Southern Counties SBT Society

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Open Show Oct 2016
Judge Robert Crick - Cricklestaff

Southern Counties Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society 

20 Class Open Show 

30th October 2016 



















First off I should thank the SCSBTS for giving me the opportunity to judge the open show 30/10/2016. A special thanks to my 2 stewards Mick Clarke and Lee Page for keeping things running smoothly. 

There was a good quality of breed type in most classes that I found most pleasing. I was happy to see mouths and feet on the whole were excellent and I didn’t see one high tail set, small things I know but small things can sometimes spoil a picture. I would like to add an old judges saying that I read somewhere that I quite like! (I never came to please anyone I came to please myself and I did). 

Once again thank you SCSBTS for making me and my wife extremely welcome from the moment we arrived until the time we left, all in all I had a fantastic day. 

Class 1 Veteran Dog (1) 

1st Roberts ”New Holland at Jamborob”. Brindle with a head shape one could appreciate with the darkest of eyes, good ear placement at 12 years old his body, general condition is good for his age 

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog (1) 

1st Jordan’s “Dazmarnic Know Wot I Mean”. Nicely balanced red fawn pup smart head shape dark round eyes and well set ears, correct bite nice pigment throughout level top line held on the move a quality pup and with practice pup and handler will go far. RBPD 

Class 3 Puppy Dog (4) 

1st Breckell’s “Chiswelstaff Lets Dance”. Black brindle with slight flash of white on his front from head to toe a well balanced pup desirable head shape with correct length to muzzle darkest round eyes correct ear placement tight clean lips correct bite all help to give this pup a lovely expression, true straight front on tidy feet clean short black nails, lovely coat ample spring of rib good bend of stifle ok top line, tail set that was held on the move, he was moved handled well his overall condition was excellent he was awarded BP,BD,BIS 

2nd Keoghs “Jacobeaus He Who Dares”. Black, brindle slightly more of this pup than 1st but still an excellent pup nice, head shape correct ear eye placement correct bite plenty of good round bone plenty of rib level top line, tail set all held on the move. 

3rd Orros’s “Engladians Hard Day’s Night”. 

Res Clark’s “Fairleniums Boris At Curfews”. 

Class 4 Junior Dog (1, 1abs) 

Class 5 Yearling Dog (2, 1abs) 

1ST Smith’s “Ramblestaff Racketeer”. Short coupled black brindle pleasing head shape dark eye, neat rose tipped ears helping to give a lovely expression correct bite he is a compact dog with good round bone decent depth to brisket well sprung rib moved handled well 

Class 6 Maiden Dog (0 ent) 

Class 7 Novice Dog (0 ent) 

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog (2) 

1st Papworths “Tiezelstaffs Moonshine Bay”. Red, fawn and white plenty of breed type good head shape correct bite, tidy lips clean coat 

2nd Mitchell and Ashton’s “Our Little Cracker”. Top Size Blue Brindle good head shape correct bit tidy lips shiny coat. 1st had more overall breed type for me. 

Class 9 Limit Dog (5, 3abs) 

1st Efreme’s “Ashbull O’Toole”. Impressive black brindle white dog, strong head lovely expression dark round eyes neat ears correct bite nice muzzle, distinct stop, and straight front on tight feet ample brisket good spring of rib level top line held on the move powerful rear quarters correct tail set moved handled well. RBD 

2nd Winwood, Tunnah & Kerry’s “Nerotoro Dark Element”. Another impressive quality black brindle nice head, tidy ears darkest of eyes correct bite, well put together body giving this dog excellent overall balance. 

Class 10 Open Dog (3, 2abs) 

1st Payton’s “Tonpay Barmy Army”. I judged this dog in a junior class in 2013 my opinion of him has not changed. Sound B/B and white dog, lovely head piece good stop dark eye, correct bite, short neck with a straight front, deep brisket, short coupled with plenty of bone and a level top line held on the move. 

Class 11 Veteran Bitch (5,2abs) 

1st Waters “Ashstock Constellation”. Red fawn with White flash well balanced head with a muzzle of good length and strength tight lips enough under jaw dark round eyes all help create a nice expression, level top line excellent tail set held on the move to look at her wouldn’t think that’s she’s 9 as her condition, general appearance is excellent. BVB, BVIS 

2nd Roberts “Denbright My Precious At Jamborob”. Red Fawn White darkest of eyes tidy ears sound in muzzle tight lipped deep brisket well boned forelegs tidy feet good all round pigmentation. 

