Southern Counties SBT Society

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Southern Counties SBTS Open Show
25 October 2009

Judge: Alice Levy (Alidav)

To all those who have waited patiently, and to those who have not, I offer my most sincere apologies for the long delay in providing my critique and ask for your forgiveness as I tell you, as briefly as I can, the whys. 
I, like many, do not usually write my critique immediately as I like to look over my notes, look over my pictures, make a few more notes, do a rough draft and ruminate over how best to give the reader “value for money”. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my day at the SCSBTS open show and I hope you did too, but from there my luck went steadily downhill. 
Now I know this will read like poor fiction but this is what happened next. 
When I got home I penned some more notes intending to write the proper critique later in the week or the following weekend. 
As I did so my computer crashed irretrievably and I had to send it away to be thoroughly cleaned and rebuilt. 
That took some time and I did not get it back until just before I was due to go away but I thought, it’s not too long, better to wait until I got back rather than provide a rushed and poor effort. 
So I went away for a week and from the first day my tooth started hurting but I could not get a dentist to see me so I spent a week on painkillers. 
On my way home we had a 3 hour wait at Calais because of bad weather, during which time I received a phone call to tell me I had been burgled. 
So I eventually arrived home at 3 in the morning in excruciating pain, with my face distorted and looking like the elephant man due to a huge abscess, to a burgled house. 
I eventually managed to see an emergency dentist between visits from the police, forensics, CID, et al but over the next 2 days my condition worsened as my face neck and hands got swollen and my eyes started to close as I was allergic to the antibiotics. 
So, back to the dentist who sent me to hospital where they had to gut my gums open (and leave open) to drain the abscess and halt the septicaemia that had set in. It was like a scene from the film Marathon Man. 
I do not recall suffering anything as painful as that procedure ever before and it was only after they had done it that they told me that, even though they had given me a goodly amount of anaesthetic, the anaesthetic was nullified by the puss in the infected area. 
I still had a steady stream of visits from the police and insurance to deal with and could not get Magi back until I had secured the broken front and back doors and the windows. 
All this whilst in a drug induced state. 
One of the police actually fell over in the garden whilst looking for clues and gashed his hand open so my friend, who had come over to help me, ended up taking him to hospital to have his hand stitched. 
I had the chore of putting my home back into some semblance of order with the man from the insurance company snapping at my heels wanting to visit and wanting a list of stolen property. 
At last I had some time but had to go back to hospital as it was necessary to remove one of the teeth that been affected by the abscess. 
That did not go too well as the tooth came out in bits and they had to cut away some bone to remove it all and then stitch up the gum. 
There I was again, face all swollen, back on antibiotics and painkillers. 
Within a couple of days Magi pulled a muscle in her shoulder and was walking like a tripod so off to the vet with her. 
She had pulled a muscle so anti-inflammatory tablets for her and cage rest. How do you rest an 8 month old who’s full of energy. 
So, as the pain and swelling went down and Magi got some rest we both slept a lot. 
At last I began to feel human again and I got the computer out but as I did so I must have twisted something as I wrenched and inflamed the ligaments in my shoulder. 
This time it was my turn for the anti-inflammatory tablets and, you guessed it, more painkillers. 
The pain in my shoulder and arm was getting worse not better so I made another doctor’s appointment. 
Then came the snow. 
I couldn’t drive so a friend took me and we got caught out in it and after more than 2 hours of trying to get to the doctor we gave up and tried to get back home instead except Rickmansworth was a giant skating rink and the police had closed the roads around my house. 
I was snowed out. 
So after another 2 hours or more he dropped me off and I walked the rest of the way home exhausted and still in pain. 
At least Magi was pleased to see me. 
Now I was snowed in and you may wonder how snow affected my ability to write a critique and I can tell you it did not so in the morning I finally started again except now I had no water in the house. 
I called the water company and was told there was a problem in the area and they had their engineer out looking for a patch without snow. In the meanwhile they would try to turn on an alternative supply “shortly”. 
Well a few hours later they did and when they did the mains outside my house erupted in a volcano of water and “stuff”. 
Now the engineers had an area without snow. In fact they had a swimming pool so my water was turned off again but they had to block off the road and my drive as the underground erosion damage was severe and they believed the drive and road were unstable and dangerous as somebody could fall through the surface. 
Fortunately I live on a hill so the flood did not invade the house. 
Hurrah. So, as I type this, mainly one handed, my drive is still barricaded and I am on the emergency list for them to return, dig up, fill in and rebuild the drive and road and repair the broken underground pipes. 
In the meanwhile I begged the doctor for another appointment and now my mouth was hurting again so begged the dentist to see me before Christmas. 
Still not driving so my friend again came and took me to the doctor who gave me stronger pain killers and the dentist who said the gum had become reinfected and had not even started to heal yet. So she removed the stitches, cleaned out the wound (more pain) patched me up and sent me home with more antibiotics. 
One last curve ball was when I had finished my critique and just wanted a final read through the power lead for my laptop fell apart so the computer died. It was now Christmas so had to get another power lead before I could finish. 
You just could not make this lot up. 
I could tell you so much more but I have tried to be brief. 
Maybe when I see you next. So that is my excuse, or should I say those are my excuses. I hope you will forgive me and I have learnt a lesson from all this. 
Don’t wait for a free afternoon or evening. 
If I am awake when I get home from judging a show, start my critique immediately. 
Then once I start writing, save regularly and back up.

