Southern Counties SBT Society

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The Society wish to thank 

Royal Canin 

for their continued support of the 

                                              Society's Championship 


Championship Show

Held at

Watford Woodside Leisure Centre

Horseshoe Lane

Watford, Herts WD25 7HH


Sunday 21st October 2018

Picture of the Day

A young Miss Hemstock

Following in her mothers footsteps

by competing in the SAC Classes

Another excellent show especially as it was in memory of the late Fred Clark and we were fortunate enough to have Fred's son Alan and granddaughter Tanya there to open the show. Our thanks go to all those that attended the show either as an exhibitor, spectator or trade stand holder because without you there is no show. We must also thank all those friends of the Southern Counties Society for all their help on the day, what would we do without you. Our grateful thanks also go to all the sponsors for their donations. Lastly, a big thank you to our 4 judges on the day, Carol, Kevin, Maria and Natalie for your sterling efforts. We hope you all enjoyed your day!


Best Dog


Best in Show


Owner: Mrs R Jordan

Congratulations 1st CC today !

Reserve Best Dog


Reserve Best in Show


Owners Mrs H Zibolka & Dr A Rodenbeck

Best Bitch


Best Opposite Sex in Show


Owners Mr D & Mrs J McKimm

"Congratulations 3rd CC Today"

Reserve Best Bitch


Owners Mr M & Mrs M Murphy 

Best Puppy Bitch


Best Puppy in Show


Owner Mrs A Johnson

Best Puppy Dog


Best Oppposite Sex Puppy in Show


Owner Mr P Murray

Best Veteran Bitch 


Best Veteran in Show


Owners Miss S Hirst & Miss J Bibby

Best Veteran Dog


Best Opposite Sex Veteran in Show




Owners Mr S & Mrs M Fairhurst


Judge Carol Ridley

I thank the SCSBTC for the opportunity to judge their Ch Show for the second time especially as it was to honour the memory of the late MrFred Clark.The first time I judged this show there was a raft of good dogs, and although the entry wasn’t as large the quality was there in spades .Thank you all for the opportunity to judge your super dogs, I hope Fred would be proud of the quality of dogs I’ve put up today.

VD 8(4)

1st Fairhurst’s - CH/BEL/LUX/INT Fairleniums Snow Patrol, Powerful black/white pied, of great strength and bone, well-shaped head, with good stop, round dark eye. Correct ear set and bite, with strong under jaw, straight front, tight well-padded feet, good depth of brisket, and spring of rib, powerful hind quarters, correct tail set, moved with power and drive always a pleasure to watch this dog move. Great advocate for the breed.

2nd Fowell & Morris’s - Rowellstaff Mr Ferguson. Top size red, with well-structured head. Dark pigmentation, correct bit and ear carriage, dark eye with keen expression good spring of rib, top line just tends to slope way, well-muscled hind quarters, moved and handled well. Credit to his owners.

3rd Cartwright’s - CH Zakstaff Game On. Black/Brindle another one with plenty of bone, with a super head, deep stop, clean lipped, neat ears, dark eyes with alert expression, a little narrower in the front than 1,2. Short coupled body with well-defined hindquarters, in super condition moved true both ways.

Res Hemstock, Sanjesh & Hemstock - Aus Ch Budstaff Boagy Of Jolihem.

MPD 7 (1)

1st Reid’s - Paddy O’Shea black/brindle lovely youngster, of correct size and proportions for his age ,super head shape clean lipped correct bite ,good underjaw, neat ears, good front ,well laid back shoulders, short coupled body level top line and correct angulation ,moved with confidence and style, credit to his handler .

2nd Laup’s - Waywardstaff Obsession Dark Thought .Another black/brindle of good quality .a little longer in the foreface than 1.but still a well-balanced head for a youngster ,correct bite, and ear placement ,dark eye, with keen expression ,super front with no tightness, good tight feet , correct rear angulations ,moved and handled well, in gleaming condition.

3rd Smart’s - Tnt Edition Renegade of Arnhem ,red/white with plenty of bone and substance ,deep broad scull ,great expression ,correct bite .strong underjaw ,ears a little heavy for me ,straight front, short powerful neck. Leading onto well laid back shoulders. compact body. Level top line, good bend of stifle, (which is great to see these days) very clean out line, moved with drive and confidence,

Res Paronneau - Waywardstaff Original Dark Spell.

VHC Prioville - Diamond Chase Jet Set.

