Southern Counties Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society

The Society would like to thank
Primal Raw
for their support at the Society's 74th Championship Show
held at
Watford Woodside Leisure Centre
Horseshoe Lane, Watford, Herts WD25 7HH
on Sunday 5th November 2023.
Another excellent show that had a great atmosphere and our thanks go to all those that attended the show either as exhibitors, spectator, or trade stand holder because without you there is no show. We must also thank all those friends of the Southern Counties Society for all their help on the day. Your help is invaluable and very much appreciated! Our grateful thanks also go to all the individual sponsors for their generous donations and to those individuals who gave special prizes.
Lastly, a big thank you to our judges Mrs. Caroline Dewar, Mr. Frank McCann & Referee Mr. Joe Samby

Best Dog & Best in Show 
Miss L Sheldon 
"Kamaristaffs Royal Ransom 
at Bowtman

Best Bitch & Reserve Best in Show
Mr J & Mrs S Parker
"CH. Elitebull Mojito At Nettleworth"

Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show
 Mrs K & Mr M Johnson
"Tillcarr Desire For Fire"

Best Puppy Dog 
& Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Show
Mr S & Mrs A Lloyd
"Kalostaff Es Lo Que Es"

Best Veteran Dog & Best Veteran in Show
Mrs R Jordan
"CH Dazmarnic Know Wot I Mean JW"

Best Veteran Bitch & Best Opposite Sex Veteran in Show
Mr M Blow
"Valglo Deja Vu At Scoutor"

                                                    Dog Critique
I would like to thank all the exhibitors for entering their dogs under me. It was a great pleasure to go over each & every one and made a very interesting study as to the many virtues of our breed. As ever there were some tight decisions with fine margins between dogs and a number went home unplaced despite being perfectly good representatives of the breed. In addition my thanks goes to the Society for inviting me to judge, for organising a very enjoyable day and making me feel very welcome and to my stewards Kim & Natalie for their adept ring supervision and hard work and to the spectators who supported the show and helped bring a good vibe to the day. Finally I would like to thank my co-judge Frank McCann for his positive input when we selected the primary winners. My general comments are as follows. Type was of a good standard throughout, classic heads, clean outlines, many with excellent pigmentation, good forequarters with plenty of room for heart & lungs, level toplines, free moving & agile, well balanced. Mouths that I was able to check were mostly good but there were a small number of converging canines, trimmed teeth and untidy dentition. Nares were open & I wasn’t aware of any dogs with breathing difficulties. Most dogs were presented in excellent condition with gleaming coats & excellent muscle tone. As regards handling, the majority of exhibits were presented very well but some puppies were reluctant to be handled by their owners. They would not stand properly or allow their teeth to be seen so they could not compete for the higher prizes that was a shame. More ringcraft training comes to mind.
MPD (7 entries) 
1 JOHNSON Tillcarr Fire Soldier. 8 month black brindle with touch of white. He has an already strong well defined head shape, neat ears, well placed dark eye, clean lipped, correct bite, all giving a lovely expression. Body wise he is well made with good bone, a strong neck, well angulated shoulder, clean front, yet to rib up, well up on the pastern, good topline & coupling, well let down stifle. He moved out nicely. In lovely condition with good dark pigmentation. Very well presented. Everything in the right place for him to mature on. Another promising pup from this successful kennel. RBPD. He was just pipped on maturity for BPD. 
2 KIRK, ROCHELLE, ROCHELLE & WALTON Kirstaff God Of Thunder. Tidy 7 month red/white who is developing nicely. Pleasing head shape that is yet to develop, slightly longer muzzle than 1, with a good round eye, clean lipped with correct bite, ears neatly folded. He has a nice clean front with well laid shoulder, enough rib at this stage, level topline and good rear end angulation. Neat feet. I liked his balance of bone and his coat was well cared for. He moved well and was handled confidently. 
3 ALLARD & LEMIRE Honeyblood Unbeaten Viking. 6 month red/white youngster. Good head and stop, nice round dark eye and dark pigment on his muzzle, clean lipped, correct bite, tidy ears. He has good width and depth of brisket on his front, with a level topline and enough bend of stifle. Good coat. He moved soundly but I think more show training and handling will help to give him confidence. This pup needs plenty of time to grow on and to harden up as he is currently very immature. His owners need to pay attention to his front feet and toenail length. It will be interesting to see how he develops in the future.
