Southern Counties SBT Society

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Limit Show 16th March 2014
Judge Linda Payton (Tonpay)

Best in show
Rubericla black starscream
Reserve best in show
Blazinstaff light my fire JW ShCM
Best puppy in show
Engladian sheeza teez
Best veteran in show
Euphemia black cherry

Best Dog - Rubericla Black Starscream
Reserve Best dog - Blazinstaff Light My Fire JW ShCM
Best puppy dog
Happystaff Black Sabbath 

Best bitch 
Engladian Simply Sinful
Reserve best bitch
Ashstock spice of life at cricklestaff
Best puppy bitch
Engladian sheeza teez

I would like to begin by saying Thank You to the committee who worked so hard to make the day possible. Especially the show managers, Paul Grimwood, and Nancie Booth who I know pulled out all the stops in all the aspects that needed to be covered to make the day special. 

Also my thanks go to my stewards Alice and Lee, who made the ring run smoothly.

It may be that my decisions may have puzzled some, as I am known by a few for preferring a certain type of dog. However, there are several factors that influenced my decisions. 

I was always taught that conformation was the key deciding factor, so therefore the dogs I chose as my winners most closely fitted conformation in reference to the breed standard. 

This factor was my prime guide, before considering my subjective decision regarding my preferences. 

I also looked for fitness, and the “bold , fearless and totally reliable” temperament also so highly prized and required.

Finally, I would like to thank all my exhibitors for taking my decisions so sportingly.

Veteran Dog (1)

1) Robert’s New Holland at Jamborob Best Opposite Sex Veteran In Show

Top size Brindle dog, very alert, paying attention to what was going on around him , not showing his 9 years. Appropriate muzzle to head ratio and has good angulations to joints. Level topline. Has mobile ears, and used them to effect.

Minor Puppy (6)

1) Butler’s Ramblestaff Cos I could

Black dog with white blaze .Generally of good appearance. Muzzle to head ratio was to my liking, and skull was as strong as I would like in one so young. Muscle tone of this puppy was also as expected for his age. Properly conditioned feet, and has appropriate bone of legs, leading into a deep brisket. Moved appropriately. Very well handled and to best advantage.

2) Crick’s Crickelstaff Billy No Mates

Very smart looking black standard dog, showing maturity. Skull and muzzle ratio were correct with neat ears atop a strong skull with appropriate bone throughout. Coat was gleamimg. Also has correct angulations of joints . However, was unsettled and unfortunately could not show to full advantage.

3) Barke’s Rubicanov Wot a Cracker

4) Pople’s Ramblestaff Cos I Would

5) Booth & Grimwood’s Ramblestaff Just like Eddy

Puppy Dog (3)

1) Buchan’s Happystaff Black Sabbath Best Puppy Dog, Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Show

Mature looking puppy, and began quite unsettled. However, he soon got into his stride to show himself off. Skull and muzzle ratio was as it should be, with mouth housing large set of well positioned teeth. Feet and amount of bone were suitable. Stifles well bent, and moved well with a level topline when settled.

2) Barke’s Rubicanov Wot a Cracker

A very happy boy, with an expression full of mischief. Suitable amount of bone present, with proper angulation throughout. Skull and muzzle ratio correct, and strong neck. Brisket, deep and wide. Overall, appropriate attention to fitness as this boy grows can only enhance the picture.

3) Pople’s Ramblestaff Cos I Would

Junior Dog (5-1 absent)

1) Lamb’s Staffwise Musketeer

Black dog. Very nice exhibit. Skull deep and wide, leading to a deep stop. Teeth large, and well set. Mouth clean with no lippiness. Shoulder placement good, leading to a level topline which held on the move. Showed proper movement. Overall fitness was as expected of a junior dog.

2) Caffary’s Kannechor Reem to da Extreem.

Again, a dog of very good quality, having many attributes of 1. Skull deep and wide, again with a deep stop, housing round eyes, and has a keen expression.

3) Gardner’s Labrastaff Curious George

4) Plummer’s Satip Plumm Boy

Maiden Dog (6)

1) Butler’s Ramblestaff Cos I Could

Critique as before

2) Crick’s Cricklestaff Billy No Mates

Critique as before.

3) Barke’s Rubiancov Wot a Cracker

4) Pople’s Ramblestaff Cos I Would

5) Booth & Grimwood’s Ramblestaff Just Like Eddy.

Novice Dog ( 6 – 1 absent)

1) Butler’s Ramblestaff Cos I Could

Critique as before

2) Barke’s Rubicanov Wot a Cracker

Critique as before

3) Pople’s Ramblestaff Cos I Would

4) Booth & Grimwood’s Ramblestaff Just Like Eddie.