PD 9 +1

1st Murray’s - Cinfel Melodies’ Tailor, Strong red/white chest, just up my street. Well defined head, with plenty more to come. Correct bite, clean lipped good under jaw, black mask, and dark eye. Great expression, stood fore square, straight front, correct shoulder angulations good depth of brisket, well sprung ribs for a young dog, good bend of stifle, level top line, correct tail carriage, moved with power and drive, dog and handler turned out to perfection BPD

2nd Bassford~Lane’s - Skyland Black Shadow at Jojalane. Black/Brindle another with plenty of substance ,little longer in the fore face than 1 which is not a bad thing ,correct bite , clean lipped, broad scull ,correct ear set ,dark eye, good front ,neat well-padded feet, correct angulation both front and rear ,when stacked top line inclined to fall away but was level on the move ,in good condition ,very laid back pup handled well .

3rd Blanch –Calonge Stormfire Sex Symbol Black/white pied ,super headed pup lovely broad scull ,deep stop, correct bite and pigmentation ,correct ear carriage ,dark eye with alert expression ,stood fore square, super out line ,well angulated stifle moved with drive extremely well turned out credit to his owner

4th and it’s just a quickie as 4th doesn’t normally get a mention but I have to say little about him Broberg’s Biggleswick Repton Boy. Mahogany /brindle white chest. What a cracking pup ,so well put together , strong head ,great front with lovely clean out line ,although he wasn’t in the mood the little I did asses of him was enough to award him 4th. Handler did well keep going with him; he’s definitely one for the future.

VHC Hirst & Bibby - Tariel Soulja Boy.

JD 11(1) +1

1st Desmond’s - Elitebulls Challenger, Black/Brindle of superb quality, stood out in this class, well balanced head of correct proportions. Correct bite. Darkest of eyes with alert expression ,good front , powerful neck without stuffiness , leading onto well laid back shoulders ,level top line ,well defined hind quarters moved true both ways ,in super condition credit to his owners .

2nd Blanch- Calonge Stormfire Lebron James standard Red/white chest, Super head, broad scull, dark mask and eye. Correct bite and ear set, stood fore square, short powerful body, with good hindquarters, moved with drive, in great fit condition, a credit to the breeder

3rd Boeckmans-Van Maele‘s - Frisian Staff’s Inferno .Black/Brindle Standard well balanced young dog , well-constructed head ,correct bite ,dark eye with super expression ,good strength of underjaw,straight front ,good depth of brisket and spring of rib for a young dog, well let down at the hocks with well-defined hindquarters ,moved cleanly both ways , presented in super condition.

Res Laup - Na La Race Dann Ker Salaozy.

VHC Corti - Biggleswick Billy No Mates. 

YD 8 (1)

1ST Boeckmans-Van Maele’s - Frisian Staff’s Inferno …….see critique 3rd JD

2nd Boyle’s - Kargonstaffs Katana, Top size mahogany brindle, stunning head on him ,correct depth and width ratio ,good bite ,neatest of ears ,dark eye with keen expression, loved the front on this dog ,straight with no overloading on the shoulders ,plenty of bone throughout tight well-padded feet, well up on his toes. A little longer in the back than one ,again another with well sprung ribs ,just a little lacking in stifle for me ,moved with animation ,in great condition ,credit to his owners

3rd Lahodova’s - Joy Mab Cyntaf Fransimo Bohemia ,red/white chest ,white feet ,Standard dog with plenty of bone such a joy to see ,broad scull deep stop, round dark eye ,correct bite ,well defined cheek muscles ,ears a little heavier than 1.2.but did not detract from his expression ,another good front ,with tidy feet, short well balanced body ,powerful hindquarters ,which drove on when he moved ,super condition handled well .

Res Johnson - Tillcar Fire Coaanda JW.

VHC - Ross & Ryder - Mumiah Bad Manners.

UGD. 2+1

1st Corti’s - Blggleswick Billy No Mates ,Red with plenty of bone and substance ,super head with dark mask and correct pigmentation ,correct bite .super ear carriage which he used to his advantage ,super front ,well angulated shoulder placement ,well sprung ribs level top line ,good bend of stifle and correct tail carriage ,moved well both ways credit to his owner and breeders

2nd Hemstock’s - Blazen Staff’s over the top Jolihem .Red/white again and I seem to be repeating myself ,a dog with bone and substance it’s great to see it coming through ,deep stop ,a little longer in the muzzle than 1 but for me it’s good to see rather than too short ,correct bite, dark eye with great expression ,ears a little heavier than 1 ,straight front ,lovely tight feet ,short in the body with good rib ,well bent stifle ,and correct tail set moved on well , in great condition

3rd Thomas - Sunnystone Limited Edition Black/brindle giving a bit away today ,nicely proportioned young dog ,good head with plenty to come ,correct bite ,lovely round eye with no protrusion alert expression ,good front and well balanced body correct angulation throughout ,moved with drive and confidence in good condition .