Res. THORLEY Crewestaff Half Blood Prince.
VHC. GARDNER Labrastaf Caramel Latte.
PD (6 entries) 
1 LLOYD Kalostaff Es Lo Que Es. 11 month topsize b/b. He is a tidy dog with excellent pigmentation. He has a good skull shape with deep stop, a well placed round eye, pronounced cheek bumps, good muzzle to skull ratio, neat ears, all of which give a good typy expression. He has a strong neck with a good forequarters – straight front, well laid shoulders and good depth of brisket with nice tuck up. He has strong pasterns with tidy feet. His topline it good and held on the move. Correct tail set. A nicely balanced dog. BPD
2 MAYREN Fergiestaffs Polar Bear. Very attractive 11month r/w pied. Good head and expression. Good eye placement, very neat ears, clean mouth. His general substance is really nice with strong neck, well angulated shoulder, nice width on his front with a good brisket and enough rib at this stage. Neat feet. Strong rear quarters which he used freely and economically when on the move. A tidy dog. 
3 BENNETT Powerpack Singularity. Nice quality 11 month bb/w. Very nice headshape and expression, lovely pigmentation throughout, good eye set, clean lipped with good underjaw, correct bite, neat ears. He is well balanced with clean lines throughout and has everything in the right place to mature on. Good coat condition. He moved nicely and is a sound youngster. Very well presented.
Res. COKELL Crying Lightning Mark With Carlyquinn.
VHC.ALLARD & LEMIRE Honeyblood Unbeaten Viking.
JD (7 entries) Abs 1 
1 SHELDON Kamaristaff Royal Ransom at Bowtman JW. What a treat! A super 16 month black brindle. This dog exudes class, balance and breed type. He is a standard size with a cracking expression that caught my eye as soon as I saw him. Well defined head shape with a distinct stop, correct muzzle to skull ratio, clean lipped with good underjaw, correct bite. Open nares. Good cheek bumps. His eyes are beautifully set apart, round, and hugely expressive giving that classic Stafford expression. His ears are the neatest & thin, completing the picture of his headpiece. A strong neck leads to well angled shoulders with a straight clean front with good brisket and rib. His front legs and pasterns are strong and he has tidy feet. He is short coupled, has a level topline with good rear angulation and width with good muscle tone on his thigh & upper thigh. His tail set & carriage is good. His pigment and bone is excellent and he is in beautiful condition. He moved parallel with power and drive and was expertly presented. Without any hesitation it was a delight to award him the DCC and with the agreement of my co-judge to award him BIS. 
2 TERRY Kannechor Guess He’s Back At Gnosall. Standard 16 month b/w. Not as developed as 1 but is nicely balanced. His headshape is good with nice eye placement, with good muzzle & underjaw, correct bite. His front is wide and clean and he has a nice depth of brisket, enough rib at this stage, level topline with a good rear end and moved out freely. He is in good condition and was presented well. One observation was the underside of his tail could have done with a trim to complete an otherwise neat picture! 
3 JOHNSON Exodusbulls Boss Adonis. 14month blue/w. Mature for age and of a heavier type. Strong head with good skull width & depth, defined stop with decent length & width of muzzle, clean bite, neat enough ears that could be thinner, eyes well placed & of reasonable size. He has a clean wide front with good brisket depth, tidy front feet, enough rib, level topline with good rear angulation and he moved out well. He has plenty of bone. Could be a little harder in condition that will no doubt come as he matures.
Res. OGON Primistaff Smooth Criminal.
VHC. DURRANT Kurostaff Notorious.
YD (4 entries) Abs 1 I was pleased with the overall quality of all three dogs in this class. 
1 HINSLEY Earthquake Staffs Wear It Well At Tigerbull (Imp ESP). Eye catching & classy 23 month mostly white pied. He is standard, very neat and balanced throughout. He has a lovely headpiece with good depth & width of skull, good cheek bumps, a strong muzzle that is clean lipped with good underjaw, a good bite, well set apart round eyes. I found I had to be up close to him to properly see his eye shape since from a distance they were harder to see because of his markings. His ears are neat and well placed, all of which give a lovely and typical expression. He has a good strong neck, well laid shoulder, excellent straight front with plenty of brisket, strong front legs & pasterns, tight feet. He has a good rib, is short coupled and has a lovely bend of stifle with strong thigh & upper thigh. He has a good tail set & carriage. He moved parallel, with plenty of drive and was handled to perfection. It was a pleasure to award him the RDCC & RBD. Hopefully he doesn’t have to wait too long for his title. 
