Southern Counties SBT Society

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17th June 2012



1 Booth & Grimwoods,Ramblestaff Knifedge J.W. B/B Top size, 11 years, good condition, dark eyes, tidy ears, straight front, good feet, up in pasterns. Moved soundly.

2 Booth & Grimwoods Ger Foxstaff Off The Richter With Ramblesatff B/B 7 years, smaller all rounds than 1st. Good head, pleasing expression, well ribbed and clean front.

3 Roberts New Holland At Jamborob


1 Booth & Grimwoods Ramblestaff Dirty Cash B/B/W. Nice head, Clean lip, good bite, dark round eye, short body, ample rib for age, well-padded feet.

2 Booth & Grimwoods Ramblestaff Don't Stop Me Now. Int.Ch. Litter brother to 1st, not much between them. Longer in body, straight front, level top line. Moved well.

3 Janssen Staffmate Around The World.

PD (3)

1 Ramblestaff Dirty Cash.

2 Ramblestaff Don't Stop Me Now.

3 Efreme Ashbull Otoole J.W.


1 Muir & Quinn Diamonds Of Blanch Rium Black Steel B/B. Balanced head, dark round eye, good ear set, clean lip and bite, keen expression, well set shoulders, straight front, good rib, nice bend stifles, good condition.

2 Terrys Gnosall Romeo Diamond. Good skull, distinct stop, scissor bite, strong under jaw, good bone.

3 Matviakova & Choma, Satip Sorboss.

MD (2)

1 Don't Stop Me Now

2 Moore & Cullum, Eclypstaff Rude Boy, R/W. Deep through head, black mask, good bite and under jaw, strong front, well weighed shoulders, good hind quarters.


1 Dirty Cash

2 Don't Stop Me Now

3 Eclypstaff Rude Boy

GD. (9,2)

1 Diamonds Of Blanch Rium Black Steel

2nd Hammond, Hammystaff Heatwave, standard red. Clean head, tidy ears, black mask, white flash in his brisket, good muscle tone, moved well.

3rd Dirty Cash

PGD (6,4)

1 King & Wooldrige, Jonny Rotten, B/B, bang in the standard, well-proportioned head, strong muzzle, clean lip and teeth, short strong neck and shoulder placement, straight well boned front, level top line, handled well, R.B.D

2 Goddard & Kerneweglas, The Fellowship B/B/W. Good depth of brisket, short coupled, stronger head than 1st, dark eye, moved ok.

3 Bruton Zakstaff Dark Knight.

LD (4)

1 Winwood & Tunnah, Antroboss Tempesta Nera. B/B, J.W. Compact dog, nicely balanced, good head, dark round eye, neatest of ears, pleasing expression, level top line, good bend of stifles, moved well.

2 Braggins, Sans Pariels The Democrat. B/B/W. Good skull and stop, scissor bite, tidy ears, white front, good legs and feet, muscular hind quarters.

3 Norris & Norris, Fantazmic Megaboom

OD (6,3)

1 Bruton Zacstaff Black Baron, B/B, well in the standard, strong head and dark eye, strong broad muzzle and under jaw and scissor bite. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib, well bodied, good tail set, held top line on the move, in tip-top condition, B.D, B.IS.

2 Sans Pariels The Democrat

3 Fantazmic Megaboom

Vet B (4,2)

1 Roberts, Denbright My Precious At Jamborob, Red, Strong head, dark eye, black mask, strong muzzle, deep brisket, strong back end, carrying some weight, moved with drive.

2 Turner, Starwind Sequioa At Tidestaff, Red. In very good condition, plenty of energy, good feminine head shape, straight front, tight feet, moved well.


1 Scotland, Callstaff Madam George B/B/W. Quality puppy, feminine well shaped head, not overdone, dark round eye, lovely expression, neat rose ears, white chest ad feet, correct body for age.

2nd Booth & Grimwood, Rambletaff Killer Queen, B/B. Stronger headed than 1st, correct scissor bite, good under jaw, straight front, moved ok.


1 Moorecroft, Ashbull Omee, B/B, nicely balanced bitch, nice depth of brisket, good legs and feet, level top line, nicely ribbed, moved ok.

2 Killer Queen.

3 Scott, Jamborob Ekundum Malkia At Lunarouge.

JB (3,2)

1 Ashbull Omee.

MB (5,4)

1 Killer Queen.

NB (9,5)

1 Ashbull Omee

2 Jones, Blazinstaff Dynamytee At Rougestaff.R/W, well angulated, good shoulders and front, tight feet, nice bend of stifle, feminine head, black mass, dark eye.

3 Killer Queen.

GB (8,5)

1 Turners Tidestaff Mystical Magic, B/B, well in the standard, feminine head, dark eye, clean lip and bite, good straight front, level top line, in pristine condition, moved well.

2 Kemp & James, Bekenbar Shining Star, J.W. Strong head and muzzle, good under jaw, well boned and ribbed, good shoulder placement, straight front, well up in pasterns, good feet, strong back end.

3 Killer Queen.


1 Reed, Zakstaff Sophies Choice, B/B, Correct head shape, dark eyes, nice expression, neat ears, short coupled, good tuck up, good hind quarters.

2 Kerry & Hopgood, Antroboss Solo Sizzler, standard bitch, clean lip and scissor bite, clean straight front, well laid shoulders, good rib and moved ok.

3 Bekenbar Shining Star

LB (6,1)

1 Brutons Zacstaff Black Duchess, B/B, Litter sister to B.I.S. Quality bitch, good head, stop and under jaw, tight lips, clean bite, straight front, nice depth of brisket, short in body, level top line, good muscle tone, moved and handled well.

2 Raynsford and Stevens, Raynstaff Do You Know Who I Am. Another nice bitch, good front, legs and feet, clean shoulders, well angulated back end, moved ok.

3 Janssen Staffjoys Titan Queen.

OB (5)

1 Funnell, Kewaunee Pocahontas For Powerpack J.W, B/B. Nicely balanced bitch nothing overdone, good head, dark eye. Clean lip and bite, nice length of neck. Well laid shoulders, well boned front, good feet and pasterns, well ribbed, good tuck up, nice back end, coat in good condition. Moved well.

2 Winwood and Tunnah, Cursus Storm, J.W. B/B, beautiful headed, dark eye and nice ear set, great expression, good stop and dentition, good bite. Nice depth of brisket, level top line, well angulated hind quarters, fit condition, moved well. Two top class bitches, result could change any time.

3 Manito, Ch. Rotherstaff Indian At Dynastaff.