Southern Counties SBT Society

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Judge Shaun Stone

Southern Counties SBT Society Open Show

June 16th 2013

Judge Mr Shaun Stone - Ashbull

Firstly I would like to thank Southern counties sbtc for inviting me to judge there open show & too both my stewards for making my day run smoothly. Most off all I would like to thank all the exhibitors for entering & taking my decisions in a sporting manner.

The only note I feel I must say is that on show today I found quite a few dirty teeth & dogs soft to 


Best Dog & Best in Show

Dracostaff Baldurs Blade

Reserve Best Dog

Suurisuun Boppinghams Birulai

Best Bitch

Ramblestaff Jorja On My Mind JW

Reserve Best Bitch

Bekanbar Shining Star JW

Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show

Elitebulls Heartbreaker For Regalbull

Best Puppy Bitch

Dynastaff Indian Summer at Songarin

Best Veteran

Wise Words JW

Reserve Best Veteran

Ramblestaff Knifedge JW


1st: Ramblestaff Knifedge Jw: 12 ½ yr old Bl/br who for a age still has a lovely head shape, nicely shape well put together body, a little heavy but can allow that at his age, moved up and down mat well for age & was a pleasure to judge. Won class on overall breed type. Younger handler shows him very well. Best Veteran Dog & Res Best Veteran in Show.

2nd: New Holland at Jamborob: 8 ½ yr old brindle dog. Decent head shape though ears a little untidy. More athletic in body than first, must say he was in great condition for age. Still a live wire & handle had to get to grips with him on the move but seemed to enjoy his day out. Thank you for bringing him. 


1st Elitebull Hearbreaker For Regalbull: Promising Bl/br, nice clean head shape with distinct stop, nice eye & ear carriage. Straight front with good width, well padded feet, ample bone for age, rib needs to develop but will as he grows, nice top line standing & on the move, good rear angulation for one so young & correct tail carriage. His condition and presentation was first class. His overall balance & clean lines took him to my Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Minister of Magic at Amianstaff

Pied with decent head, clean foreface enough under jaw, enough stop & dark eyes. Was a little tense when stacked but after he moved relaxed enough to see has a nice body shape, ample bone & rib. Short coupled good rear angulation for age. Young handler done well with him.

3rd Labrastaf Curious George


1ST Dracostaff Baldurs Blade: What a cracker, this dog oozes power, presence & breed type. Excellent head shape of good proportions, distinct stop, dark eye of correct placement, well pronounced cheek muscles & good under jaw, correct mouth, neatest of ears which he uses to show his keen stunning expression, strong neck leading into correct shoulder placement no looseness, brisket still needs to come but front straight with good width & bone, nice tight feet, short dark nails. Nice spring of rib for age, good topline & short coupled, good bend of stifle & strong muscular rear quarters. Well let down hocks, correct tail carriage. Once settled I could see he had good movement. Condition & muscle tone was outstanding. If handler can get to grips with him & with some fine tuning this dog should go all the way. Very happy to award him Best Dog & Best in Show. 

2nd Engladian Oughttabefamous: Bl/br dog just into Junior, nice headpiece with keen expression, correct bite, deep stop & neat ears which he used to his advantage. Front straight with good bone finished with neat feet. Enough rib for age & good top line. Would of liked more bend of stifle. Hocks well let down & tail carriage good, moved ok. Condition was first class on this youngster.

3rd Arnold


1st Elitebull Hearbreaker For Regalbull (see 1st mpd)

2nd: Labrastaf Curious George: Bl/br dog placed 3rd in mpd. Dark short coat, Processes clean headpiece, ears ok, front ok nice tight feet, good top line & length of back. Rear angulation ok for his age. Just needs time to grow. Moved & handled well.


1ST Elitebull Hearbreaker For Regalbull (see 1st MPD)

2nd Labrastaf Curious George (see 2nd MD)


1ST Dracostaff Baldurs Blade (see 1st JD)

2ND Ramblestaff Dirty Cash

Bl/br dog with a strong head & keen expression, good under jaw & distinct stop, dark eyes, neat rose ears & good mouth. Strong short neck, good bone & tight feet. Shoulders need to tighten to finish front but had deep brisket. Good rib & tuck up. Strong hindquarters well let down hocks. Top line & movement ok.  Noted his condition was superb. Handled very well.