2 LOWE & KAUR-HAYRE Big Man on Mac Dui Shawrigg JW. Quality 23 month red dog with white markings, slightly bigger than 1 but very well put together. He has a good head and expression, good width & depth of skull, good eye and eye placement, nice length of muzzle, clean lipped & correct bite. Plenty of width & depth on his front with good shoulder angulation, up on his pasterns with neat well padded feet. He has a good topline & underline and well developed backend with well toned upper thigh. In lovely dondition. He moved out well with drive. Ably presented. 
3 DURELL Hamason Greatest Showman JW. Another very nice standard red with white markings. Very nice overall outline with typical expression, good coat & good bone. Round but blocky headshape with plenty of depth, correct muzzle to skull ratio, strong muzzle with good underjaw and bite. Well set eye placement and well set neat ears. Super dark pigmentation that combines so well with the red & white. He is very well bodied with excellent lay of the shoulder, lovely straight clean front with good depth of brisket and good rib, nice & strong on the front legs & pasterns with slight turnout at the pastern and well padded feet. He has a level topline and good rear end. He also moved well and was very competently handled. 
ND (7 entries) Abs 2 
1 LLOYD Kalostaff Es Lo Que Es See above 
2 BENNETT Powerpack Singularity See above 
3 JOHNSON Exodusbulls Boss Adonis See above.
GD (4 entries) 
1 PAGE Elitebull Mischief At Bellastaff JW. Standard b/b with very good expression and lovely dark pigmentation. Sound type and well balanced. Good head shape with decent depth & width of skull and proportionally correct muzzle to skull, clean lipped, strong underjaw, neat rose ears. Plenty of strength in his neck, good front, lay of shoulder, brisket, & rib combination. Level topline that he held on the move, good rear angulation. He moved freely. Good coat and fitness. Showed well. 
2 THOMAS Biggleswick Mr Tom (AI). A very nice red with white markings. A sound, well balanced and typy dog, not overdone. He has a good domed skull with good stop and correct length on his muzzle with well set round eyes and neat well positioned ears giving a good expression. He is clean around the muzzle and has good pigmentation there and on his toenails. His angulation fore and aft is good with a deep brisket and level topline and good bend of stifle. He is well muscled on his rear with a correct tail set. He moved straight and free and was presented very well. 
3 WILES Junostaff Big Man. Another very nice red with white markings. Well named as he is top sized with a strong head and typy expression. Dark pigmentation on both his muzzle & nails. Skull wide & deep with a good stop, strong fore face & underjaw. Nice wide eye set with well folded ears. His overall body shape is good with everything in the right place. He stands four square and is in very nice condition although his front feet could be tidier.
Res. GARDNER Labrastaf Espresso.
PGD (8 entries) 1 Abs 
1 WILSON & RODGERS Beinn A Bhuird With Azzgem. Attractive red with white markings and black mask. He has plenty of substance and showed himself off really well. Lovely strong round head shape with good stop, strong muzzle, correct bite, well placed round eye and very neat thin ears. He has a clean straight front and is well up on his toes with well padded feet. He is well angulated on the shoulder with deep brisket, good rib and level topline that he held on the move. He is short coupled and has a good rear end with distinct hams. His tail set is good. He moved parallel with plenty of power. In tiptop condition. 
2 KRUGER Powerpack Severus Snape. Handsome bb. Slightly larger than 1 but a very well balanced dog. He’s got a good head and typical expression with correct bite. He is tidy in the body with a good clean straight front, well up on his pasterns, very neat feet, good depth of brisket with a decent rib, lovely level topline with good angulation and strength on his backend. He has super dark pigmentation and was also in first class condition. He moved with plenty of vigour. A tidy dog. 
3 KIRK Kirstaff The First Avenger JW. Classy red with a few white markings. Not as developed as 1 & 2 but has a clean head shape with good muzzle to skull ratio, clean lipped, good underjaw & correct bite, well placed eye and neat ears. He has a good expression. Body wise he has good angulation on the front and rear with level topline and good tail set. He moved soundly. Another balanced dog
Res. YATES Zakdan Devious Devil.