Now on to the job in hand.

Firstly I would like to thank all those who entered the show for their entries and all of the officers, committee and helpers of SCSBTS for making the show such a success plus a special thank you to Charlotte for taking pictures of my winners for me. 
I hope those who won the special plaques I had made for the occasion like them. I consider myself lucky to have had such a good entry and turn out of sound, quality dogs to go over especially in these economically difficult times. 
Overall I think there was a great atmosphere and good sportsmanship, as my choices seemed to be well received with plenty of applause. 
Maybe you were all just being polite. 
In writing my critiques, rather than just list the points of a dog, I tend to include the mental comparisons I make when judging which, I hope, will help you understand my placings as well as my thoughts about a dog. 
To avoid being repetitious throughout the critique I would like to say here a few words about mouths and movement. 
There were a couple of poor mouths but it was mainly poor dentition with none with the reversed canines that were so prevalent a few years ago. 
I hope they have been firmly consigned to history. 
Generally movement was ok but some with good front movement were let down by the rear and visa versa. 
There were very few with poor all round movement and not too many with good movement all round. 
You will see I use the word “proportion” quite a lot as this is one of the elements that provides a look of balance and I believe balance to be important along with conformity to standard, type, temperament and, of course, sound movement. 
Colour is irrelevant to my judging so long as it is within the permitted range.

CLASS 1 - VETERAN DOG (2 entered, 0 absent)
1st Mr & Mrs S Hopkins "Pride of Time". A clean 8 ¾ year old red dog with white chest and one white sock. Still strong and sturdy and not yet showing his age. Overall tidy and well proportioned. Balanced head with dark muzzle, round dark eyes and alert expression. Close coat over a reasonably musculated toned body with well set, well carried tail. Moved well holding his top line. Better bite than 2nd. BVIS
2nd Mr J Barren & Mrs J Guiver "Dazzling White Lad By Gularrens". 4 ½ months younger than 1st but also shown fit and not looking his age. White pied with brindle over one eye and ear, saddle and patch on his rump. Bigger all round than 1st Head outline well defined with good stop. Larger, broader head and shorter coupled than 1st but did not move as well in the hindquarters as 1st.

