Southern Counties SBT Society

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ON 24th JUNE 2018

                                                                                                 JUDGE: MRS GINA JONES (ROUGESTAFF)

I would like to thank the committee of Southern Counties Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society for giving me the honour of judging their special awards classes at their open show. I would like to thank everyone who entered, for allowing me the pleasure of going over their dogs 

Class A: Puppy Dog or Bitch: 5 Ent, 1 Abs.

1st – Leebees Marbooza. This is a lovely red/white puppy who is 10 months old. He has a lovely expression, clean lips, dark eye and nice rose ears. Nice depth and width of brisket, a good topline with well muscled rear backend. He has nice well padded feet. Moved and handled very well.

2nd – Powerpack Alura Finvarra. This is a very pretty black brindle bitch just 8 months old. She has a lovely head shape, correct bite, rose ear and lovely dark eye, which followed me around. She has a level top line, nice amount of bone. Presented in top condition. She moved and handled well. One to watch in the future.

3rd - Engladian September Song. Another pretty black brindle girl who is10months old. She has a nice head shape, lovely dark eye and neat rose ears. Wide front with a good depth of chest, level topline. Moved and handled well.

Res- Gnosall Whisper I Love You.

Class B: Open Dog: 3 Ent.

1st – Hammystaff Hank Panky with Idyllicstaff. Red dog presented in stunning condition. He has a lovely dark mask on a really nice head shape, with a lovely expression, made all the better by his dark eye. He has neat rose ears, plenty of bone and stands four square. His backend is strong and he moved well. Shown in excellent condition and fit as a fiddle. He works well with his handler and is focused on her at all times.

2nd – Molru Throwing Shapes. Black brindle dog with a typical Stafford expression. Lovely dark eye and neat rose ears. A bigger dog than 1 with a wide front and plenty of bone. Lovely rib, level topline and well muscled backend. Moved and handled well.

3rd – Labrastaff Curious George. Another Black brindle shown in excellent condition. Neat ears, eye a bit lighter than 1st and 2nd but sitting in a lovely head shape. He has a nice wide chest with a straight front and good spring of rib. Moved and handled really well for his handler.

Class C: Open Bitch: 9 Ent, 1 Abs.

1st - Leebees Precious. White with red bitch who I have had the pleasure to judge before. Very well put together. Good head and expression, dark eye and neat rose ears. Well constructed with good front. Level topline and well angulated rear end. Presented in excellent condition. Moved and handled really well.

2nd - Powerpack Cherokee. Another really nicely put together black brindle bitch with a lovely feminine head. She has a dark eye and neat rose ears. Wide front, plenty of bone. level topline held on the move, with a well muscled rear end. Moved and handled well. Another focused on her handler.

3rd – Engladian Can’t Buy Me Love. Black brindle bitch with a strong feminine head. She has dark eyes and very good mouth with no loose skin, and neat rose ears. Wide front and plenty of bone. Level topline and well muscled rear end. Moved and handled well.

Res. Hammystaff Scarlet Witch.

VHC. Hammystaff Lucky Lottie.

Gina Jones (Rougestaff)