VHC. TOMKINS Pascal Reach Out And Touch.
LD (15 entries) This was the largest class of the day and I decided to split the class for judging so that each exhibit was able to move around the ring in the same manner. There were many nice dogs in this class who unfortunately had to leave the ring without a placing. This was an interesting class to judge as there were all shapes and sizes to consider. 
1 JONES Kamaristaff Royal Rumour JW. A quality b/b dog of 16 months with a very nice clean outline. Good headpiece with a keen expression, nice width and depth of skull, good muzzle to skull proportions with ample cheek bumps, decent mouth, well placed expressive eye. Strong neck leading to good forequarters with wide front, good depth of brisket, enough rib, level topline and well let down stifle that he used to propel himself on the move. Well padded feet. Tidily presented. The litter brother to my eventual DCC winner. 
2 BUTLER Alport On Tour At Eternalco. Another quality b/b, very tidy standard size, with very strong round skull shape with deep stop, short foreface, clean lipped with good underjaw, correct scissor bite and classic expression. He has a nice front, good shoulder lay, good brisket, level topline, and nice angulation on the rear enabling him to stride out freely. In excellent condition and who showed himself very well. 
3 NORRIS Labrastaf Magma At Haidastaff. Another tidy brindle dog. Standard size who is soundly made without being overdone. He has a good head and expression, is clean lipped with a correct bite. His body is good with a nice shoulder lay, a good brisket, clean front, neat feet, level topline, a decent underline with a good bend of stifle. He moved soundly.
Res. STILLMAN Sikaistaff Shadow Warrior At Maidendale.
VHC. BLOW Scouter Rogue One.
OD (9 entries) Abs 2 
1 ARNTZEN & MANITO Ch Catstaff’s Used To. A beautifully balanced 4 yr old b/b who caught my eye immediately, a dog I have not judged before so it was a pleasure to go over him. Super head with lovely depth of skull, deep stop, correct muzzle to skull, correct scissor bite, decent underjaw, nice wide eye placement with expressive eye, neatly folded ears. Good length of neck leading to compact clean wide forequarters supported by strong forelegs. Plenty of brisket and rib, good topline and well let down on the stifle with tidy well padded feet. He has a perfect balance of bone, and is in super coat and condition. Lovely pigmentation. He moved parallel with momentum and was expertly handled. I know this dog is a multi CC winning champion and he thoroughly deserves his awards. 
2 BOGGINS & BURTON Ch Luthais Lock Tay JW. Another classy b/b of standard size. Smaller than 1 but similarly very well balanced and put together. He has a clean well proportioned head with correct skull to muzzle ratio, well set dark eyes, very neat thin ears, correct scissor bite, is clean lipped with a decent underjaw. His expression is typical. He has a super front with good shoulder angulation, brisket & rib, a level topline and good tuck up and his rear end is well angulated and wide. Correct tail carriage standing and on the move. He was handled very well and moved to perfection. 
3 STANWAY Waystaff Strikes Mayhem (AI) A strong and very typical red and white pied who also caught my eye. He has super bone and is in excellent condition. Strong round head with good depth of skull. Strong muzzle, correct bite with large teeth. Well placed dark eye with good pigmentation on the muzzle. He stood four square with excellent well boned front, good barrel rib, nice tuck up and well angulated rear with good muscle tone. Moved out with plenty of drive. Expertly handled.
Res. THOMAS Ch Gazstaff Black Magic.
VHC. IBSEN Keepastaff Little Benz. 
VD (5 entries) 
1 JORDAN Ch Dazmarnic Know Wot I Mean JW ShCM. A lovely red with white markings I gave the RDCC to in 2019. Now 7 yrs he is ageing gracefully! He’s a very well balanced dog with lovely head and expression. He’s very well bodied with a strong neck, well laid shoulder, good front, brisket & rib, with good topline. Correct bend of stifle with muscular thigh & upper thigh. He continues to move soundly and was obviously enjoying his outing with his owner. 
2 ROWE & SOUTH Illori Akinlana JW ShCM VW. A top sized brindle with white markings. At 9 yrs is in lovely condition and was obviously enjoying his day out! Good head shape with strong muzzle, good dark eye, well set neat ears. Plenty of width and depth on his forequarters, ample rib, level topline stacked and on the move. Good angulation on his rear. He moved freely and with plenty of drive. Forever the athlete! 
