Southern Counties SBT Society

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Southern Counties

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society

Top Ten Members Dogs & Bitches who gained the most points at Society Shows in 2019.


1st. Mr G Marsland’s 

         “Thunder Of Olympus”. 43 Points

2nd. Mr J & Mrs S Hammond’s

  “Joemikeste Eye Of The Storm Over Hammystaff”. 38 Points

3rd. Mrs A Johnson’s 

 “Ellchansha Hotshot”. 29 Points

4th. Miss G Rowe & Mr D South’s 

“Illori Akinlana”. 28 Points

5th. Mrs L Shipp & Mr J & Mrs S Hammond’s 

“Hammystaff Hanky Panky With Idyllicstaff”JW. 22 Points

6th. Mrs G Jones 

       “Blazinstaff Light My Fire JW”. 20 Points

7th. Mrs Rose’s 

“Engladian Gran Torino”. 18 Points

8th. Mr M & Mrs E Pocknell’s 

“Ashstock Highland Warrior At Blunoosa”. 16 Points

9th. Miss F Gardner’s 

“Labrastaf Curious George”. 15 Points



“Aarukabulls Cracker Lad”. 15 Points

       Mr & Mrs N Merrick’s 

“Magicgem Invictus”. 15 Points


   1st. Miss G Rowe & Mr D South’s

 “Illori Bootie Luv”. 48 Points


2nd. Mrs A Johnson’s 

            “Ellchansha Once Upon A Time”. 36 Points

   3rd. Mrs V & Mr S Mann’s 

“Nerotoro Cosmic Girl JW”. 29 Points

4th. Miss D Raynsford & Mrs K Stevens 

“Raynsford Dark and Stormy”. 22 Points

Maj & Mrs P Yates 

“Ellchansha Happy Ever After”. 22 Points

     6th. Mr R O’Sullivan. 

“Leebees Lucious”. 20 Points


 7th. Mr J & Mrs S Hammond’s 

“Hammystaff Scarlet Witch”. 15 Points

  8th. Mr R Terry’s 

“Mishdars Star Above Me”. 13 Points


9th.Miss P Funnell’s 

               “Powerpack Cherokee”JW. 12 Points

Mrs D Yarham’s

 “Engladian Can’t Buy Me Love” 12 Points

Mrs N Buchan’s

 “Happystaff Could It Be Magic”. 12 Points

             Miss F Gardner’s
                   “Ballindona Fab U Luss For Labrastaf. 12 Points