CLASS 2 - MINOR PUPPY DOG (3 entered, 0 absent)
1st J Ferrer & B Boggins "Zakstaff Toby Tobias". Beautiful 6 month old very lively black dog. It is difficult to critique muscle tone in one so young and it would be wrong for a puppy of this age to have overly developed muscles so it was good (for me) to see that he had a physique commensurate with his age. Well proportioned compact dog with strong head (for his age), clean lips and lovely dark eyes although the expression was let down by some hair loss around the eyes. As he gets older some road work should tighten up the feet and develop the promise he has. I now understand he was not handled by his owner but, at the time, made some allowance for his puppy exuberance when walking putting it down to his inexperience in the ring. Again time should remedy that. BPD & BOSPIS
2nd Mr & Mrs P Knight "Rubysha Redeeming Jewel". 7 weeks older than 1st and at this age 7 weeks makes a lot of difference. Red dog with white chest and collar, one white leg, 2 white feet and white around the muzzle extending into a narrow blaze between the eyes. Longer in the leg and narrower in the chest than 1st but not as tall and broader than 3rd. Head and body in proportion and ears held well but a little heavy for the head but still has time for the head to grow into them. Older, so tighter feet, proportionately more toned than 1st, just needs to develop, body up and fill out.
3rd Mr & Mrs A Walker "Lumsjay Zeus The Great". Black brindle dog, just 1 week younger than 2nd but less ring confident. Coat not as tight and rangier than 1st and 2nd so will take longer to get the body to go with those legs. Head reasonably strong but not so clean or well proportioned. Dark eyes and nails but longer in the back and couple and narrower in the front so less balanced on the day.

CLASS 3 - PUPPY DOG (5 entered, 0 absent)
1st Miss J Essex " Javawolf Mighty Mouse". Lovely 10 ½ month old white dog with black nose and lips and dark parch over one cheek and eye. This type of marking can create an optical illusion with head appearing less than it is and you have to look past the colour. Clear outline to the head with dark eyes, some cheek bumps, clean lips and a good stop. Strong neck and level topline. Head and body in proportion. Ears small and fine which unfortunately encouraged one to rise from the typical rose. Pushed for Best Puppy Dog but, as I told the handler, the BPD had the ability to develop whereas the wayward ear was unlikely to be tamed. I’d like to be wrong. Tight coat and a body showing sufficient muscle definition for his age with neat tuck up. Being white shows muscle definition off well and I look forward to seeing him as he develops further. RBPD
2nd Mr D McKenna "Jacmac Felix Felicis". 11 month black dog. Another well proportioned dog who, on first impression looks to have a stronger head than 1st but under the hand does not. Eyes dark and clear. Coat tight and gleaming making the muscles show up nicely. Strong pigmentation evident in shiny black nails although the feet could be tighter. Did not move quite as well as 1st and although shown in very fit and healthy condition, generally too pared down for me. I would like to see more “meat on the bone”.
3rd C Bruton & L Page "Zakstaff Alfredo". Nearly 10 month old black dog with small blaze of white on the front of the neck. Clean and tidy well proportioned dog although head less well so than 1st and 2nd being relatively shorter in the muzzle and with some loose skin which, for me, detracted from the overall look and expression. Bodily well developed with more “meat on the bone” and broader in the front than 2nd. Feet also a little tighter than 2nd but the same quality black nails.
Reserve Mr & Mrs A Fisher "Jaymac Denezl Lad".
VHC Mr & Mrs A Walker "Lumsjay Zeus The Great".

