Southern Counties Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society

UK SBT Patella Scoring Scheme

We are pleased to be able to announce that a scheme has now been set up with regard to patella scoring with the results ‘officially’ being recorded. It obviously isn’t mandatory and is just a tool which is available for anybody who chooses to do so.

The scoring needs to be carried out by a competent vet, we do not currently have a list of recommended vets but will look to collate one over time from those submitted.

On enquiring with those involved in breeds that already do this it seems most vets tend to do it for free when there is already an appointment, or will charge £10 to complete it. (So basically a routine appointment fee and possibly £10 on top.)

Gem Rowe (UK SBT BHC’s)

Click here to download the latest results for dogs that have been tested 

Click here to download a Patella Scoring form. 

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