5) Ryan’s Ruberica Mighty Jet fire.

Graduate Dog (3- 1 absent)

1) Hammond’s Hammystaff Fire Starter

Well boned, fit red dog with hard musculature. Pasterns correctly placed atop neat feet. Shoulders properly placed leading to a level topline, and a correctly formed croup and strong hind quarters. Well handled.

2) Yarham’s Engladian Oughttabefamous

Black dog, of good quality, however not as well boned as 1. All angulations of limbs and topline correctly formed , and skull to muzzle ratio correct. Well handled.

Post Graduate Dog (4)

1) Ryan’s Ruberica Black Starscream Best Dog. Best in Show

Black dog who drew my eye as soon as I saw him. The expression was one of supreme confidence and strength. Skull to muzzle ratio was appropriate leading to a deep stop. Forechest was without exaggeration with deep brisket, and had plenty of bone. He was also close coupled with strong rear hind quarters, well bent stifles, and correct tail set. Pigmentation was excellent, and in gleaming healthy, fit condition. A lovely lad.

2) Stone’s Zakstaff Rumor Has it

Black dog, who has many of the attributes of 1 st place, but a little longer in the leg. Otherwise a strong dog with good head, muzzle, teeth, correct angulations throughout, short coupled and moved well.

3) Booth & Grimwood’s Ramblestaff Dirty Cash

4) Efreme’s Ashbull O T’oole

Limit Dog (3)

1) Derman’s Blazinstaff Sacrifice

Red and white dog. Skull and muzzle of correct ratio with mouth housing large well placed teeth.

Satisfactory amount of bone present, and correct angulations with decent movement, holding his topline well. Very good expression, and was paying attention to all around him in the ring.

2) Winwood & Tunnah’s Antroboss Tempesta Nera

Compact black dog, with deep, wide skull. Has many of the attributes of 1, but of a lighter frame.

3) Booth & Grimwood’s Izumis Cotton Eye Joe With Ramblestaff

Open Dog (3)

1) Jones’ Blazinstaff Light My Fire JW, Sh.Cm Reserve Best Dog, Reserve Best in Show.

Red and white dog. Skull to muzzle ratio correct, with mouth housing large well placed teeth. Feet tidy, and well padded. Forechest was without exaggeration, framed by straight well boned legs emerging from properly angled pasterns. Topline was level, well placed croup, leading to well bent stifles and low set tail. Overall a balanced dog. Moved very well, showing his fitness appropriately. Paid attention at all times.

2) Bruton’s Zakstaff Dark Knight

Black Top size dog. Heavier set than 1st and of good quality throughout. Has correct muzzle to skull ratio, and has large well set teeth. Level topline leading to well formed croup, and well muscled rear legs, just preferred the balance of 1.

3) Booth & Grimwood’s Izimus Cotton Eye Joe with Ramblestaff

Veteran Bitch ( 5- 1 absent)

1) Dewar’s Euphemia Black Cherry Best Veteran In Show

A 9 year old Black bitch, well balanced, showing attitude strutting up and down the mat, and appeared to thoroughly enjoy herself. Skull deep and wide, with a level topline, and well muscled body and limbs.

2) Water’s Ashstock Easter Rose

A 10 year old Fawn bitch. Skull of a different shape to 1st place, but very pleasing with a lovely expression. Overall fitness was the deciding factor between these two mature ladies.

3) Hopkin’s Trufflestaff Toffee Truffle JW

4) Robert’s Denbright My Precious at Jamborob

Minor Puppy Bitch (4- 1 absent)

1) Nolan’s Kentstars Athena

Well boned girl with correct ratio of muzzle to skull housing forward facing round eyes enhancing a lovely expression. Appropriate amount of bone in limbs, and ample brisket. Angulations to shoulders and stifles were correct, and topline held on the move.

2) Booth & Grimwood’s Ramblestaff Dark Jezebel

Compact heavier set bitch than 1st place. Unfortunately very unsettled, and was not able to be assessed as well as i would have liked. Hopefully this can be overcome in her future showing career.

3) Bateman’s Nancini Dainty Love

Puppy Bitch ( 5- 1 absent)

1) Yarham’s Engladian Sheza Teez Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy In Show.

Black, well pigmented girl who gave her handler a hard time today. Skull to muzzle ratio were correct. Keen expression using her ears well. Has appropriate length of neck. Ribs are at a stage as I would expect of one so young. Straight topline present both stacked and on the move. Looking toned without being overdone. Presented a very pleasing picture.

2) Papworth’s Tiezelstaffs Moonshine Red.