3rd “Roberts Jamborob Simba Malkia” 

Class 12 Minor Puppy Bitch (1) 

1ST Askers “Dazmarnic For Her Indoors”. Beautiful red bitch with a white splash to her front, looking at her stacked she has a Lovely outline feminine head tight clean lips dark eye. Tidy ears correct bite straight front on tidy feet a good bend of stifle. Level top line correct tail set all looks lovely on the move. RBPB 

Class 13 Puppy Bitch (1) 

1st Breckell’s “Chiswelstaff China Girl”. Litter mate of the dog BIS what a lovely litter it must have been. Feminine head shape good length to muzzle, dark eyes tidy ears correct bite straight front, tidy feet ok top line nice tail set all held on the move BPB 

Class 14 Junior Bitch (4, 2abs) 

1st Arntzen & Aaseth’s “Catstaff’s Extraordenary”. Black bitch pleasing head shape deep stop dark eyes that followed me around the ring, tidy ears straight front on tidy feet with dark nails, excellent pigment level top line good tuck decent bend of stifle good tail set shown in excellent condition and handled well. 

2nd O’Sullivans Hammystaff Lucky Lottie red pied pleasing expression darkest round eye correct bite tidy ears, well boned, straight front good over all angulations nice top line correct tail set. 

Class 15 Yearling Bitch (5,1abs) 

1st Mann’s “Nerotoro Cosmic Girl”. A strong but balanced feminine head dark round eyes beautiful rose tipped ears, clean lipped correct bite good amount of bone to a straight front, nice and tidy feet good amount of tuck up nice rear angulations level top line held on the move. 

2nd Boulton’s “Nizeva Va Nessa”. Feminine head shape good ear eye placement good length to muzzle giving a nice expression correct bite, strait front up on her toes when she stood still, lovely top line just needed to settle but a cracking bitch. 

3rd Smith’s “Ramblestaff Maybe Baby” 

Res O’Sullivans “Hammystaff Lucky Lottie” 

Class 16 Maiden Bitch (1) 

1st Askers “Dazmarnic For Her Indoors” 

Same as minor puppy 

Class 17 Novice Bitch (5, 3abs) 

1ST Smiths “Ramblestaff Maybe Baby”. Black Brindle standard well put together bitch a nicely shaped head dark eyes decent ear placement correct bite, short neck on a straight well boned front tidy feet ok top line moved and handled well. 

2nd Meara & Millgate’s “Millamear Out Out”. Black brindle bitch compact but well put together decent head shape moved and handled well 

3rd Payne’s “Brisingamans Blazin Sunset”. 

Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch (9, 3abs) 

1ST Johnson’s “Bullhawk Maybe Mytime”. I had the pleasure of going over this bitch last year, black brindle bitch with white front and white front socks, Strong but Feminine head with excellent ear and eye placement correct bite, good pigment throughout, tidy front good bend of stifle Level top line held on the move, desirable tail set matured into a cracking bitch. 

2nd Lee’s ”Leebee’s Precious”. Red Pied good head shape dark round eyes correct bite, ample depth to brisket well boned bitch level top line moved and handled well 

3rd Meara & Millgate’s “Millamear Out Out” 

Res Moore’s “She’s A Rock Star” 

Vhc Terry’s “Mishdars Star Above Me” 

Class 19 Limit Bitch (4) 

1st Winwood &Tunnah’s “Nerotoro Stella” JW. Top quality bitch, beautiful outline that Ooze’s class, balanced skull and foreface tidy rose tipped ears dark round eyes correct bite, straight front showing no sign of weakness, tight tidy feet, enough brisket, sound rear quarters level top line correct tail set all held on the move, moved and handled well BB RBIS 

2nd Manito’s “Dynastaff Pure Science”. Up on her toes watching my every move lovely head shape with a decent stop, the darkest of eyes decent ear 

Carriage enough bone, clean straight front on tidy tight feet with a good depth to brisket enough spring of rib decent rear tuck nice back end good tail set. Moved and handled well RBB 

3RD Waters “Pridestaffs Happy Feet at Ashstock”. 

Res Moorcroft’s “Ashbull O’Mee”. 

Class 20 Open Bitch (0 ents) 

Judge: Robert Crick (Cricklestaff)