Southern Counties SBT Society

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Top 10 Members Dogs and Bitches who gained the most points at Society Shows in 2017.


1ST. Mr S Breckell’s “Chiswellstaff Let’s Dance”. 46pts

2nd. Mrs L Shipp & Mrs S & Mr J Hammond’s

“Hammystaff Hanky Panky With Idyllicstaff”. 43pts

3rd. Mr S & Mrs J Anchor’s “Valglo Daddy Cool”. 35pts

4th. Keogh’s “Jacobeaus He Who Dares”. 34pts

5th. Miss C Winwood & Mr S Tunnah’s “Nerotoro Dark Element”. 26pts

6th. Mrs N Buchan’s “Happystaff Black Sabbath” 25pts.

7th. Miss G Rowe & Mr D South’s “Illori Akinlana”. 18pts

8th. Mr & Mrs C Dean’s “Kylestaff Muddy Water”. 16pts

9th. Mr A & Mrs G Jones “Blazinstaff Light My Fire”. 15pts

10th. Mr K & Mrs R Papworth’s “Tiezelstaffs Moonshine Bay”. 12pts

10th. Ms S Roberts “New Holland At Jamborob”. 12pts

10th. Mr H & Mrs M Coble’s “CH Surestaff Wellington”. 12pts


1st. Miss C Winwood & Mr S Tunnah’s “Nerotoro Stella” 37pts

2nd. Miss F Gardner’s “Ballindona Fab’U’Luss For Labrastaff”. 36pts

3rd. Rose “Dejablues The Immortal”. 32pts

4th. Miss G Rowe & Mr D South’s “Illori Believe In Me”. 30pts

5th. Ms P Funnell’s “Powerpack Cherokee”. 20pts

5th. Mrs A Johnson’s “Bullhawk Maybe Mytime”. 20pts

7th Mrs D Yarham’s “Engladian Can’t Buy Me Love”. 18pts

8th. Mr C & Mrs E Bruton’s “Zakstaff Black Duchess”. 16pts

9th. Mr K & Mrs R Papworth’s “Tiezelstaffs Moonshine Red”. 15pts

10th. Mr G Canavan’s “Boldstock Bella Quinn”. 12pts

10th. Mr D Meara & Miss K Millgate’s “Millamear Out Out”. 12pts

10th. Mr A Smith’s “Ramblestaff Maybe Baby”. 12pts