Red bitch with plenty of bone. Skull well formed, but of a different shape to 1. Again, ratio of skull to muzzle is correct. All angulations to shoulders and hips correct. This exhibit also was giving her handler a hard time, but appeared to be enjoying her day.

3) Nolan’s Kentstars Athena

4) Peter’s Happystaff Dizzy’s Rascal

Junior Bitch (7)

1) Jones’s Roguestaff Flaming Ice

Striking white/ red bitch. Well balanced, having a strong presence in the line up.

Well boned throughout, with deep wide brisket, well angulated shoulders, level topline, and well bent stifles. Showed appropriate fitness for her age. Movement was very good, and she paid attention to all around her. Handled very well.

2) Raynsford & Steven’s Raynstaff Didja Ever

Black bitch with white blaze. lighter in frame than 1. However, shares many of the same attributes, and movement also was very good. Also like 1, she was aware of her surroundings, and was happy to take part in the process.

3) Hopkin’s Trufflestaff Masud Tumaini

4) Booth & Grimwood’s Dalstaff’s Razzmatazz with Ramblestaff

5) Joyce’s Dynastaff She’s a Devil

Maiden Bitch (3- 1 absent)

1) Joyce’s Dynastaff She’s a Devil

Black bitch. This lively girl may be in a smaller package, but she has a big personality. Correct mouth, with no sign of lippiness. Has a keen expression. All angulations correct, with level topline and well formed hindquaters. In very good condition.

2) Papworth’s Tiezelstaffs Moonshine Red

Critique as before

Novice Bitch (5 – 1 absent)

1) Ollard’s Jodel’s Florentine

Red bitch, well balanced. Clean lipped, with expressive dark eyes and deep stop. Correct angulations throughout, with level topline, and moved well. Also in fit condtion. Both handler and dog working together.

2) Booth & Grimwood’s Dalstaff’s Razzamatazz with Ramblestaff

Obviously a girl of quality, but remains unsettled at times. Skull to muzzle ratio correct. Topline level, and when quiet, showed good angulations of main joints.

3) Joyce’s Dynastaff She’s a Devil

4) Papworth’s Tiezelstaff’s Moonshine Red

Graduate Bitch ( 7-3 absent)

1) Yarham’s Engladian Simply Sinful

Black bitch with enough bone and ample musculature showing off her fitness. Feminine head housing correct skull to muzzle ratio. Mouth without lippiness, housing good teeth. Forechest not overdone. Also has a level topline. Walked well, showing plenty of attitude.

2) Ollard’s Jodel Florentine

Critique as before

3) Dallstaff’s Razzmatazz With Ramblestaff

4) Norris’s Dynastaff Indian Summer At Songarin

Post Graduate (8- 3 absent)

1) Buchan’s Aridah Cherish The Day

Black bitch. Compact and showing alertness, aware of all going on around her. Skull strong yet feminine. Level topline, and good angulations throughout. Excellent pigmentation. Walked very well.

2) Brigden’s Hammystaff Heaven Knows

White and fawn bitch. She has all of the attributes of first place, again being very aware of her surroundings. Lovely dark eyes, with alert expression. It was a close call between first and second place.

3) Gardner’s Juicy Berry

4) Ryan’s Rubericia Little Bumblebee

5) Nolan’s High Hopes

Limit Bitch ( 7- 3 absent)

1) Yarham’s Engladian My Obsession Best Bitch

Black / brindle bitch. Skull wide and deep housing correct teeth and dark eyes with mobile expressive ears. She has a good amount of bone, and a deep wide brisket. Ribs well sprung, with level topline held on the move. She has good angulations of joints throughout, and tidy well padded feet. Displayed sufficient musculature without being over done.

2) Moorcroft’s Ashbull Omee

Brindle bitch of very good quality. Lighter in frame than 1st place. Has a pleasing forechest and ample depth of brisket. Also has a level topline, and rearquaters and of equal fitness to 1st place.

3) Meara & Millgate’s Sabahouse Black Bedevil At Millamear

4) Nolan’s Arabella At Kylestaff

Open Bitch ( 7- 4 absent)

1) Crick’s Ashstock Spice for Life At Cricklestaff Reserve Best Bitch

Red bitch, with well formed skull, and appropriate muzzle/ skull ratio. Expression was alert and feminine, with appropriate dark eye. Also has tidy well set ears .Amount of bone was appropriate for her size, along with well formed forechest and brisket. Topline settled when on the move, with well formed croup, and rear limbs. A quality bitch, in no way overdone.

2) Gardner’s Labrastaff Eye of the Storm.

Black/ brindle bitch who paid attention in the ring. Longer cast that 1st place, but appropriately formed with appropriate angulations to joints throughout.

3) Nolan’s Crossguns High Hopes