Southern Counties SBT Society

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Members Limit Show

Held at Navestock Village Hall, Navestock Side, Essex

 On Sunday 19th March 2017

Special Awards Classes

Judge: Mrs Kerry Fulford (Regalbull)

Firstly I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge their special awards classes at the clubs 80th anniversary limit show. The hospitality was top notch and myself and Scott were made to feel most welcome. Thank you to the club members for your entering your dogs for my opinion and taking my decisions in a very sporting manner. Thank you also to my very capable ring stewards for the efficient running of my ring.

Puppy Dog/Bitch (2)

1st – Shipp & Hammond’s - Hammystaff Hanky Panky with Idyllicstaff. Red with white, Dog of nearly 9 months. His head is of a pleasing shape for his age, with correct muzzle to skull ratio. His eyes are dark and follow you around the ring, his muzzle is dark and lips are clean and tight, open his mouth and you are greeted by big white teeth which are placed correctly. His ears are correct and help set a lovely picture when he uses them. He has good length of neck which leads to well-placed shoulders, leading down well boned legs. His pasterns are strong with lovely neat feet and dark nails. He has nice width to his front and a good drop of brisket. This boy has a lovely amount of rib which flows back into a nice tight loin. His rear is well angulated with a good bend of stifle and well let down at the hocks. He has good thigh muscles which help power him up and down the mat, whilst holding a super level top line and carrying his tail correctly. His coat is short and close and he was put out in super condition for a youngster, which would put many adult dogs to shame. He was handled very well. Well done and good luck for the future.

2nd – Anchor’s – Valglo Daddy Cool – B/B with white dog of just over 9 months. A stronger headed dog than 1st, he has dark eyes, good cheek bumps, correct dentition, I would prefer his lips to be a little less thick, which for me would give a cleaner look around the mouth. He has a nice width to his front and is well off for bone. He is shorter in leg than 1st place and has good feet. He has ample rib which flows into a tight loin. His back end is good for a youngster and he drives well up and down the mat holding a reasonable top line and carrying his tail correctly. His coat is longer than 1st place but he was shown in good condition and worked well with his handler. I preferred the cleaner lines, tighter fitting coat and movement of 1st place today. Well done and good luck with him.

Open Dog/Bitch (13/2) This was a tough class to judge, being that the age range was so varied.

1st – Johnson’s – Bullhawk Maybe Mytime – B/B with white bitch of nearly 3 years. A bitch I have admired from ringside for a long time, and waited to put my hands on, and she did not disappoint me. A beautiful headed bitch showing a good blend of bull and terrier, charcoal dark eyes that follow you around and draw you in. her dentition is correct and her lips I would prefer to be a little tighter and cleaner, but I could not nor would not detract this from her abundance of virtues. She has correctly placed neat ears that when she uses, set off a beautiful picture. Her front is straight, however I would like a little bit more width which will hopefully come with maturity. Her legs are well boned leading to strong pasterns and lovely tight feet, nails short and dark. She has a good amount of rib and flows back into a nicely tucked in loin. She has correct rear angulations and well-muscled 1st and second thighs. She drives up and down the mat effortlessly holding a level top line and carrying her tail correctly. Her coat is short, tight and gleaming and she was shown in immaculate condition and handled very well. This for me is a bitch that screams breed type and should go on to bigger and better things. Good luck with her and thank you for letting me put my hands on her at last!

2nd – Jones’s – Rougestaff Flaming Ice – White & red pied bitch of nearly 4 .5 years. She has a lovely clean head, dark eyes, neat rosed ears which I would prefer them to be slightly smaller. Her muzzle has good width and depth with clean lips and correct dentition. She has a good reach of neck leading on to correctly placed shoulders with good front angulations. Her front is straight with a good drop of brisket. Her legs have enough bone with strong pasterns and tidy feet. Behind the shoulders you find plenty of rib which leads back to a lovely tight tucked in loin. She tends to push forward into her collar whilst stacked so when you look side on she is roached, which can spoil the picture as she is a well-balanced bitch. Her rear angulations are correct and she has well-muscled thighs which propel her on the move while she holds a level top line and carries her tail correctly. Another who has a short close coat and was shown in immaculate hard condition. This bitch was just unfortunate to meet 1st place, of which I preferred the breed type and expression. Well done and thank you for entering her.

3rd – Buchan’s – Happystaff Black Sabbath – B/B dog of nearly 4 years. He has a good muzzle to skull ratio, his eyes I would prefer to be darker, his ears are small, lips are clean and his teeth correct. He has a nice width to his front which is straight with a good drop of brisket. His legs have enough bone and his pasterns are ok but I would prefer tighter feet. He has ample rib and is tight in the loin. Another with good angulations at the rear and he is well muscled. Movement was ok. He was shown in superb condition and handled very well.

Res - Crick's - Ashstock Spice For Life At Crickelstaff.
VHC - O'Sullivan's - Hammystaff Lucky Lottie.