3 HOPKINS Trufflestaff Papinashuash JW. Standard well balanced b/b of 8 yrs. He has a good head shape with correct muzzle to skull ratio, his dark eyes are set wide, clean lipped with good underjaw. Correct dentition. Neat well placed ears. His forequarters are well configured with a clean front, good shoulder placement, good rib, brisket & topline with plenty of muscle on his thigh & upper thigh. He moved soundly.
Res. LEWIS Biggleswick Splash Of Ginge.
VHC. DYER Ice Blue Breeze. 
Judge: Caroline Dewar (Euphemia)

                                                Bitch Critique
1st of all a big thank you for the hospitality shown to myself, my wife and co judge Caroline Dewar, and to the committee thank you for appointing myself to judge this prodigious show. Also big thanks to my excellent stewards Dave Levy and Kevin Papworth thanks lads. To all who entered under me, thank you very much. The dogs, very few with bad detentions, some could be better in condition , and I was surprised to see quite a few with such narrow fronts. As for my final line up, I was more than pleased, and had the pleasure of going over several quality bitches, and at least 4 or 5 merit a C.C.
Minor Puppy Bitch (8, 2)
1. Mr & Mrs Johnson ,Tillcarr Desire For Fire, (Guy Fawkes) and what a Sparkler, Excellent 8 month, B/B and litter sister to the puppy dog, well done to the breeders, Feminine head, round eyes, lovely straight front, coat in excellent condition, lovely mover, Best Puppy in Show.
2. Mr Harkin, Carndonagh Cathy From Harkline, 6 months, B/B , another quality puppy, what you would expect from this kennel,
similar qualities to the winner,  lovely head, tight lips, good body shape, should develop into a top-quality bitch, would not be surprised to reverse the placings with the winner in future shows.
3rd. Mr & Mrs Jones Rougestaff Red Velvet.
Res. Mrs Hopkins Trufflestaff Queen Aminatu.
VHC. Ms Rose Kodaknotts Boo Hoo
Puppy Bitch (5)
1. Mr & Mrs Gallagher, Alshancorn Says Who , a Bonny looking B/B , with an white front, deep stop, strong & clean muzzle and lips. well-developed front, good angulation of rear legs. correct pump tail set, moved well.
2. Boulton & Hayton, Dusklight Del A Soul, very promising pied bitch, good head shape, straight front, her rear quarters are developing well, and a bright future lies ahead.
3. Mr & Mrs Stanway, Northpoints Dressed For Success At Waystaff.
Res. Mrs Rowlands Jallens Sleepy Pride.
VHC. Mr & Mrs Phillips The New Love Hope.
Junior bitch (15, 1)
1. Mrs Jones, Kamaristaff Royal Velvet, B/B another gem of an bitch ,Strong clean head, round dark eyes, strong underjaw, excellent front with good depth of brisket, well sprung ribs, correct topline on the move. Another I considered for the C/C.
2. Mr & Mrs Bennett,  Scipelei Against All Odds, another lovely B/B, another quality bitch, with round dark eyes, straight front, rose ears, good bite, and strong quarters for her age. Maturing very nicely.
3.  Mr & Mrs Plumstead, Kamaristaffs Royal Gem AT Jazostaff.
Res. Miss Ibsen Keepastaff The Sky Keeper.
VHC. Mr Parry Berrystock Heart And Soul.
Yearling Bitch (5)
1. Mr Harvey, Cwmhaf  Bring Me Sunshine , this B/B bitch was a handful for her handler, full of life and fire, but once settled a  joy to go over, with lovely cracking feminine  head, rose ears, tight lips, straight back on the move, all round a lovely bitch, when i awarded her the Res. C/C it brought the house down, the pleasure of judging, to Bring Sunshine to someone's face.
2. Hamilton & Murphy, Ch Bonnie Lass of Angels Peak Shawrigg JW, striking, red and white, lovely, feminine head, dark eyes, rose ears, excellent front, tight feet, good bend of stifle, and level topline, not surprised that she is a Champion.
3. Mr Thorley, Crewestaff Bonnie Lass
Res. Mrs Shipp Ch Delacour Sweetest Taboo For Idyllicstaff.
