Southern Counties SBT Society

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Open Show 21st June 2009


John Joyce conducted the Show extremely well and his decisions all seemed to be accepted in the type of excellent sporting manner that speaks volumes for all those in attendance.   

The Committee would like to extend their special thanks to John for his excellent work throughout the day.















Very disappointing entry for both myself, but, and more importantly, the Society. 

What the Show lacked in quantity was more than made up for in quality.

Both the line-ups would, in my honest opinion have graced any Open show.   

Entry 59 dogs, (Only 10 absentees), and 95 entries

All the major placings had the correct dentition and bite so this didn’t need mentioning in my critique.

Glad to record that there was only one or two small dentition faults in the whole show.




Res Best puppy dog - IZUMIS COTTON EYED JOE




Best puppy in show - ZUMIS LUK AT U LUKIN AT ME



1st - "Dazzling White Lad by Gularrens".B/W Pied dog carries his eight years extremely well maintaining many of his earlier years virtues. Stood four square with a wide front which extenuated his good bone structure. Pasterns still strong and feet remain tight, very strongly headed, deep, wide and through with a powerful muzzle, prominent cheek bumps. Rose ears well positioned and used to great effect. No real evidence of significant muscle wastage, his rear end still holding good form helped him move along the mat with drive and power whist still maintaining his level top line. Fully deserved his BVIS

2nd - "Gadkey's Black Knight". B/B Old favourite of mine, back showing again after a short break and here he still wanted to strut his stuff. At 14 yrs. allowances had to be made for his advancing years but he showed willing to proceed down the mat. Beginning to lose some of the virtues he carried in his younger years but to his credit he earned his placing, congratulations to his handler.


1st - "Ramblestaff Ebenezer Good". D/B Looks good from all angles, well balanced youngster showing early promise, head developing along the right lines with muzzle to head proportions spot on. Small well placed rose ears and a dark eye all helped to give him a correct expression. For a young one he is well ribbed up, coupled with an adequate spring of rib gave him a good basic body shape. Level top line. Rear end angulations fine only needs maturity to tighten and increase muscle development, maturity should also tighten up his action when on the move. BPD

2nd -  "Ramblestaff Solo Eclipse". B/B/W Litter brother of the winner carrying many of the same virtues, Stood four square with a wide front, highlighting his good bone, similar head shape and expression as the first but head not quite as well developed at this stage but should come on. Well laid shoulder and no weakness at the pasterns and elbows. Level top line, body and rear quarters same comments as 1 and his hocks were well let down and he also has a good bend of stifle. Great to go over MP’s that look like MP’s both of these boys could become credits to the breed.


1st - "Izumis Cotton Eyed Joe". B/W pied. His darkest of eyes drew the attention to his head which was wide and deep. Good stop, strong muzzle and underjaw no lipiness, cheek bumps coming on. To complete the picture he has the tidiest of well placed rose ears. Stood foursquare he is well balanced with ample bone, the head matched the body, and equally the rear end was also in balance. No sign of over angulation all finished off with a grand tail set and carriage. Handler got the best out of him on the mat where his movement was good. Another one in need of maturity

2nd - "Izumis Stand & Stare". W/D Top sized dog but showing several good breed points. Powerful head with round dark eyes, good pigmentation, rose ears and a good stop. Prominent fore chest helped show off his clean, wide front. Tight elbows and a nice lay of shoulder, good reach of neck, fine spring of rib, short coupled, hard inner thigh muscle matching the upper and lower thigh muscles, moved well

3rd - "Yes I Can Can"

Res - "Antoniostaff War Lord"


1st - "Sanspariels The Democrat". D/B/W Well balanced dog without any exaggerations looked good from all angles. Masculine head extenuated by a good width, rose ears, ample stop and a well filled foreface leading to a strong looking muzzle and underjaw with no evidence of any lippiness. Ample depth of brisket topped by nice shoulder placement and a good spring of ribs. Short coupled, level top line which he carried whilst moving with drive. Rear end coming along, promising signs of good muscle definition, pleasant bend of stifle with hocks well let down.

2nd - "Antoniostaff War Lord". B/B Handler presented this boy in gleaming coat and a fit condition, good bone, wide front good head shape and proportions. Body, not yet as well developed as the head just needs to body up to improve the overall picture, stood four square. Pasterns were strong also no looseness at the elbow. He has good hocks and bend of stifle. Moved well both coming and going.