CLASS 4 - JUNIOR DOG (5 entered, 1 absent)
1st Mr M Hall "Heroic Lad". 15 ½ month old black dog with a white splash on the chest extending in a narrow blaze up the front of the neck and some white toes on the front feet. I’ve said it before but need to say it again. A very well proportioned, strong boned and compact dog. Nice symmetry overall and mature head without any exaggeration. Ears tidy and well held. Eyes dark and correctly set. Bodily mature and well muscled with good spring of rib, level topline, short couple, good angle to the stifle, tail well set and tight feet. This class was close run as the 1st and 2nd had differing virtues and ultimately won on compactness and slightly better all round movement.
2nd S Scarlett & N Reid "Ramblestaff Ebenezer Good". Only 13 months old black dog so less mature than 1st both in the head and the body but longer coupled than 1st despite being shorter on the leg which affected the overall visual balance. Broader front than 1st with equally strong bone and good muscle definition. Short black nails and good pigmentation but feet not as tight as 1st. Equally level topline.
3rd D Meara & K Millgate "Ramblestaff Solso Eclipse". Another 13 month old gleaming black dog with strong head for his size. Shorter on the leg than 1st or 2nd with body in proportion to that. Strongly boned but feet a little flat. A solid compact dog who was unlucky to meet the other 2 on the day. If you read what I said about them, what more can I say here.
Reserve Miss K Elliot "Azure Troop".

CLASS 5 - MAIDEN DOG (1 entered, 0 absent)
1st Miss J Essex " Javawolf Mighty Mouse".

CLASS 6 - NOVICE DOG (4 entered, 1 absent)
1st Mr M Hall "Heroic Lad". Although 2 somewhat different looking dogs, on balance, there was little between these 2 dogs but beat 2nd on substance and maturity but then he is older and this is not an age limited class.
2nd Miss J Essex " Javawolf Mighty Mouse".
3rd D Meara & K Millgate "Ramblestaff Solso Eclipse".

CLASS 7 - GRADUATE DOG (8 entered, 2 absent)
1st Ms N Booth & Mr P Grimwood "Izumis Cotton Eyed Joe". A very nice white dog with dark saddle and rump. Black nose and lips with a tiny splash around the eyes. For me, right on size, with a good balance of muscle and athleticism. Head well proportioned, clean and strong with keen dark eyes, tight lips and a good stop giving an overall strong outline and keen expression. Ears carried a little back some of the time but generally carried well. Well boned with broad front, sprung rib, level top and well muscled rump. Feet could be a little tighter but a small criticism of an otherwise good dog. Unluckily for him there were a number of good dogs in the final line up for best dog.
2nd Mr M Hall "Heroic Lad". Beat 3rd on head proportions.
3rd Mrs C Pickston "Marmaduke The Lord". Another black dog with a narrow blaze of white coming up from between the front legs. At first sight appears shorter on the leg than 2nd but actually broader in the front. Head broad but needing a little more length in the muzzle. Not as clean lipped as 2nd who also had better head/muzzle proportions and lighter eyed and this detracted from the overall expression. Ears tidy and carried well. Bodily strong and well muscled with a coat that looked as if it had just been polished. Level topline but could do with a bit more of a tuck.
Reserve Ms N Booth & Mr P Grimwood "Ramblestaff Maverick McLean".
VHC Mr & Mrs Norris "Fantazmic Megaboom".

CLASS 8 - POST GRADUATE DOG (8 entered, 3 absent)
1st R Braggins & S Burton "Sanspariel The Democrat". Large black dog with white splash on chest and a few white toes. Broad, well defined and strong head which could benefit from a little more length of muzzle for balance. Eyes dark and good pigmentation throughout. Ears good size and well held. Bodily well developed with broad front and well muscled rump. Topline and back length good although a little long in the couple. Tail set and carried correctly. Beat 2nd on head proportions, eye colour and movement.
2nd Mrs C Pickston "Marmaduke The Lord".
3rd Ms N Booth & Mr P Grimwood "Ramblestaff Maverick McLean". Black heavier set dog with strong bone and good muscle. Close shiny coat that glistens. This boy looks well exercised and it shows in the overall depth of muscle tone and general condition. Strong head carried on a sturdy neck set on a solid body
Reserve Ms P Funnell "Veklorra Barney Rebel At Powerpack".
VHC B Boggins & C Burton "The Wild Colonial Boy".

