Southern Counties SBT Society

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Southern Counties

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society

Top Ten Members Dogs & Bitches who gained the most points

at the Society Shows in 2022.


1st. Mr J & Mrs S Hammond “Hammystaff Red Revenge JW.” 48 Points

2nd. Miss P, Miss D & Miss K Stevens “Raynstaff Old Fashioned.” 36 Points

3rd. Mr D Butler “Alport On Tour”. 27 Points

4th. Mr D Wise “Montgomery Guard.” 25 Points

5th. Miss V Mitchell “Our Little Cracker”. 22 Points

5th. Mrs H Nolan “Chiswellstaff I Am Legend.” 22 Points

7th. Mr P & Mrs L Knight “Kalostaffs Dark Knight” 18 Points

8th. Miss C Burton & Mr B Boggins “Luthais Loch Tay JW.” 15 Points

8th. Mr A Norris “Labrastaff Magma at Haidastaff.” 15 Points

8th. Mr R O’Sullivan “Junostaff Big Man.” 15 Points


1st. Mr J & Mrs S Hammond “Hammystaff Love Bomb JW”. 73 Points

2nd. Mrs S Levy “Fairlenium Pixie Queen at Sharbelle.” 45 Points

3rd. Mrs H Holan “Hammystaff Heat Seeker”. 26 Points

3rd. Miss B Turner “On The Hill Two At Tidestaff”. 26 Points

5th. Mrs G Jones “Magicgem Queen of Hearts at Rougestaff.” 25 Points

6th. Miss P Benfield “Rowenda Lady Demelza.” 20 Points

6th. Mr G Canavan “Ch. Boldstock Am I Bovered.” 20 Points

6th. Miss P Funnell “Powerpack Helga Hufflepuff.” 20 Points

9th. Mrs B Efreme “Labrastaff After Dark at Bindyestaff.” 16 Points

9th. Miss V Mitchell “Vimaval Red Angel.” 16 Points