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LIMIT SHOW 27TH March 2016

Best in Show

Miss C Winwood & Mr S Tunnah


SCSBTS Limit Show 
Firstly, I would like to thank the committee of The Southern Counties Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society, for asking me to judge their Limit Show on 27th March 2016. This show was run extremely well, and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. My thanks to my two stewards for the smooth running of the ring, and the exhibitors for the opportunity to go over their dogs and taking my decision so well.I found no major faults on the day,most exhibits were in excellent condition, but unfortunely, a few had long nails and some were carrying a bit of weight. I also found the quality of the bitches on the whole were better than the dogs in my opinion.

Veteran Dog 2 (1)
1st Roberts New Holland At Jamborob
Still in good condition for an 11 year old dog. Nice head with good ear placement, dark eye's still got nice front with good tuck up. 
Reserve best Veteran in show and best Opposite Sex Veteran In Show.

Minor Puppy Dog 1
1st Hopkins Trufflestaff Papinashvash
Smart young puppy, Head coming on nicely, with round dark eye's and nice ear placement correct bite, good front for a youngster,with enough bone, short coupled,back end developing nicely,moved well should see a lot more of this young dog.pleased to award him Best Puppy dog and Best puppy in show

Puppy Dog 0
Junior Dog 2 (1)
1sr Winwood & Tunnahs Nerotoro Dark Element
Nice strong head with good ear carriage,round dark eye,correct scissor bite making a good expression,short strong neck,straight front with good depth of chest,with tidy feet and enough bone,short coupled,level topline which he kept on the move,strong back end with correct tail set. 
Awarded him reserve Best Dog.

Yearling Dog 5 (1)
1st Rowe & Souths Illori Akilana JW
Well constructed dog with nice head and correct ear carriage,well placed round dark eye's correct bite,good front with tidy feet,good spring of rib ample tuck up,strong hindquarts.
Pleased to award him Best Dog.
2nd Deans Kylestaff Muddy Waters JW
Another nice head with dark eye and correct scissor bite,good straight front with nice spring of rib,strong back end.similar to winner but just preferred overall balance of winner.
3rd Devlins Tightlines Dust's Trail

Maiden Dog 2 (1)
1st Hopkins Trufflestaff Papinashvash

Novice Dog 2 (1)
1st Trufflestaff Papinashvash
2nd Papworths Tiezelstaffs Moonshine Bay
Good head with correct ear carriage,dark eye,good straight front,nice back end.

Post Graduate Dog 5 (1)
1st Rowe & Souths Illori Akinlana JW
2nd Mitchell& Ashtons Our Little Cracker
Strong muzzled dog with correct cheak bumps,with correct bite,neat ears nice tuck up
3rd Buchans Happystaff Black Sabbath

Limit Dog
1st Gardners Labrastaff Curious George
Another nice headed dog with dark round eye's,correct ear carriage,stright front,strong neck leading into well placed shoulders,good spring of rib,nice back end with good tail set.
2nd Manitos Dynastaff Northern Soul
Nice head with good length of muzzle,dark eye and neat ears,stright front,with good spring of rib,short coupled,made his hndler work hard today.
3rd Devlins Tightlines Dusty's Trail

Open Dog 5 (2)
1st Cricks Crickelstaff Billy No Mates
Pleasing head shape with well placed dark eye's,neat ears,strong stright front,with good spring of rib,right amount of tuck up.Moved well.
2nd Silvers Callastaff Silver Charm
Similar to 1st with good ear placement,with good spring of rib,just preferred over all picture of winner.
3rd devlins Tightlines Dusty's Trail

Veteran Bitch 5 (3)
1st Roberts Denbright My Precious At Jamborob
12 years old but still got good shape to her,nice head,in good condition.All the veterans today are from the same kennel and are a credit to their owner. Best veteran bitch and Best Veteran In Show.
2nd Roberts Jamborob Simba Malkia
7 years old,with good head with correct bite,nice rear end.

Minor Puppy Bitch 2 (1)
1st Page's Aymstaff Evanora
7 months old bitch,with good head shape,round dark eye's with good ear carriage,deep front with nice spring of rib for a youngster,enough bone , well padded feet,back end developing nicely with correct tail set. All round pleasant puppy.
Pleased to award her Reserve Best Puppy In Show
2nd O'Sullivans Hammystaff Lucky Lottie
Lovely expression,round dark eye,good ear carriage,correct bite,stright front with good bone and tidy feet,level topline,

Junior Bitch 5 (1)
Winwood & Tunnahs Nerotoro Stella
Excellent head with correct ear carriage,round dark eye,correct bite,strong muzzle with plenty of underjaw giving a pleasing expression. A straight strong front with clean neck and shoulders,good rib and right amount of tuck up,strong back end with level topline kept when standing and on the move, moved with power,handled to perfection. 
Pleased to award her Best Bitch and Best In Show.
2nd Lee's Leebee's Precious
Femine head with well placed dark round eye's,neat ears,correct bite,nice spring of rib stright front,moved well.
3rd Moore's She's A Rockstar

Yearling Bitch 4
1st Thomas's Sunnystone Bit Of Brimstone
Compact bitch with nice head dark eye,neat ears, good spring of rib and tuck up,short coupled,in good fit condition.
Ship's Hammystaff Fine China
Nice Head shape with strong muzzle,dark eye's and correct bite,plenty of bone,nice tight feet short coupled with level topline,moved well.
3rd Mace's Braunstaff Angel Of Hope

Maiden Bitch 3
1st Maces Braunstaff Angel Of Hope
2nd Papworths Tiezelstaff Moonshine Red 
Good head with dark eye,correct scissor bite,stright front,nice bend of stifle,strong rear quarters with correct tail set
3rd O'Sullivans Hammystaff Lucky Lottie

Novice Bitch 7 (1)
1st Thomas's Sunnystone Bit Of Brimstone
2nd Meara & Millgate's Millamear Out Out
Neat ears dark eyes,correct scissor bite,strong straight front,strong rear end moved well.
3rd Water's Pridestaffs Happy Feet At Ashstock

Post Graduate Bitch 6 (2)
1st Manito's Dynastaff Pure Science
Standard size bitch with great head,dark eye,good ear set,correct bite giving a lovely expression,nice front with good depth of chest,strong back end with correct tail set,kept her topline on the move,moved and handled very well.Pushed hard for top honours today. 
Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve Best In Show.
2nd Dyer's Cadarnbull The Sixth Sense
Another nice bitch,with neat ears,round dark eye's,stright front with good spring of rib level topline,strong rear quarters.
3rd Papworths Tiezelstaff Moonshine Red

Limit Bitch 3 (2)
1st Thomas's Sunnystone Olympic Dream
On her own in class,pleasing head shape with correct ear and eye placement with good dentition,right amount of tuck up,level top line,strong back end with correct tail set,in fit condition moved well.

Open Bitch 8 (2)
1st Kerrys Starolestaff Mystic Mimi Of Antroboss
Pleasing head shape,well placed round dark eye's,good ear carriage,with correct bite giving a keen expression,good depth of ribcage,nice tight feet,strong rear quarters,with good bend of stifle, in great condition.
2nd Jones Rougestaff Flaming Ice
Well balanced,nice head dark eye's,clean lips,good straight front,good spring of rib,strong back end with correct tail set,moved well.

Judge Mr Alan Muir (Rium)

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