PGD 16

1st Shipp & Hammond’s - Hammystaff Hanky Panky with Idyllicstaff JW ,Red/white chest ,cracking dog with power and substance ,probably one of the best moving dogs we have in the breed ,broad deep scull ,dark mask ,dark eye with good expression ,correct bite and ear placement used them to his advantage ,strong powerful neck leading onto well laid back shoulders ,good spring of rib ,super top line ,powerful well-muscled hind quarters ,clean out line ,moved like a dream ,in great condition ,credit to his owner and breeder.

2nd Hopkins - Trufflestaff Panpinashvash Standard black /brindle again plenty of bone on this well balanced dog ,super head shape with no fleshiness ,correct bite ,dark eye ,super expression ,correct ear set , good straight front ,great feet ,compact body ,powerful hindquarters ,moved with drive and ease . In good condition

3rd Boulton & Hayton’s - Dusklight Against All Odds .White power pack of a dog ,classic head shape of great proportions ,lovely round dark eye ,neat well placed ears ,good bite great strength of under jaw ,straight front .good shoulder angulations, compact well balanced body .Well-muscled hindquarters good bend of stifle ,very clean out line ,moved with drive and purpose ,in super fit condition.

Res Lahodova - Joy Mab Cyntaf Fransimo Bohemia.

VHC O'Connor - Samtan Crime Fighter By Chezatree.

LD10 (2)

1st Zibolka&Rodehbeck’s - Blazen Staff’s Enchanted Snowflake super Red/white standard dog, not over done in any way, beautiful head broad scull ,deep stop, dark eye with kind expression ,good bite, great under jaw, well placed ears ,again another with powerful neck without stuffiness, well angulated shoulder placement ,good depth or brisket ,well sprung ribs ,with good tuck up ,lovely bend of stifle ,well defined hindquarters ,correct tail set ,moved easily both ways ,this dog has super profile ,must be gone over to appreciate him ,a well-deserved RCC and RBIS.

2nd Clark’s - Rowellstaff Ooh Aar Cantona standard Red/white chest, powerful well balanced dog ,lovely black mask with dark eye ,great expression ,good front ,well-muscled compact body ,well sprung ribs ,great hindquarters ,with no weakness ,moved cleanly with drive ,in super hard condition credit to his owner ,one of the dogs that should never be overlooked.

3rd Pocknell’s - Ashstock Highland Warrior at Blunoosa, Lighter red/black mask .what potential this young dog has, so well put together, and did well in a very strong class maturity won out over him today. Cracking head with more to come ,correct bite ,clean lipped ,good under jaw ,beautiful straight front ,neat feet ,lovely shoulder placement, well balanced body ,well angulated stifle ,moved to perfection ,just needs to tone up a little. Handled well, got to be one for the future.

Res Axe - Harleys Choice JW.

VHC Fox - Jolihem Stand By Me.

OD13 (2)

1st Jordan’s - Dazmarnic Know Wot I Mean JW ,Super quality red dog ,when I first saw him as a young dog he had got his height straight away which made him look tall and narrow ,wow has he tuned into a quality dog ,cracking head with broad scull and deep stop,short foreface but not overdone . Lovely dark eye .with super expression, neat rose ears. Again powerful neck moving onto well laid back shoulders, compact well balanced body ,with good depth of brisket ,well-toned hindquarters ,such a well-balanced dog ,moved like a dream ,Owner and breeder must be so proud of him .well deserved CC and Best in Show.

2nd Breckell’s - CH Chiswellstaff Let’s Dance JW top size black/brindle of super quality ,classic head ,with deep stop ,clean lipped ,correct bite, correct ear set ,one of the best fronts on the day ,stands four square ,well balanced body ,with good tuck up, strong hindquarters ,with good bend of stifle .moved with ease and drive ,in great condition ,easy to see why he’s a CH

3rd Lewis’s - CH Biggleswick Splash of Ginge, Red with power and substance, good broad head, with well-defined cheek muscles .correct bite ,clean lipped ,Just preferred the front on 1.2 ,lovely compact body ,tight well padded feet ,another great mover ,in good hard condition well done to his owners.

