Southern Counties SBT Society

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Southern Counties SBT Society Open Show
Sunday 23rd October 2011

Judge: Ms Jackie Smart

Best in Show- Sunnystone Wizard of Oz

Reserve Best in Show- Cursus Summer Storm JW

Best Opposite Sex in Show- Cursus Summer Storm JW

Best Puppy in Show- Zakstaff Dark Knight

Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Show- Lovely Sunshine

Best Veteran in Show- Ramblestaff Knifedge JW

Veteran Dog

1st~Ramblestaff Knifedge JW 11 years young, bl/br dog with strong muzzle, big teeth. Still possessing a good head shape. Front straight and well boned. Good width of chest and well boned. Good width of chest and well ribbed though. Carrying around a little bit of 'middle age spread'  but went well on the mat.

Puppy Dog

1st~Zakstaff Dark Knight  Liked the make and shape of this lad. Possessed good width to muzzle, large white teeth and distinct stop. Neat rose ears which he used well and enhanced his expression at the death to gain RBD. Enough width to chest and depth of brisket for age. Front assembly needs to tighten slightly which is evident on the move. He has a super shape and depth to his rib  with a well defined loin. Level topline and good muscle tone to rear quarters. Moved well behind. RBD BPIS.

2nd~Eclypstaff Rude Boy This bl/br has a strong foreface, good dentition and well shaped skull. Eye and ear placement good. Enough bone to limbs. Longer cast than winner, enough rib for age. Would prefer a little more width to chest. Nice pup with time on his side.

Junior Dog

1st~Antroboss Tempesta Nera Compact bl/br with a well defined head, neat ears and a dark eye. Good rib shape and light in loins. Strode up and down the mat with ease holding a level topline. Just not big enough  for me to go any further today but well worthy of his class wins.

2nd~Carbis Red Rum Red, who is short coupled with adequate rib and fit as a fiddle. Decent head shape, strong muzzle though lips a little thick. Well boned with good rear movement. Short coupled, tail carried well.  Preferred front movement on winner.

Maiden Dog

1st~Kaiserstaff Red Samurai  Red/white dog of substance. Strong head  and muzzle. Dentition good as were his ear and eye placement. Well boned front with well padded feet. Enough rib and brisket. Good bend of stifle. Moved OK. In good coat condition, needs to lose a pound or two to produce a better outline. This boy needs to attend  handling classes to learn his job

Novice Dog

1st~Kaiserstaff Red Samurai

Graduate Dog

1st~Antroboss Tempesta Nera

2nd~Angranian Saiorse Warrior  Bl/br with white chest  with clean muzzle. Well defined  head shape with neat ear. Short neck, good rib shape and depth, good width of chest and well boned limbs. Moved OK.

Post Graduate

1st~Antroboss Tempesta Nera

2nd~Zakstaff Black Baron  Nice head proportions on this bl/br, good mouth and strength of muzzle. Possesses a dark ear and neat ears. Straight front with enough bone, would prefer tidier feet. Short, strong neck leading to a well sprung rib cage. Short coupled, topline level and in good order. Tended to over stretch himself today which spoils his profile

3rd~Izumis Cotton Eye Joe

4th~Angranian Saiorse Warrior

Limit Dog

1st~Sunnystone Wizard Of Oz. Dark brindle dog who stands foursquare. Compact body, a bang on front with good bone, tight well padded feet showing no weakness at pasterns. Strong head with good muzzle/skull ratio, blunt muzzle with strong underjaw which housed good dentition. Topline held at all times, good angulation front and rear. In good condition , moves well. Best Dog & BIS

2nd~ Ramblestaff Solo Eclipse at Millamear. Another bl/br in super condition with a gleaming coat. Good head shape, neat ears. Well boned legs with good width to chest and enough depth to brisket. Moved well. Just preferred the muzzle strength and expression of 1.

3rd~Zakstaff Toby Tobias

Open Dog

1st~ Kaiserstaff Red Samurai.

