Southern Counties SBT Society

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Southern Counties Limit show
15th March 2015

Judge Lee Page

Southern Counties SBT Society

Single Breed Limit Show


Judge Mr. Lee Page


Best in Show - Ramblestaff Just Like Eddy
Res Best in Show - Kannachor Reem To Da Extreem
                   Best Puppy in Show - Aymstaff Magic Moments                     Best Opposite Sex in Show - Aymstaff Magic Moments
Res Best Puppy in show - Illori Akinlana
Best Dog - Ramblestaff Just Like Eddy
Res Best Dog - Kannachor Reem To Da Extreem 
Best puppy dog - Illori Akinlana
Best Bitch - Aymstaff Magic Moments
Res Best Bitch - Dynastaff Pure Science
Best puppy Bitch - Aymstaff Magic Moments

Firstly I would like to thank the club for inviting me to Judge their Limit Show, I was over the moon when I got the show.I would also like to thank  the exhibitors for making it a lovely day and allowing me to go over your dogs.

Veteran Dog 
1st Fairleniums Eye Of the Storm -  Brindle Dog Good head shape with neat ears and a good expression. Straight front and well boned, moved well.
2nd New Holland At Jamborob – Brindle Dog, Nice head with a good head, well boned and moved ok.

Minor Puppy Dog 
1st Illori Akinlana -  Black Brindle dog, Good body for his age, nice dark eye with a decent head piece.
2nd Kylestaff Muddy Water – Black Brindle dog he was very similar to the 1st, A hard call to choice between the two. Nice head, and front.

Puppy Dog 
1st Kylestaff Muddy Water – 2nd in Minor puppy.
2nd Illori Azizi – Another decent young dog, Decent head with a good bite, Level topline and handled well.

Junior Dog 
1st Philosophy I Plato Blue – Blue Brindle Good body with a nice head, ears a little untidy, Moved ok

Maiden Dog 
1st Ramblestaff Just Like Eddy – A Black Brindle dog full of breed type, straight front and well boned with good feet. Good strong clean head and dark eye, A well balanced dog. He was my Best Dog & Best in Show.
2nd Kylestaff Muddy Water – 2nd in minor puppy

Novice Dog 

1st Ramblestaff Just Like Eddy – Maiden Dog winner
2nd Kylestaff Muddy Water 

Graduate Dog 
1st Ramblestaff Just Like Eddy – Maiden Dog winner
2nd Ramblestaff Cos I Could – Black Brindle dog with white chest and feet. Good head with neat ears and a good bite. He held his topline on the move not quite the dog of 1st place.

Post Graduate Dog 
1st Kannechor Reem To Da Extreme – Black Brindle Dog with a punishing head and dark eye with a good bite. Straight front, well boned with a good body, another well balanced dog who moved well. He was my Reserve Best Dog & Reserve Best in Show.
2nd Jonajane Sussidio – Black Brindle Dog, again with good head, straight front and a tidy dog. Moved well and handled well.

Limit Dog 
1st Fairleniums Top Gear-  A White dog, Strong head with dark round eye, Well bodied. He was a little unsettled but moved ok.

Open Dog 
1st Blazinstaff Light My Fire – Red and white dog, Good head with dark eye and neat ears. His bite was good and had tidy feet. Held topline when moved, moved and handled well.
2nd Chezatree Welsh Guard – Red & white Pied dog, of top size, a nice well rounded body. Moved ok.

Veteran Bitch
1st Sunnystone Steel Magnolia – A strong 9 yr old bitch Black brindle bitch, Very tidy for age, well boned. Moved and handled well.
2nd Denbright My Precious at Jamborob - Red bitch with a straight front well bodied, lost her topline on the move.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Braunstaff Angel of Hope – A very nice young Black brindle bitch, plenty of bone good head piece, neat ears, good bite and moved well.
2nd Pridesigh's Happy Feet at Ashstock – Another nice young girl, this time a Red girl. She was good all round, nice dark eye.

Puppy Bitch
1st Aymstaff Magic Moments – A stunning young Black Brindle girl, full of breed type. Starting with a great head piece leading to a well compact balanced bitch, Good bite with a  well defined stop. She moved well. She went on to be my Best Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch and Best opposite sex in show.
2nd Dynastaff Pure Science – Another quality bitch full of breed type, dark eye, good bite well balanced, moved well. Reseve Best bitch

Junior Bitch
1st Millamear Out Out – Black Brindle bitch, she was a decent young lady. Moved ok, kept her topline, compact with a decent body.

Maiden Bitch
1st Millamear Out Out – 1st Junior bitch
2nd Nanici Dainty Love – Black brindle with white bitch, Hard to assess this bitch as she was very lively, She was finer than the first, with a good bite.

Novice Bitch
1st Millamear Out Out – 1st Junior Bitch
2nd Nanici Dainty Love- 2nd Maiden Bitch

Graduate Bitch
1st Starolestaff Lady Bee with Siriustaff – Black Brindle Bitch, all round nice bitch, good body, decent head, held her topline, moved ok.
2nd Nanici Dainty Love – 2nd Maiden Bitch

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Sunnystone Olympic Dream – Black Brindle bitch, Nice head, good bite, straight front and good topline. Handled well.

Limit Bitch
1st Samtan Starting Over at Kylestaff – Black Brindle bitch with good head piece. Straight front, well boned. Good spring of rib, close coupled. Moved and handled well.
2nd Blazinstaff Dynamytee at Rougestaff – Red Bitch Well bodied, good topline and front, moved ok and Handled well.

Open Bitch
1st Rougestaff Flaming Ice – Red and white Pied bitch, Nice head with dark eye, nice body, straight front, level topline, Moved and handled well.
2nd Jamborob Simba Malkia – Black brindle bitch, again nice head, compact body, straight front and moved ok.