1st - "Izumis Cotton Eyed Joe"

2nd - "Mister Bloo". Blue 1st time out and it showed, gave his handler a hard time. Well put together in fine coat and good fit condition, stood four square built like a pocket battleship, very difficult dog to assess due to poor ring craft but looked to have several good breed points, tried going over him but he wouldn’t settle. Handler was given every chance to move him, his movement was difficult to assess


1st - "Marmaduke My Lord". D/B/W Surprised to find this boy in Novice, really eye catching specimen, excellent bone, pleasing construction without exaggerations. Presented in gleaming coat and in fit/hard condition, powerful head with the keenest of dark eyes, topped with petite rose ears. Front was wide, no weakness at the pasterns which extenuated his good tight feet. Nice spring of rib and well ribbed up. Not disappointed with his rear quarters which complimented ideally the overall picture. Move with power, drive and purpose whilst maintaining his level top line.

2nd - "Izumis Cotton Eyed Joe"

3rd - "Mister Bloo"


1st - "Marmaduke My Lord"

2nd  - "Fantazmic Megaboom". DB Taken by his powerful looking head, good width and stop, dark eye, well developed cheek bumps, strongest of muzzles and a great underjaw. Fine reach of neck leading to a good shoulder lay, plenty of engine room in his excellent rib cage. Short coupled, good muscle definition, adequate bend of stifle and hocks well let down without being over angulated. Move OK and his handler made the most of him. To nit pick I would have liked a little more daylight under him.

3rd - "Izumis Rich for a Reason".

Res - "Advocates King of the Ring"

Vhc - "Izumis Cotton Eyed Joe"


1st - "Marmaduke My Lord"

2nd - "Veklorra Barney Rebel at Powerpack". BB Another one presented in, beautiful coat and texture and in excellent condition. Standing four square with good balance, clean wide front highlighting his good bone structure. Great expression helped by having correct eye, colour, size & placement, topped with the neatest of rose ears. Deep brisket, level topline, short coupled held at the croup, grand tail set and carriage. His strong inner thighs were an indication of the strength of his rear quarters, expected and got a really good movement. Thought today, he was slightly lacking in his usual sparkle.

3rd - Shogunstaff the Highlander"

Res - "Sanspariels The Democrat"

VHC - "Izumis Rich for a Reason"


1st - "Crossguns Tom Jones". B/W This lad ticked all the right boxes and has that something special about him, wonderful ring presence and confirmation, presented in gleaming coat and fit, hard condition, looked and felt solid. Excellent bone, wide front, prominent fore chest, strong pasterns and tight feet, great head proportions,  correct rose ears, dark eye, good stop, with a well filled foreface, strong muzzle without being ultra short, no lipiness, all helping to create a typical expression. Body matched the head, well ribbed up with a good spring of rib. Level top line held at the croup, took great delight in his rear quarters everything spot on with excellent muscle tone and development. Handled with expertise and he moved with drive and purpose both coming and going. Fully deserved BD & BIS

2nd - "Dynastaff Jack the Lad". D/B/W Another striking dog with many of the same attributes as the winner without exaggerations and in complete balance. Good bone and width of front. Strong head, wide and deep, dark eye, good length to his powerful muzzle. Rose ears with correct placement and use, helped complete the picture. Deep brisket, good rib cage, short coupled, solid, hard inner thighs, well developed upper and second thighs, strong bend of stifle and solid well let down hocks. Movement was fine but wasn’t quite as smooth and powerful as the winner.

3rd - "Fantazmic Megaboom"


1st - "Benjerries Blusters". D/B After the last class I was lucky enough to have another fine exhibit to go over. Without exaggerations and with lovely balance from all angles The head wasn’t over done it was wide and deep with good proportions, correct round dark eyes, typical rose ears, and expression. Good reach of neck leading into well laid shoulders and rock solid elbows. Good spring of rib, depth of brisket and short coupled. More than impressed with his rear quarters where he has a good bend of stifle and his solid hocks were well let down, all an indication of his super condition. Movement was good and he maintained his level topline during it. Unlucky to meet the BIS in such cracking form. RBD & RBIS

2nd - "Vale of Bryn Rhys" ShCM. B/W pied needed to look long and hard at this boy his markings tended to distract the eye from his many fine points. Very taken by his harlequin marked head which had width and depth, and a good stop. Darkest of eyes almost jet black, great pigmentation, tidy rose ears, well filled foreface highlighted his strong muzzle, no lipiness. Markings didn’t distract from his wonderful fit condition. Four square ,wide front, good bone, ample reach of neck, good shoulders and elbows, slightly longer coupled than I prefer but not a real problem and he has excellent rear quarters, moved and handled well, a credit to his Lady handler.

