Southern Counties Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society

Minutes of Zoom Meeting held on Tuesday 28th March 2023 At 7.30pm

In Attendance 

Chairman – Dave Lee 

Secretary – Helen Reaney 

PRO – Clare Robinson-Cox 

KCBLO – Karon Jackson 

Lead Health – Gem Rowe

Downlands Stuart Breckall. East Anglia – Martin Johnson and Lesley McFayden 

East Midlands – Claire Rogers and Terri Morrell. North West – Claire Crossman and Roy Day 

North of Scotland – Julie Gray. Notts & Derby – Kirsty Summerfield. Potteries – Dave McKimm 

Southern Counties – Ken Meneer and Joe Samby. South Wales – Gareth Thomas 

SBTC – Alan Hedges and Kaine Davis. Western – Martin Grimwood 

11 Clubs in attendance 

1. Apologies for absence. Scottish – Apologies not received Merseyside and N Counties 

2. Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday November 19th 2022 and matters arising - The Secretary ran through the minutes. See voting sheet attached 

3. Minutes of the Zoom meeting held 24th January 2023 and Matters Arising The Secretary ran through the minutes. See voting sheet attached 

4 Reports. 

4.1. Chairman’s Report. – Dave gave a verbal report. 

4.2. Secretary’s Report. – Attached 

4.3. Public Relation Officer’s Report. – Attached 

4.4. Kennel Club Breed Liaison Officer’s Report.- Attached 

5. Correspondence & matters arising from Breed Council Meeting - All correspondence had been circulated or would be discussed under the agenda items tonight. 

6. Propositions 

6.1 EMSBTC have discussed the current judging criteria to progress forward to award Challenge Certificates and the impact with us having the JEP as the new

Just some points to note from previous discussions when our club put forward the proposal to the Breed Council which failed, which was to follow the KC criteria : • Why do non-specialists have a lower criteria to achieve against a specialist? • How does 3 breed club shows prove experience in the breed? Or let’s flip that around how can a non-specialist be deemed experienced after only judging 1 breed show? • JEP system will accept 90 dogs which is half of the 180 dogs currently required, so why are we holding back our own experienced people whilst allrounders currently get the easy ride? • We currently have no mentors or observers in place, as a breed this is very selfish and a total disregard to what the KC expects. - Other terrier breeds have between 15-25 people already in place! • If we carry on as we are, we will have no judges moving forward that are ‘Stafford People’ how can this be caring for a breed if we cannot work with the JEP system that WILL be in place by 2025? • Once the new system is in place the only input the Breed Council will have is mentors and observers it is in everyone’s interest to get this RIGHT! • The current breed council criteria WILL be redundant soon, don’t hold back our own, it makes us look like a laughing stock to the KC who make the ultimate decision on who is passed based on THEIR CRITERIA. Since then, it wasn’t agreed at the last online meeting that the Breed Council should follow two club shows, although the majority may accept it. Clubs and Breed Council will not see any new judges forms from the Kennel Club from 2025, so the Kennel club will pass anyone who meets their criteria automatically for Challenge Certificate status, So what do we put in place to maintain a quality standard for new judges to be offered a Judging appointment for a Breed Club Championship Show? 

Breed Council Proposal from EMSBTC FOR FUTURE JUDGE SELECTION • To have judged 2 breed club open shows and successfully completed a General Championship Show, with a minimum of 180 dogs before being able to be put forward for a Breed Club Championship Show OR • To have judged 3 breed club open shows with a minimum of 180 dogs before being put forward for a Breed Club Championship Show. As the current/old criteria is redundant and has had no impact on the KC decision making process on people being passed, we feel the above would work if all constituent member clubs adhere to this rule on selection of future judges going forward and clubs would have to show due diligence in checking this information before a contract is issued. This way the KC get to implement the JEP: But we still pick judges that are at the level we require and wish to maintain as a minimum for our shows. It may not be what everyone wants but it is a way forward A lengthy discussion took place approx.  90 mins on this proposal with all clubs in attendance giving their views, at one stage it was suggested that it be taken back to the clubs again, but as this had been going on for over 12 months agreement was needed and a vote taken. There is a suggestion that the JEP is going to be reviewed before it comes into full service in Jan 2025, Also that when opinion letters are forwarded some clubs don’t stick to the current criteria in place. Even when the clubs don’t support a candidate for CC’s the KC will pass as long as they have met their criteria. Proposal EM/2ndd Potteries – See attached voting sheet 

7. Health Issues and Lead Health Co-Ordinator Report – Gem read out her report 

8. Breed Education Co-Ordinator Report – The BEC gave an update on the progress of the JEP. Several Clubs had hosted BAD’s and some were hosting in 2023. Further updates would be given as the year goes on. 

9. Matters brought forward by delegates for discussion. Further discussion took place regarding the Breed Standard and agreed that further discussion was needed by all Club. Lesley would continue to take the lead on this and organise the meetings via zoom and all clubs will be involved. 

10. Free discussion period on the Staffordshire Bull Terrier – minutes taken by the PRO - Clare advised the meeting that several Dog Fests were being organised and that it would be something that the clubs could get involved with in the various area’s. She would provide details of the venues and the dates following the meeting 

11. Adoption of the balance sheet & matters arising. Accounts for 2021 and 2022 The Secretary ran through the Accounts. See voting sheet attached 

12. Election of auditor. Kodam Accountants Ltd - Disussed and agreed that we would continue with this company. See voting sheet attached. 

13. A.O.B. Had been discussed in previous minutes but put in AOB to highlight 1. Venue still being sourced for face to face meetings. – Possible free venue on the A52 at Pride Park- Kirsty to give an update asap 2. Clubs need to provide the website designer with any information please liaise with Julie Gray as this is a friend of hers. 

14. Date of the next meeting. TBC 

Helen E Reaney (Hon Secretary) Circulated to all Member Clubs Wednesday 12th April 2023


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