dog: (8 Ent,1Abs)

1ST Mrs Marshallsay’s “Fergustaff Jack Frost ShCM”. Red and white. Lovely head and kind eyes, neat ears, clean lips and a correct bite. Well laid shoulders through to a lovely spring of rib. Nice neat feet and a good amount of bone which matched his stature. Level top line to a well-muscled hind quarters. A very balanced dog and moved with drive and stood very well. Well handled.

2nd Mrs VD Meer Metzlar’s “Jacobeaus Viva La Vida Dut Yth Ch”. A black dog, standard size with a lovely head, eye and a keen expression. A nice length of neck into a correct shoulder and legs, with nice feet. A level top line and good rib. Well muscled hind quarters. I just preferred the substance of my first place.

3rd Mr Axe’s “Harleys Choice JW”.

Res Mrs Lahodova’s “Danny G Fransimo Bohemia JW”.

VHC Miss Gardner’s “Labrastaf Curious George”.

Bitch Judge: Natalie Moorcroft – Moorstar

I would like to thank Southern Counties SBT Society for giving me the great opportunity of judging the Bitch Special Awards Classes in honour of the late Fred Clark. I had a warm welcome great hospitality topped off by having a fantastic day. Thank you to my ring steward and a big thank you to all that entered, much appreciated, was a pleasure to go over your dogs.

Special Award Puppy Bitch (5,1abs)

1st Mrs Johnson’s “Ellchansha Once Upon A Time”. Blk & White. A pretty feminine bitch full of expression, neat rose ears, dark eye, correct bite, neat feet, and level top line stood and held on the move. Liked what I saw from all angles, once settled she moved well.

2nd Miss Funnell’s “Powerpack Alura Finvarra”. Blk brindle, lovely head shape, dark eyes, neat ears, good bite, stood fore square with neat feet. Level topline stood and held on the move. Handled well.

3rd Mrs Emery’s “Eclypstaff Strange Magic”.

Res Miss Sullivan & Mrs Jones “Rougestaff My Fair Lady”.

Special Award Graduate Bitch (8)

1st Miss Gardner’s “Ballindona Fab’U’Luss for Labrastaf”. Blk brindle. Stood four square, dark eyes, correct bite. Strong shoulders, ample rib, put down in lovely condition. Level top line. Moved and handled very well.

2nd Mrs Lahodova’s “Ola Mordyne Fransimo Bohemia”. Blk & white. Strong feminine bitch slightly taller than first. Straight front, dark eyes, good bite, level top line, moved with drive handled well.

3rd Mr Meara & Miss Millgates (Handled by Mrs Efreme) “Millamear Out Out”.

Res Mr O’Sullivan’s Hammystaff Lucky Lottie”.

VHC Mrs Buchan’s “Happystaff Could it be Magic”.

Open Bitch (7)

1st Mr & Mrs Butler’s “Joemikeste Play the Game”. Blk & White. Amazing ring presence not sure what she had seen but she made sure I saw her. Lovely straight front with neatest of feet. Neat ears, dark round look at me eyes, correct bite. Looked good from all angles, level top line stood and on the move. Put down in beautiful fit condition, coat was gleaming, moved and handled very well.

2nd Miss Rowe & Mr South’s “Illori Bootie Luv”. Blk Brindle Another striking bitch with a lovely head, dark eyes that I felt following my every move. Neat rose ears, correct bite, straight neat front, strong shoulders, I liked what I saw from all angles. Topline held stacked and on the move. Shown in good condition. Moved and handled very well

Decision was very close between these two and could be different on another day both beautiful bitches.

3rd Mrs Yarham’s “Engladian Can’t Buy Me Love”.

Res Mr & Mrs Mann’s “Nerotoro Cosmic Girl”JW.

VHC Miss Funnell’s “Powerpack Cherokee”JW.