CLASS 9 - LIMIT DOG (11 entered, 2 absent)
1st Mr J & Mrs V Brown "Rotherstaff Saracen". At first sight, coming into the ring with a rather tall lady and some much bigger dogs, this glowing black dog looks small but don’t let your eyes deceive you. This is “bang on standard” dog that exudes power and character. Overall balanced and in total proportion with strong pigmentation. Short, tight gleaming coat. Head strong, deep and carried proud. Clean cut with good stop creating a typical outline set off with dark round eyes, clean lips and well set, well carried ears. Strong neck leading onto sufficiently muscled shoulders. Broad chest between well boned, muscular front legs with tight feet and short shiny black nails. Bodily hard, tidy and compact with appropriate length of back, short coupling and level topline above well sprung ribs and tidy tuck taking you to sturdy, muscular and well angulated hindquarters with well set tail. This combination allowed him to move with purpose both towards and away. An overall worthy winner who I think may sometimes be judged on first impressions. What more can I say. BD & BIS
2nd Mrs C Dewar "Euphemia Drummer Boy". A fractionally shorter in the leg black dog than 1st but with many of the same attributes and qualities and another “standard” dog. Head broader than 1st and I would not like to see any more on this dog. Ears carried a little higher than 1st which affects the overall expression when alert and up on his toes. Broad chest, stout body and short coupling but feet not as tight as 1st and not quite as purposeful in movement. Coat clean and tight moulded over some excellent muscle definition. RBD
3rd K McTrusty & R Barker "Buddastaff Red Rogue". Red dog with white upper chest and neck, 2 white front feet and a couple of white toes at the rear. Larger dog than 1st and 2nd with proportionately larger head, longer legs and longer back but a little stocky in comparison and did not move as well as 2nd. Head relatively broader than 2nd and, again, I would not want to see any more on this dog. Strong looking with good cheek bumps and set off by black lips, a dark muzzle and a little ring of black around the eyes giving a typical expression.
Reserve Mrs D Kisacik "Izumis Mayja Luk Mayja Stare at Dardanians".
VHC Mrs C Pickston "Marmaduke The Lord".

CLASS 10 - OPEN DOG (6 entered, 3 absent)
1st Mrs D Kisacik "Izumis Mayja Luk Mayja Stare at Dardanians". Tall (probably near 18 inches) and muscular, pied black and white dog. 4 white feet joined on the inside to a white underbelly and white chest running up under the chin, around the mouth and up further between the eyes to meet with a broad white collar. Striking symmetrical markings for a striking well balanced dog. Although a big dog he is all in proportion to his size. Smartly turned out in excellent condition. Head typically broad, deep and clean with bright dark eyes. Front broad with deep chest between strong sturdy legs. Ribs nicely sprung tapering into well chiselled loins with appropriate coupling and good tuck backed with strong hindquarters. A worthy winner but when it came to best dog I was swayed by the same qualities in a more standard height dog.
2nd Mrs C Pickston "Marmaduke The Lord".
3rd Mrs T Freshwater "Advocates King of the Ring". Black glossy dog. Overall a smaller than 1st and more standard in height with its own qualities but not with the same depth of virtues as 1st. Good breadth and depth of head with ears carried well and typical laughing expression. Plenty of bone and ample front with good muscle tone and definition. Nothing specific that I would say was “wrong” just unlucky to meet such a striking dog on the day.

CLASS 11 - VETERAN BITCH (4 entered, 1 absent)
1st Miss J Essex "Rowellstaff Top Hatter with Javawolf". White bitch with a small patch of colour on her rump at the tail root. What a sprightly and happy dog. She may be 7 years old but must think she is 7 months. May all our dogs grow old so well. A little terrier in appearance but very clean and well proportioned. Head is broader and deeper than it first appears, as again white can be deceptive. Good breadth of front with level topline and trim tuck. Still well muscled and tight. BOSVIS
2nd Miss W Rose "Buddastaff Orange Princess". At 11 years and 4 months this bitch was the oldest in the class. Red with white underbelly, dappled front and front of neck, one white sock, one white foot and some white toes. She is starting to loose the black colour around the muzzle but not on the body. Still has dark lips but no longer black. Much stockier dog than 1st. Broader head, shorter on the leg, broader front and more spring of rib. Ears not as tidy as 1st and carrying some matronly weight but excellent for her age.
3rd Miss P Funnell "Knockon Minerva at Powerpack". Back to black for this 8 year and 8 month old bitch. More terrier like 1st with standard head but not as broad in the front and not the same degree of muscle.