2nd~Wild Colonial Boy. Topsize bl/br,  strong  head & muzzle with correct bite. Front well boned, would like more strength in pasterns, feet well padded. Muscular neck, well ribbed and level topline. Longer in back than winner. Moved Ok. Just too much for me.

3rd~Ger Ch. Foxstaff Off The Richter  With Ramblestaff.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st~Lovely Sunshine. Compact  dark brindle puppy of  6 months. Promising  head shape with short, blocky muzzle. Neat feet on well boned legs. Enough rib and brisket for age although chest needs to broaden. Loses topline on move but this should improve as she matures. Another puppy with plenty of time on her side. BPB

Junior Bitch

1st~Alport Black Ink At Delphinstaff. Well balanced bl/br bitch with a super outline. Straightest of fronts on good feet. Clean muzzle housing large white teeth . Head clean with no exaggerations, neat rose ears and dark round eyes. Good body definition when viewed from above. Well tucked up in loin with good muscle tone to rear. Moved better behind than in front. Coat glistened. Just seemed to lose her sparkle in the challenge. Nice bitch who won this class with ease.

2nd~Engladian My Obsession. Lovely headed bitch. Clean foreface, good mouth. Well boned front on neat feet. Well ribbed and short coupled. Lost topline slightly on the move. Preferred the rear angulation of 1.

3rd~Zakstaff Black Duchess.

Graduate Bitch 

1st~Bekanbar Shining Star JW. Dark brindle who has good head properties with good mouth & neat ears. Good front which is well boned. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Good rear angulation  and carried tail well. Would like her in harder condition. Moved well.  

2nd ~Zakstaff Black Duchess. Bl/br  bitch, nice head with neat ears and dark eyes. Clean foreface and distinct stop. Front straight, strong neck , good rib and short couple. Moved OK.

3rs~Anna Flashy Star.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st~Bekanbar Shining Star JW

2nd~Surestaff Valentina. Fittest bitch of the day and a credit to her owners. Decent head shape with good mouth although I would prefer larger teeth. Front is well boned and straight but let down by flat feet. Good width to chest, depth to brisket and she has a good rib shape. Held her topline on the move. Moved with drive covering the ground well. 

3rd~Zakstaff Sophies Choice.

Limit Bitch

1st~Sunnystone Party Girl At Tonpay. Strong headed bitch without losing her femininity. Good dentition  and square muzzle. Nice expression with the neatest of ears used well. Ample bone and rib. Neat well padded feet. Well angulated,  muscular rear quarters. In good coat condition, moved well.

2nd~Zakstaff Miss O'Reilly At Southstar. Bl/ br bitch, not as strong all round as 1 but this girl has a clean head with a lovely feminine expression. She has a good mouth  with clean muzzle. She possesses a good rib shape and is short coupled with good tuck up in loins. Preferred the weight of bone  and tighter feet on winner.

3rd~Waystaff Sea The Stars

Open Bitch 

1st~Cursus Summer Storm JW. A standard size bitch I have had the pleasure of judging before albeit as a puppy and today I wasn't disappointed with how she has come on. Good dentition set well in strong square jaw. Good muzzle to skull ratio, neat ears and dark round eye all leading to that lovely feminine expression that I look for. Compact body with just the right amount of covering,  good rib and tuck up in loins. Level topline, neat feet and enough depth to brisket.  Well muscled hindquarters which propelled her up the mat with ease. In tiptop condition. Best Bitch & RBIS

2nd~ Kewaunee Pocahontas For Powerpack JW. A bl/br who is put together very nicely. Clean muzzle with good bite, enough stop and nice depth and width to skull. Lovely defined body when viewed from above showing ample rib and a well defined waist leading to her muscular rear quarters. Moved well. This bitch does virtually everything to scupper her chances of winning the more her handler fiddles with her at the death...which today DID cost her in the class. In the challenge when left to her own devices she performed much better.RBB

3rd~Nor Ch. Ramblestaff  Colour My Days.

4th~Valglo Valente