Res Marshallsay - Fergustaff Jack Frost ShCM.

VHC Lahodova - Danny G Fransimo Bohemia.


Judge Kevin Jones 

Just a few lines to thank the Officers and Committee of the SCSBTS for their hospitality on the day, special thanks to Kim and Kevin my able stewards and of course the exhibitors.

Veteran Bitch 24 (7)

1st, Hirst & Bibby; Champion Taraiel Ciara JW ShCM, Top quality Bl/br girl, 8 ½ years young with lovely head shape, correct bite with clean underjaw, neat rose ear. Straight front with tight well padded feet. Top line held on the move. Stood four square, solid muscle on her rear quarters. She was shown in lovely condition, Handled very well, Best Veteran in Show.

2nd, Davies; Champion Sebsonic Shine a Light at Stormbull JW. Another quality bitch of 8 years, cracking expression with round eye and correct bite, decent front with no looseness at the shoulder, Sound rear quarters, good tail set on level top line. Shown in good condition,

3rd, Hopkins; Champion Trufflestaff Monifa Kanika JW,

Res, Coble; Surestaff Valentina.

VHC, Buchan; Araidh Cherish The Day.

Minor Puppy Bitch 10 (8)

1st, Johnson; Ellchansha Once Upon a Time, Bl/br Girl of 8 ½ months, really liked this bitch she had the most attractive head with small rose ears which she used to her advantage, dark eye, correct bite with large teeth. Straightest of front with tight feet, ribbing up nicely for age, Good angulation on rear quarters, she looks good from any angle and well balanced throughout, I am sure she will have a bright future, Moved and handled well. BPB & BPIS

2nd, Emery; Eclypstaff Strange Magic, Bl/br, another great looking puppy that pushed one closely. First class expression with tiny rose ear, good eye placement, correct scissors bite with clean underjaw. Clean lines throughout with good bend of stifle, held her top line, Another great prospect for the future. Handled well.

3rd, Lee, Molru Finders Keepers.

Res, Paroneau, Waywardstaff Original Dark Spell.

VHC, Prioville; Diamond Chase Jet Set.

Puppy Bitch. (8)

1st, Dougan; Luthais Light of Venus, Bl/br, lovely eye catching puppy girl of 10 months, very good head shape showing a nice expression, well placed eyes, rose ear, good strength of muzzle and clean underjaw with correct dentation, Good reach of neck, no looseness at the elbow, straight front with good depth of brisket. Level top line and rear quarters muscling up nicely. Moved ok, handled very well.

2nd, Funnell; Powerpack Alura Finvarra, Bl/br, very similar to 1 in head shape, showing a lovely expression and very alert, Correct bite, good stop. Straight in front with tight feet. Slightly longer in back than one, sound rear quarters, handled very well.

3rd, Hopkins; Windstaff Blackberry at Trufflestaff.

Res, Martinez; Stormfire Princess Fire And Ice.

VHC, Zibolka & Rodenbeck; Meinheart Staff's Bibi Blazen Staff's.

Junior Bitch 10 (9)

1st, Johnson; Champion Tillcarr Baptism of Fire JW, Bl/br bitch with exceptional expression with lovely eye placement and small rose ears, showing all the attributes that has made her a champion, straight front tight feet with black nails, well ribbed up with nice tuck up in loin, level top line, good first and second thigh development that moved her with drive, correct angulations on rear quarters, Handled and moved well.

2nd, Vd Meer Metzlar; Frisian Staffs it’s a Gift, Pushed 1 all the way, this Bl/br girl is so well balanced and has a great outline, she also excels in head with correct bite with large teeth and clean underjaw and tight lips, a very alert girl that shows herself, stands four square, held her top line on the move, sound rear quarters, moved and handled well.

3rd, Paronneau; Samross Making Dreams.

Res, Marshallsay; Fergustaff Tudor Queen.

VHC, Andre; Afina Of Diamond Chiase.

Yearling Bitch. 8 (7)

1st, Anchor; Lonemoore Inion Realta, Bl/br bitch, soon as she entered the ring she looked like the one the others had to beat, eye catching girl with a great head, dark well placed eyes and rose ear setting a lovely expression, large teeth holding a good bite, straight front with a good drop of brisket, plenty of rib, short coupled, correct angulation on rear quarters. I predict this girl has a bright future.