3rd - "Marmaduke My Lord"



1st - "Knockon Minerva of Powerpack". B/B Stood alone in the class but she hasn’t lost any of her form or spirit and she can still show the youngster how to do it, up and down the mat. Top sized with a powerful, yet feminine head set off with petite rose ears, dark eye and strong muzzle of correct length. Plenty of bone, tight feet, good shoulder lay, level top line, deep brisket, short coupled with a nice bend of stifle. Well developed rear end, perhaps just beginning to lose some of her muscle definition. Fully deserved her award went on to RBVIS.


1st - "Sunnystone Party Girl At Tonpay". /B/W Looked exactly what she is a minor puppy, great to see her carrying a little puppy weight. Top sized, wide front with excellent bone, head coming on nicely with a good shape, dark round eye, could have made better use of her ears Good lay of shoulders, no evidence of any looseness in the pasterns or elbows, real good spring of ribs for one this young Level topline, with short couplings, maturity will strengthen and improve her already promising rear quarters. Movement was therefore slightly loose but will come.

2nd -  "Ramblestaff Jorja On My Mind".B/B/W another youngster with much to admire, presented in excellent coat and condition. Head coming on but not yet, as well developed as the winner but showing signs of things to come. Tidiest of rose ears, dark round eyes correctly placed, she has a very feminine expression. Stood four square, up on her tight feet, showing god bone. Shoulders well laid, body coming on she already has a good spring of rib and her hind quarters are also coming on nicely, muscles starting to develop. Nice bend of stifle and hocks well let down. Handler got her moving well on the mat where the puppy was able to sustain her level top.

3rd - "Ramblestaff Take On Me"

Res - "Sarculean Danny's Legacy"

VHC - "Aymstaff Red hot caper"


1st - "Izumis Luk At U Lukin At Me". W/B Really taken with her superb pigmentation and wonderful, almost pitch black eyes. These helped give her an individual expression second to none. Deep, and wide through head of good proportions, with neat rose ears used to good effect. Well off for bone, wide front, good shoulder lay, fine, strong ribcage, level topline, rear angulations spot on with a nice bend of stifle. Moved straight and parallel with drive and purpose whilst maintaining her topline, Stood square without exaggerations and in impressive coat and condition. No hesitation in awarding her BPB and BPIS

2nd - "Jessie Rose Of Crickelstaff". B/B/W Attractive wide front, ample bone, strong pasterns and tight feet. She looked good from all angles. Good spring of rib, adequate depth of brisket for her age. Good head shape with a strong muzzle and underjaw, dark eyes, neat rose ears, pleasant expression. Shoulders well laid , elbows held firm, good reach of neck. Rear end is already showing reasonable muscle tone and definition. Presented in fine fettle, she moved well. Once head is more developed could be one to watch.

3rd - "Caribbean Coco At Raynstaff"

Res - "Sarculean Danny's Legacy"


1st - "Atharrisons Mollies Pride". D/B/W Pleasure to go over this young Lady, presented in tip top condition with a coat to match, admired her confirmation. Punishing but truly feminine head, deep and wide, dark round eyes, well filled foreface, excellent stop, good length to her strong muzzle, no sign of any lipiness, topped with rose ears all helping to give her a keen, alert and piercing expression.  Head was complimented by body which was also very strong with ample flesh over the structure. Deep brisket, well ribbed up. Level topline maintained at the croup where it didn’t fall away. Hard, solid inner thigh matched by her upper and second thighs depicted a complete picture of power and strength. Handler knows how to get the best from this lady as show by her fluid, strong movement on the mat, coming and going. BB & BOSIS lost a little of her sparkle for the challenge.

2nd - "Fabrehn Cool Yer Jetts At Engladian". B/B/W fully merited a close inspection as she has many of the virtues of the winner, I just preferred the overall balance of the winner,  This Lady has good bone strength and structure was sound and in balance, standing four square, very similar head to first with dark eyes, rose ears and an equally good expression, perhaps not so piercing, Once again confirmation was good and she looked well from all angles, thought her rear quarters were excellent, no signs of any weaknesses at the stifle or hocks as was made clear when the handler mover her along the mat to great effect.