CLASS 12 - MINOR PUPPY BITCH (7 entered, 0 absent)
1st Mr & Mrs T Reed "Zakstaff Sophies Choice". 6 month old black bitch with a splash of white on her front and one set of white toes and oh so lovely. Everything I said about the minor puppy dog you can read here too. Wonderful feminine features without loss of strength but with the same hair loss around the eyes. Stocky, square and all in proportion. All is right for her age with a sprinkle of sparkle. Not much between 1st and 2nd as they were almost identical. Now I know why. Both 1st and 2nd as well as the 1st from MPD come from the same litter. I would love to see these 3 again in 6, 12 and 18 months.
2nd Mrs C Bowdrey "Zakstaff Miss O'Reilly at Southstar". Litter sister to 1st. Also black. Slightly smaller all round but with the most glorious expression. Finer boned, slightly shorter in the leg and body than 1st and generally a little less mature but, as with her siblings, well shaped head, clean lips, dark eyes, black nails, glossy coat. There is a lot of promise here waiting to be developed and nurtured. Really the baby of the 3 but what a baby.
3rd Stevens & Raynsford "Raynstaff Do You Know Who I Am". 7½ month old black bitch with broad white front, neck and under chin and all white toes. More mature than 1st and 2nd but this is an age limited class so allowance can be made for age and unlucky to come up against the twins. Clean cut head with neat lips and well placed eyes. Again feminine without weakness. Plenty of bone for her age and the muscles developing under a tight close coat. I loved all my miner puppies and would gladly have taken any home, had I been allowed to.
Reserve A Gordon & L Beattie "Blazinstaff Red Ember"
VHC Mr & Mrs S Hopkins "Trufflestaff Hasina Bahiti".

CLASS 13 - PUPPY BITCH (3 entered, 1 absent)
1st Mr & Mrs D Payton "Sunnystone Party Girl at Tonpay". 1 year old and the maturity shows. Black bitch with a streak of white on her front and the slightest white toes. Head broad and deep and just right so I hope this does not broaden much more as she matures and takes on adult muscles. Ears a little untidy but that could improve with maturity and muscle. Strong neck set on well developed shoulders. Well boned and generally well build front and rear. Broad front, good tuck and muscled hindquarters. Altogether a sound framework with a good covering. BPIS
2nd P Casey & D Ayres "Araidh Heartbreaker". Overall she looked as though she must have just come out of miner puppy. Neat and tidy head with lovely round eyes, small ears and keen expression. Narrower front than 1st although same length of leg. Body much less developed in rib and tuck and feet not as tight but if I am right about the age would love to see her as she develops.

CLASS 14 - JUNIOR BITCH (7 entered, 2 absent)
1st Mrs J Day & Mr M West "Izumis Luk At U Lukin At Me". 14 month old white bitch with black nose, lips and rings around the eyes. Strong head of good breadth and depth carried well on strong neck. Tidy rose ears carried well. Eyes as black as pools. Head in proportion and in proportion to the body which was reasonably muscled with clean defined outline, visible spring of rib, small waist and clean tuck. Although a little up on the leg the feet were tight and tail placement and carriage were correct which helped make the overall silhouette pleasing.
2nd Mr R Crick "Jessie Rose At Crickelstaff". Nearly 16 month old brindle bitch with a small patch of white between the front legs. Overall needing more development than 1st. Head strong and well proportioned with clean lips just not as developed as 1st. Body well muscled and covered in short gleaming coat making the muscle definition stand out. Not as tall as 1st but in proportion with well boned legs and tight feet. Broad front and shorter coupled than 1st making her more compact in outline.
3rd Ms N Booth & Mr P Grimwood "Ramblestaff Jorga On My Mind". Black bitch with a small “V” of white between the legs. At 13 months younger and less mature than 1st and 2nd and also appearing a little rangier and leaner. Time is on her side and she just needs to fill out. Lovely balanced head with large black eyes and great pigmentation throughout. Another where the feet could have been tighter
Reserve Mrs C Reed "Ramblestaff Take On Me".
VHC Mrs D Yarham "Mishdars Sheza Sugarbabe At Engladian".