3rd Angranian Saiorse Warrior


1ST Angranian Salorse Warrior: Bl/br with a grand head & expression, clean muzzle, good depth & distinct stop, dark correct eyes & neat ears, good front & bone, would of liked tighter feet. Good rib & topline, good backend, moved ok, preferred his condition & expression to 2nd.

2nd Izumis Cotton Eye Joe with Ramblestaff: White Pied, decent clean head, correct mouth, enough stop, dark eyes & correct ear carriage. Square front with no looseness, good bone, again would have liked tighter feet, plenty of rib & short coupled, correct tail carriage, moved ok. 



1ST Satip Sorboss At Vrabarbull: Bang on standard bl/br dog, strong head without being overdone, clean foreface of correct width, good under jaw, distinct stop and dark eyes, neatest of ears giving off a pleasing expression. Shoulders correct with no looseness, straight square front, up on pasterns & tight feet with short dark nails. Well sprung rib, short coupled & straight topline. Well bent stifle & let down hocks. Backend was muscular & hard to touch. Preferred his movement & topline to 2nd. Came close in final line up.

2nd Karwillage Horlicks: Powerful bl/br dog. Broad skull, Strong under jaw, correct mouth, deep stop, dark eyes of correct placement. Strong neck leading into good shoulders, straight front with nice brisket, up on pasterns with decent feet. Good rib & Tuck up, strong hard rear quarters & well bent stifle. Condition was first class. Just didn’t hold topline on move as well as 1st but overall a nice dog.

3rd Diamonds of Blanch Rium Black


1st Suurisuun Boppinghams Birulai: Striking well balance standard pied dog. Looks good from all angles. Head of correct proportions clean & not overdone. He has good under jaw, correct mouth whitest of teeth (many where not today), well pronounced cheek muscles enough stop, dark eyes of correct placement. Neat ears to finish a pleasing expression. Strong neck leading into well laid back musclar shoulder placement. Straight front with ample bone, deep brisket. Short coupled with enough rib. Nice tuck up with good bend of stifle & well let down hocks. Hindquarters strong & well muscled which you could tell on the move, for me he excels in rear movement. Lady Handler handles him to perfection & his condition was muscular & hard which took him to best my Res Best Dog & Res Best in Show.

2nd Ch Ramblestaff Ebenezer Good: Well Balanced bl/br dog. Can see why this dog has become champion, he is so balanced, clean throughout, his movement is a sound as they come, a well worthy champion but today I just preferred expression & condition off 1st. Thank you for bringing him he was a pleasure to judge.


1ST Wise Words Jw: Classy 8 ½ year bitch. Her head & expression even now is as good as they come, clean strong & feminine. Strong clean foreface, distinct stop appealing dark eyes, neat ears strong neck flowing into well laid back shoulders, straight front with good lift. Great rib & level top line at all time. Good strong rear angulation & correct tail carriage. Was a live wire on the move for her elderly lady handler but stopped into a perfect free stand. Carrying a bit to much weight but did consider her in final line-up. A bitch in my opinion that should have gained her crown. Happy to award her Best Veteran in Show.

2nd Sunnystone Steel Magnolia: 7 ½ year bitch, full of breed type. Lovely head & expression, neat ears & dark eyes, good mouth, straight front with good width, short dark coat, well sprung rib & strong hindquarters, moved ok, preferred top line on 1st but another nice bitch. Condition was outstanding.

3rd Denbright My precious At Jamborob


1ST Dynastaff Indian Summer at Songarin: Nice promising pup, very clean throughout. Lovely Feminine head, nice length of muzzle correct mouth enough stop. Neat rose ears & when used gave a pleasing expression. Tends to lean into front but when she free stood and relaxed could see front was straight, body shape nice and shapely for age, she moves very well for one so young holding a good top line which in the end one her the class. Would like to see her in 6 months time. Good Luck Best Puppy Bitch & BOSP

2nd Elitebull Elegance: Really liked this pup, she has more lift than 1st. lovely broad skull & clean. Enough stop & under jaw, nice eye & correct ear carriage giving off a very nice expression, strong neck leading into good shoulder placement, correct front & tidy feet. Lovely sprung rib & well angulated rear hindquarters. She was in immaculate condition, credit to her breeder/owner. In this class she just didn’t move as well & hold top line as 1st but did go better in later class which she won. Best of luck with her.  Res Best Puppy Bitch.