3rd - "Ramblestaff Miss Demeanour"

Res - "Sanspariel's Young Martha"

VHC - "Labrastaf  Eye of the Storm"


1st - "Izumis Luk At U Lukin At Me"

2nd - "Sunnystone Party Girl At Tonpay"

3rd - "Ramblestaff Take On Me"

Res - "Sanspariel's Young Martha"

VHC - "Labrastaf  Eye of the Storm"


1st - "Atharrisons Mollies Pride"

2nd - "Izumis Luk At U Lukin At Me"

3rd - "Ramblestaff Jorja On My Mind"

Res - "Ramblestaff Take On Me"

VHC - "Labrastaf  Eye of the Storm"


1st - "Ramblestaff Jorja On My Mind"

2nd - "Sharoc Dark Jewel". R/B very strong typically red, head, full of power without losing any femininity. Rose ears dark eyes, good stop, filled foreface leading to a muzzle of fair length, grand pigmentation and a pleasing expression. Well off for bone, with an extremely powerful looking, wide front and shoulders, without being over loaded. Body was holding good form, deep brisket, short coupled, rear quarters matched the rest of her and her muscle definition was seen and felt to be good. To be ultra critical I would liked to have seen her with tighter feet. Handled well and her movement was fine.

3rd - "Gnosall Princess Becky"


1st - "Kewaunee Pocahontas For Powerpack"JW. B/B Pleasing picture from all angles this Lady fits the standard like a glove. Impressive head shape and proportions nothing overdone, correct dark eyes and rose ears, carried and used well gave her a keen, alert expression. Body didn’t disappoint, well laid shoulders, deep brisket, good spring of ribs, level top line, good tail set and carriage. Firm and solid thigh muscles, good bend of stifle with hocks well let down, expected her to move like she did with power ,drive and grace without losing her topline. More than certain that this young Lady’s day will come, her fitness and condition are a credit to her Owner.

2nd - "Gularrens Temptin Fate Too". B/W Pied Very attractively marked bitch drawn to her head which had width and depth to it. Really dark, well placed almost black eyes added to the attraction giving her a most appealing expression, muzzle strong and of reasonable length and without any lipiness. Good bone, wide front, well laid shoulders, ribs well sprung. Standing four square her body form was good and also gave the impression of great strength and power and this was confirmed by her well developed back end. Movement was good and she maintained her level topline on the move, feet could be just a little tighter.

3rd - "Current Romance"

Res - "Lilkalou's Love bug Between Labrastaff"


1st - "Rotherstaff Indian Ink At Dynastaff". B/B standard sized bitch without any exaggerations all in balance. Presented in great coat, Four square with good bone showing off her grand wide front to great effect, strong pasterns and tight padded feet. Head has width and depth, correct rose ears and dark round eyes well set. Muzzle was deep and strong and of reasonable length, complete with a good underjaw, pleasing expression. Good engine room where she has sufficient length of rib to short couplings, level topline. Well defined thigh muscles were an indication of her fitness and condition. Handler managed to get this bitch to perform to her best, especially on the mat where her movement was among the day’s best. Unlucky to meet two other Bitches in such cracking form. 

2nd - "Advocates Slayer". D.B Very similar type to the winner with many of the same virtues, for her  head in particular I could have written the same comments, except perhaps she didn’t use her ears to the same effect as the winner, and it cost her today. Good reach of neck leading to well laid shoulders, deep brisket, short coupled. Firm back end no evidence of weakness at the stifle or hocks, terrific muscle tone, movement was OK another really attractive bitch, a credit to her owner.


1st - "Sunnystone Steel Magnolia". D/B Great to see that the handler has got this bitch back into some form, although not yet back to her very best, presented in fit, hard condition with a gleaming coat. Stood four square on tight padded feet and showing good bone structure throughout, wide front, prominent fore chest, deep brisket, good lay of shoulders. All topped off with a powerfully strong feminine head with correct proportions and good width, and depth, rose ears and round dark eyes produced a good expression. Body well developed, ribs well sprung , level topline, rear angulations not overdone and she has superb thigh muscles. She looked and felt extremely hard and was in sparkling form on the move. RBB

2nd - Advocates Queen Of The Ring". B/B Another balanced bitch standing square and without exaggerations, very similar to her litter sister in the previous class but with better ear placement and carriage that improved the picture and thus the expression. Head wide, deep and through with a really strong underjaw, muzzle strong but not over short. Excellent bone, clean, wide front backed by well laid shoulders, good body shape and form. Level topline, short coupled with no falling away at the croup. Solid, hard inner thigh muscles matched by the other rear thigh muscles, Good bend of stifle, hocks well let down. Pleasure to go over her and she was well handled to produce such a fluent movement with drive on the mat. No disgrace to come second today, on another day the positions could easily change.

3rd - "Izumis We know Ya Looking"