CLASS 15 - MAIDEN BITCH (5 entered, 2 absent)
1st Mrs J Day & Mr M West "Izumis Luk At U Lukin At Me".
2nd Mr M Knapman "Miss Dotty Dimple". Brindle bitch with lots of colour in the coat and a flash of white between legs extending up under the chin. Heavier set than 1st and carrying a little too much weight. Head not as well proportioned as 1st but broad and deep although not as strong in the muzzle. Front broad with strong legs which allowed her to move ok but feet a little loose.
3rd Mr & Mrs S Hopkins "Trufflestaff Hasina Bahiti". Very cute brindle bitch with broad white patch on the front coming up the neck and lower jaw, one white foot and some white toes. Shiny coat, dark eyes, good ear carriage, strong front legs, not much muscle development yet. Difficult to say much as she is only 6 month old and in this class, which is not age limited, gave away too much to maturity. Was VHC in Miner Puppy against her peers.

CLASS 16 - NOVICE BITCH (8 entered, 4 absent)
1st Mrs J Day & Mr M West "Izumis Luk At U Lukin At Me".
2nd Mrs S Watte "Beautiful Rene". Black bitch with a broad band of white coming up from the depth of her chest, up the front under the chin and around her neck and white on all 4 feet. A difficult decision as broader in the front and head than 1st but head not so clean. Eyes clear and dark. Very light in the loins with severe tuck. Moved ok. Similar height to 1st but less balanced as, for me, she was too stripped down and another I would like to see “more meat on the bones” with. 
3rd Mr M Knapman "Miss Dotty Dimple".
Reserve Miss B Turner "Tidestaff Zoros Magic Star".

CLASS 17 - GRADUATE BITCH (9 entered, 2 absent)
1st Mr & Mrs S Hopkins "Trufflestaff Toffee Crunch". White pied with black nose and lips, symmetrical white patches over each eye, ear and cheek and black saddle extending over the shoulders and rump. Head clean and balanced with round dark eyes well placed in the head. In an ideal world I would like to have a little more breadth but then nothing’s perfect. Head carried well on strong neck. Broad and deep front with muscular shoulders, strong legs and tidy feet. Bodily, strong and mature. Close clean coat over a well muscled body with enough rib, neat tuck and short coupling. Compact, elegant and a great example of femininity as a virtue. Best mover of the day and only lost Best Bitch to her half sister. RBB
2nd Booth Grimwood Barker & Ventham "Ramblestaff Miss Demeanor". All black and another example of a real girl of strength. Shown fit and keen. Well proportioned head, appropriate for her body, with round dark eyes, good stop, tidy ears, clean lips and generally clean outline. Close gleaming coat over well muscled frame. Strong front legs and broad front. Compact body with enough depth and tuck and close coupled. I could continue with superlatives but ultimately lost to 1st on her feet and did not move so well either.
3rd Mrs J Day & Mr M West "Izumis Luk At U Lukin At Me".
Reserve Mrs D Yarham "Fabrehn Cool Yer Jetts At Engladian".
VHC Mr & Mrs D Payton "Sunnystone Party Girl at Tonpay".