3rd Dynastaff She’s a Devil


1ST Zakstaff Jessie Jay at Shogunstaff: Well made bitch of good substance, good head with broad skull, nice width of muzzle & correct bite. Clean lipped well defined stop, neat rose ears. Strong short neck leading into well laid back shoulders, front straight with nice amount of lift & has neatest off feet. Already has good rib & good length of back, nice tuck up & stifle well bent, hindquarters well muscled, coat condition was immaculate. Moved & handled well.

2nd Noblestaff Drop Dead Diva With Vanayres

Brindle bitch on smaller side, decent head shape, mouth ok w& clean lipped, ears need to settle, front ok, enough bone for age, shapely body of good proportions, moved up & down mat wagging her tail enjoying her day. Preferred overall style & soundness off 1st.


1ST Sunnystone Olympic Dream: Compact bitch with a pretty head shape, clean lipped with good under jaw, correct bite, deep stop & dark eyes, neat ears, strong short neck leading into good shoulders, front square & straight, well padded tight feet, good top line & rib, great tuck up and bend of stifle well muscled rear quarters & correct tail set. Moved & handled well. Her muscular condition was best on show today credit to her owner & breeder.

2nd Noblestaff Drop Dead Diva With Vanayres (see 2ND PB)


1ST Dynastaff Indian Summer at Songarin (see 1st MPB)

2ND Elitebull Elegance (see 2ND MPB)

3rd Satip Iron Maiden


1ST Elitebull Elegance (see 2ND MPB)

2ND  Zakstaff Jessie Jay at Shogunstaff (see 1st  PB)

3rd Satip Iron Maiden


1ST Sunnystone Olympic Dream (see 1st JB)

2nd Crossguns High Hopes: Strong brindle bitch, good head shape & strength correct bite, well pronounced cheek muscles distinct stop dark eye ear ok, front straight with good width, ample bone, feet could be tighter. Short body with well sprung rib, powerfully built backend. Moved once settled ok & condition was excellent.

3rdTorostaff Queen of Satip


1ST Bekanbar Shining Star JW: A brindle bitch I’ve judged before & mother to my best dog. Strong powerful built bitch but still feminine, broad skull, good under jaw & width of muzzle, well defined stop, dark eye of correct placement, neat rose ears which she uses to her advantage to finish of a stunning expression. Good front & well laid back shoulders, neat tight feet & well up on pasterns. Well sprung rib & short coupled, short coat, hindquarters well defined & muscled. Hocks well let down & correct tail carriage. She moved well carrying her top line correct. Last time she pushed hard for top honours but condition let her down but today she was in good condition but still would like to see her muscled up & harder to touch. This bitch if right could go all the way to her title was please to award her Res Best Bitch. 

2nd Labrastaf Juicy Berry

Standard size Red with dark muzzle, nice pleasing head shape of correct proportions, good shoulder placement, good brisket & square straight front. Feet ok, nice pring of rib & length of back, good bend of stifle& strong thighs, moved ok, great condition.

Preferred expression & overall balance on 1st.

3rd Crossguns High Hopes

4th Torostaff Queen of Satip

5th Valglo Arabella at Kylestaff


1ST Kawillage the Face: Upstanding bl/br bitch, good head shape, muzzle enough width & clean lipped, correct bite, well defined stop, good ear carriage, strong neck leads into good shoulders with no looseness, front square with good lift & ample bone, decent feet. Her coat is short & dark, rib well sprung, good tuck up, good well muscled rear hindquarters, straight top line which she held on the move which is what won her the class.

2nd Engladian my Obsession: Bl/br bitch that front on I loved, beautiful head


1ST Ramblestaff Jorja On My Mind JW: Good honest bitch full of breed type, lovely head shape & of correct proportions, clean lipped with enough under jaw, distinct stop & dark round eyes, neat rose ears which she used at all times, good depth of brisket & bone, front straight & square. Shoulders well placed showing no looseness, good rib & top line, nice length in back, stifle well bent & hocks well let down, moved freely up & down mat into perfect free stand showing a nice balanced picture which won her class with ease. Her condition was good but would off like more muscle definition just to finish her off.  Pleasure to award her over another good bitch Best Bitch & BOS. 

2nd Labrastaf Eye Of The Storm 

Bl/br bitch well shaped head, adequate stop and good length of muzzle, dark eye, short dark coat. Front & feet ok, decent body shape, top line good, moved ok & handled well, A1 condition which secured her place in this class. 

3rd Crossguns High Hopes 

4th Valglo Arabella At Kylestaff