2nd, Moureu-Larrang; Situation’s Dutch Connection, white/red bitch, very pretty girl with dark eye, correct dentation, straight front but handler tends to stand her too wide, well ribbed up with nice defined waist, well-muscled rear quarters. Moved well.

3rd, Gardner; Ballindona Fab’U’Luss for Labrastaf.

Res, Kirk; Jodanzac Fireball Red.

VHC, Lahodova; Ola Mordyne Fransimo Bohemia.

Undergraduate Bitch. (3)

1st, Hopkins; Windstaff Blackberry at Trufflestaff, Bl/br girl with decent head shape, round eye, rose ear, good bite, clean underjaw with tight lips. Front ok, short in back, powerful rear quarters, just carried her tail a tad high on the move. Handled well.

2nd, Buchan; Happystaff Could it Be Magic, Bl/br bitch, good head in shape and size, strong muzzle, correct bite with big teeth, good stop, rose ear, neat expression. Top line good while stacked but just lost it on the move, Handled well.

3rd, Lahodva; Ola Mordyne Fransimo Bohemia

Post Graduate Bitch. (12)

1st, Thurston; Happystaff Dancing Queen, Top size bl/br girl but her quality could not be ignored, dark well placed eyes and small rose ears giving a very good expression, very alert girl that catches your eye, straightest of fronts, top line ok, very god rear quarters for angulation and muscle, would like to have seen her a little fitter to define her shape, moved ok, handled very well.

2nd, Rowe & South; Illori Bootie Luv, Bl/br very pleasing head, with dark eye, nice strength to muzzle holding good bite, good stop, neck blending into shoulder with no looseness at the elbow. Good in front with well padded feet, short in back, sound rear quarters. Handled well.

3rd, Macdermott; Kings and Queen’s Over The Moon JW.

Res, Norman; Eclypstaff Sky Full Of Stars.

VHC, Kirk; Jodanzac Fireball Red.

Limit Bitch, 14 (13)

1st, Simpson; Briganah Body and Soul, Bl/br shown in fit hard condition. Strong head showing a lovely expression with good eye placement, rose ear, good strength of muzzle with correct dentation. Straight in front, strong pasterns,tight feet with black nails, good top line, she has a nice tuck up enhancing her rib and back end, good first & second thigh development, correct angulation. Coat and condition are spot on, moved ok, handled very well.

2nd, Corcoran & Riley; Molru Shine Ya Light, smart bl/br bitch not the strength of one but very appealing expression, dark eye and thin rose ear, good muzzle to skull ratio, correct bite with large teeth, good reach of neck, no looseness at the shoulder, straight front. Level top line would like to see a more defined waist on her, decent rear quarters, moved ok, expertly handled.

3rd, Thisby; Samtan Black Pearl at Taurinstaff.

Res, Mann; Nerotoro Cosmic Girl JW.

VHC, Funnell; Powerpack Cherokee JW.

Open Bitch. 13 (8)

1st, McKimm; Biggleswick Fifty Fifty JW, Red/Fawn with a strong head, holding round well placed dark eye, rose ear which she used showing her alertness and she was full of fire, good strength to muzzle holding large teeth with scissors bite, clean underjaw with tight lips. Good width to her front without being too bully. Straightest of fronts with tight feet, good drop of brisket and well ribbed up with a nice tuck up to loin, she was in fantastic fit condition with a very good coat. Strong rear quarters with decent angulation, Handled well. Best Bitch CC and BOS. Unfortunately, in the challenge for best in show she was dropping her shoulder and had to give in to two excellent Dogs

2nd, Murphy; Champion/Ir Champion Karwillage Mystic Girl. Bl/br strong girl with excellent head and expression, dark round eye, which follow your every step, small rose ears, strong muzzle with perfect bite, good reach of neck blending into her shoulder that showed no looseness, front is bang on with tight feet well-padded feet. Well ribbed up with a good drop of brisket, level top line. Adequate angulation on rear quarters, typical pump handle tail, moved ok handled very well. Would have liked to have seen her in a little harder condition, very nice girl that appealed to me, RCC.

3rd, Byrne; Champion Carandstaff Moondance JW.

Res, Butler; Joemikeste Play The Game.

VHC, Moureu-Larrang; Fr Champion I Need Your Money Du Clan Molotov.