CLASS 18 - POST GRADUATE BITCH (5 entered, 1 absent)
1st Booth Grimwood Barker & Ventham "Ramblestaff Miss Demeanor".
2nd Miss P Funnell "Kewaunee Pocahontis For Powerpack". Black bitch with small patch of white between the legs. Head clean, with good stop, round eyes and proportionate skull to muzzle. The head was also proportionate to the shoulders. Shown fit with close shiny coat. Broad front and level topline. Generally a little larger than 1st. In consequence, higher on the leg and longer in the body and coupling so not as tight or compact as 1st. Nails black but feet let her down.
3rd Mr & Mrs Goree "Hubbulls Red Headed Woman At Skastaff". Red bitch with narrow stripe of white on the chest and neck, black nose and around the nose, black lips and black around the eyes but ears on the heavy side. Head not as strong as 1st or 2nd but carried reasonably well on muscular neck but looked a little sorry for herself on the day and that carried through into her over posture. Strong legs and good depth of chest were not enough to move her up the rankings
Reserve Miss B Turner "Tidestaff Firecracker".

CLASS 19 - LIMIT BITCH (5 entered, 1 absent)
1st Mr D Manito "Rotherstaff Indian Ink At Dynastaff". All black bitch with broad head in proportion to her body. Strongly built but still compact and tidy. Eyes dark, plenty of cheek muscle and well carried ears giving an overall balance to the head. Muscular neck going into well padded shoulders but without the visual muscle definition of some. Broad front with neat tuck, light enough loins and appropriate coupling meant she moved ok. Alert and keen she showed that she was really enjoying her day. Not shown as hard or visually muscular as 2nd but beat 2nd on balance and appropriate covering on the ribs. Also moved better.
2nd C Kelly & P Hopgood "Sirons Gift Of Antroboss". Tiger brindle bitch with white on the chest and offset up the neck and under the chin. One white half leg with white extending up the inside to meet the white on her front and white toes on all other feet. Strong head in good proportion with eyes and ears well placed giving an alert and keen expression which makes her look ready for any mischief. Front broad and deep with severe tuck up and rather light in the loins. Powerful standard height bitch shown in very fit condition with muscles very clearly defined under a close and shiny coat. Overall a picture of health but being so lean makes her look out of balance, long in the back and coupling which she is not. One which, for me, needs more of a covering especially over the ribs.
3rd Miss J Essex "Javawolf Mogwai". Slightly larger red with broad white band from under the chest to the neck, black lips and muzzle, black around the eyes with what could be described as dark eyebrows giving a feminine expression but not a weak one. Head in balance and carried high on a strong neck but a little sorrowful looking. Broad front with good spring of rib and neat tuck into light enough loins but not as compact as 1st and 2nd
Reserve Miss L Sullivan "Currant Romance".

CLASS 20 - OPEN BITCH (3 entered, 1 absent)
1st Mr & Mrs S Hopkins "Trufflestaff Toffee Truffle". Excellent white pied with black nose and lips and black between the two, dark patch over one eye and the ear above. Dark over the back extending over the shoulders and outside the 2 front legs and at the back over the rump. Half sister to Reserve Best Bitch and the relationship is evident in the same qualities. Strong powerful head, broad and deep with good head to muzzle proportions, eyes dark and rose ears held well all carried proudly on strong neck leading into powerful shoulders. Keen and alert with a hint of mischief. Broad in the front with some depth to the chest carried between strong muscular legs with tidy well padded feet. Good spring of rib showing off her depth of chest and neat tuck up and short coupling. Overall balanced, mature, muscular and powerful and exuding type and femininity. Although not quite as good a mover as her half sister she was the 2nd best mover of the day she beat her on muscle and maturity and her other excellent virtues carried her forward. BB & RBIS
2nd Mr M Thomson "Atharrisons Mollies Pride". Almost tiger brindle with plenty of colour in the coat and a splash of white up the front and neck. Although larger head than 1st not as clean cut and without the same sense of power. Legs set well apart showing off a broad front. Feet tighter than 1st and well padded but this was not enough to move her up the placings. Also sprung in the rib and nicely tucked up but overall not in the same condition as 1st.