VHC. Mrs Allard Honeyblood Trust My Destiny.
Novice Bitch (11)
1. Mr & Mrs Gallagher,Ashcorn Says Who
2. Mr & Mrs Bennett, Scipelei Against All Odds
3. Funnell & Wiggins, Powerpack Helga Hufflepuff
Res. Mr Parry Berrystock Heart and Soul.
VHC. Miss N Dyer Engladian I've Got Class.
Graduate Bitch (12,1)
1. Rowe & South, Illori Constellation JW, Well constructed B/B, full of life, enjoying her day, she has  a strong head, well-muscled in excellent condition, and moved very well, credit to her owner.
2. Ms Funnell, Powerpack Morgan Le Fay, B/B , not a lot separated the bitch from the 1st, she has a lovely front, good head expression, tight lips, standard build, her handler showed her very well, moved well on the move.
3. Mr & Mrs Rochelle, Kirkstaff Dol#lys Daredevil At Metabull .
Res. Mr O'Sullivan Junostaff Splish Splash
VHC, Mrs Rowland Billorosestaff She's The One.
Post Graduate Bitch (9,1)
1. Lloyd & Williams, Cwmhaf Cariad , B/B, Litter sister to Res. C/C winner, this girl has a powerful head. Correct bite, excellent front, well boned, well sprung rib cage, stifle well bent, moved very nicely, another with a promising future like her sister.
2. Mr & Mrs Cartwright, Elitebull Skyefall JW, B/B,  another quality bitch, with excellent head shape, well boned, nice ear set, dark eyes, lovely expression, good bend of stifle, moved very nicely, with a level topline on the move. 
3. Mr & Mrs Sandford, Fairlenium Iron Queen.
Res. Mrs Hopkins Raspberry Ripple Of Spirit-Staffs To Trufflestaff.
VHC. Mr & Mrs Rochelle Mournestaffs Dollys Brae At Metalbull.
Limit Bitch (11, 2)
1. Mr & Mrs Quinn, Callastaff Five Years at Bowferry JW, B/B, oozing with quality, in superb condition, glossy coat, with a lovely feminine head, straight front, lovely mover, and expertly handled, again not surprised to see she is a Champion.
2. Mr & Mrs Thomas, Tilicious Whatever At Biggleswick, rich red bitch, who has a powerful head ,dark eyes, correct bite, strong bone, well angulated hind quarters, level topline on the move.
3. Boulton & Hayton, Dusklight Cassiopeia
Res. Miss Funnell Powerpack Alura Finvarra.
VHC. Mrs Thompson Alport Dark Queen.
 Open Bitch (7)
1. Mr & Mrs Parker, Ch. Elitebull Mojito AT Nettleworth, When viewing this B/B bitch, in her class from the front, i was hoping not to be disappointed, when going over her, well i wasn't, she is a CRACKER Legs straight, feet tight, which i like, well boned, dark round eyes , super head shape, well sprung ribs, stifle well bent, and she has a level topline on the move, a privilege to go over her. 
Best Bitch, Res, Best in Show
2. Ms Ibsen, Keepastaff New Player Indy, another quality B/B , well worthy of competing for C/C , Classic feminine head, straight front, excellent spring of rib, well presented.
3. Mr Thisby, Taurinstaff Ms Bellatricks.
Res. Mr & Mrs Hammond Hammystaff Love Bomb.
VHC Mr & Mrs Turley Loyalstaff Bella Bambina At Eastreet.
Veteran Bitch (10)
1. Mr Blow, Valglo Deja Vu AT Scoutor, a class i don’t like particular judging this class, simply  because they all deserve a red card, anyway, B/B with an flashy white front, shown in top condition, well proportioned head, moved very well, credit to her owner.
2. Robinson & Cox, Studstaff Sugar And Spice of Hamson JW SHCM, Old fashion red, excellent pigmentation, nice head piece, dark eyes, good front, well sprung rib cage, moved very well, actually thought this old girl was going to fall asleep, so laid back, brilliant.
3. Ms Dyer, Cadarbull The Sixth Sense.
Res. Mrs Allard Int Ch Staffnatic’s Honeymoon.
VHC Daly & Lees Starolestaff Arabella At Boscador.
Judge: Frank McCann (Albastaff)


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